Delilah’s first lesbian Experience part2!! Sex Story

#Incest #Lesbian #Teen

By Hornygyall

(read part 1 if you haven’t already, the rest of the story will make sense)
“FUCK”I moaned. God she was making me moan so hard. “do you like it baby?” Sara giggled, playing with my hair as she sucked my little clit passionately. slowing reaching a climax, I lifted my body up, trying to move away from her face but her hands pulling me back. Fuck it felt good. I think I was having my first ever orgasm. I could feel saras tounge circling round my labia, licking so passionately making me moan like crazy. For the whole time of her fucking me, I wondered whether what we was doing is right. I mean she is my stepmom.. but no one will find out.. right?

(a week later)
Dad had finally come home from Germany. I was so happy to see him back, but I couldn’t help feeling a little jealous when I watched my stepmom flirt with him. After all she did the same with me..
Everytime I see her now my mind goes back to that one night we fucked In my room. Im so glad she never told dad though.. maybe she does still like me?

(a few hours later)
I’d just got back from my friends house. I walked into my room and sat on my bed. I was so bored. I decided to have a shower, and maybe put on a movie to watch in bed as I wasn’t really that tired. i stripped my clothes off, jumping in the shower. “oh fuck sake” I moaned. I’d lefts my towels on my bed.. I hopped out the shower and walked into my room, forgetting there was people in the house. “SARA?!” I jumped back, covering my nipples and my pussy. “What you covering up Hun? I’ve seen it all before” Sara winked. She walked out my room with a smirk on her face. Fuck she made me so horny. “No Delilah no. You cannot fuck your stepmom, it was a mistake before.. that’s all” I said to myself. I sighed and grabbed my towel, getting back into the shower.

The water trickled down my back. I couldn’t help feeling so turned on after what just happened in my bedroom. I moved my hand over my boobs, feeling my body all the way down to my pussy. I slid one finger in. “Holy shit” How have I never tried this before? Fuck it felt amazing. I grabbed the shower head and places it against my clit, slowing fingering myself. The pleasure was unreal. I was about to cum, talking my fingers out and applying more pressure to my clit while holding on to the shelf in the shower. “shit” “holy fuck.. ah I’m gonna cum” I moaned quietly. “DELILAH MAY PARKER” my dad had walked into the bathroom. “MMM FUCK” I screamed at him. My mind was totally lost in thought at this moment, to open my eyes to see my dad standing in disbelief at the sigh he was seeing. “DAD” “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GET OUT!” he looked mad. “What am I doing? What do you think YOUR doing young lady? MY BEDROOM. NOW!” (To be continued..)

By Hornygyall
#Incest #Lesbian #Teen

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