Day a the park Sex Story

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By Steve

My sister took me to the park and we ended up fucking

My sister pat 14 and me steven 12 went to a park in Dagenham year 1964 we got there about 1030 there was lots of thngs to play on claiming frame round about swings the was a building there it had boys toilet one end the other had the girls there in the middle was a shelter next to that was a office a lady called Mary use to work there she would look after the play ground and the children incase of accidents.

Today when we got there she had a lady and man sitting outside the office with her .our mum had made sandwiches so we always gave them to Mary to look after .so the other children did not take them.

We were playing most of the other children had gone home for lunch we were on the claiming frame at the far end of the play ground when it started to rain heavy by the time we claimed down and run to the shelter we were both wet all the other children ran home.

Mary and her friends had gone into the offices we were under the shelter Mary call us to go into the office it was warmer so we did she closed the door Pat’s top was wet so was her skirt My top and shorts were also wet Mary said she would put the fire on full Mary had a small kitchen of the main office she went into it the man went to they spoke but I could not hear what was said.

The man come back in with two drinks Mary asked us if our Mum had a phone yes we said and gave her the number she called her telling her we were safe and she would send us home when the rain stopped if it did not stop she would drive us home after she was finished there she told our mum she had board game we could play until 530 mum said OK the time was about 1 and it was still raining heavily The man ask us lf we would like a drink we both said yes Mary then put the fire on full she also got another fire out and put that on as well.

My sister asked for our sandwiches which we eat and we drunk our drinks Ut was getting hot the man asked pat if she was ok or was she hot and Mary asked her about her wet clothes again pat said she was getting hot and her wet clothes were sticking to her she look a bit funny when I looked at her but did not think anything about it.

It was now getting very warm The lady ask my sister if she should not take of her top and put it by the fire my sister agreed and the lady helped her take if of she was just in her white bra the man ask me about my top as my sister had taken hers off I took it off my sister had nice tits and I kept looking at then and got a hard on which was sticking up in my shorts Mary went over to my sister she felt her skirt she said that she should take that off as well so she could dry it she took my sister hand and held her stand up and took it off she was in her blue knickers
Mary said that her knickers were also wet and pulled them off my sister had some hair down between her legs Mary sat her down the lady come to me she said the I should take off my shorts she stood me up and pulled them down with my pants then sat me down my cock was standing straight up she sat down beside me Mary and the man was by my sister Mary was rubbing her tits the man head was between her legs she was breathing very heavily.

I was so engrossed looking at my sister I did not fill the lady playing with my cock it was when I felt a warm something round it that I look down and she was sucking it l looked back at my sister her bra was off and Mary was sucking her tits the man stood up and started stripping Mary then he strip the other lady and him self Mary was between Pat’s legs now the man had his cock in her mouth.

The lady had sat down on a chair and was teaching me how to lick and suck her clit Mary was how on the table my sister was lucking her out the man was behind her and was pushing his cock up her the lady told me that they were fucking and then was pulled up and told me to push my cock up her this was great my first fuck Mary come a number of times the man come up my sister I did the same up the lady we sat down after a bit Mary come to me and got me hard got me to lay on the floor the lady had sucked pat cunt and then they put her over my cock and she sat on it Mary had her bend forward so she was laying on my chest the lady got behind her and lick her while I was fucking her she was also licking and putting fingers up her ass which I could fill The man got behind my sister after the lady moved my sister started to scream but Mary started to kiss her to stop her the man was up her ass I could fill him we were both fucking her it did not take long before pat was enjoying it we both come he pull out
Mary clean him they took pat of me but she was still on her hands and knees the lady sucked me clean and got me hard took me behind my sister and put my cock up her ass and told me to fuck her I must have fuck her for a good 45 mins when Mary come behind me and started licking my ass and put lubrication on it and pushing her fingers up me it felt so good she put out her fingers I was just about to asked her to put them back in when the mans cock was pushed in it hurt but as I was fucking my sister ass it felt great he come I come the ladys clean both my sister and my ass out They clean my sister cunt and ass washed her put her dry clothes on I put my clothes back on Mary told me that they had given my sister something that made her hot and horny she may remember something but told me not to say anything to her and if I did this they would do it again when my sister got her sense back she just looked any all of us but did not say anything before Mary run us home the lady took me in the kitchen and sucked me off the man fuck me again Mary had taken my sister with her to lock the park up great.

We did go back but that’s another story’s. And this is true

By Steve
#Abuse #Bisexual #Incest #Teen

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