Desi Chudai Bihari Bhabhi Ki

I enjoyed the desi chudai of Bihari Bhabhi when I was traveling from Agra to Lucknow in the bus. The initiative was also taken by that hot sister-in-law, she started caressing my hand in the bus.

Friends, my height is 5 feet 6 inches and my name is in the middle of the story.
I am a resident of Agra and I live in Azamgarh because of my job, so I keep coming to Azamgarh from Agra.

So it happened that I had to come from Agra to Azamgarh, so I first took the bus from Agra to Lucknow.

There was a lot of crowd in the bus but there was no problem due to winter.
That’s why a woman Deepa Sharma will be about 32 years old, very fair, a bit fat and height will be 5’2″ and ass will be 34″ but her boobs will be very cool about 36″ which can be seen from far away.
Sister-in-law was looking very cool.

She came with her two children and sat on the seat next to me. He made the younger boy sit next to him and made his older boy sit in the back seat.

Deepa looked at me and smilingly said – I am traveling alone in the bus for the first time. My husband is taking care of his father-in-law at home. I am going to a wedding at a relative’s house.
He also told that his maternal uncle is in Bihar.
Then I told about myself and my job and then we sat down peacefully.

After a while the bus started and the conductor gave the ticket and after a while the light went off.

I was listening to songs through my earphones.

After some time I felt a hand beside my thigh but I did not pay much attention.

Then even after a long time had passed, that hand was still touching me.
Then I had a little doubt that the intention of Bihari Bhabhi might not be looking right.

So I too mustered some courage and placed my hand on the hand of sister-in-law.
When the sister-in-law did not make any movement, I understood that the fire was really on.

Then I turned my hands and held my sister-in-law’s hand.
He didn’t make any movement.

When I started looking at my sister-in-law, she was also looking at me.
Then I pulled sister-in-law towards me as if I am her husband… and took her in my arms.

I got up, took out my thin blanket from my bag and covered my sister-in-law and myself.

Now I started moving my hands over sister-in-law’s blue blouse and if I pressed hard in between, sister-in-law’s sobs would have come out.

Now I slipped my hand from under the blouse and started pressing sister-in-law’s boobs.
Sister-in-law also started stirring and started moving her hand over my pant.

So I also handed over my 7 inch thick cock in the hands of sister-in-law.
And I could clearly see the happiness on the face of sister-in-law.

Perhaps the sister-in-law was not properly fucked for a long time.

Now Bihari Bhabhi caught my cock with both hands and started pressing it.

Meanwhile, sister-in-law put her one leg on me and I moved sister-in-law’s saree up and sister-in-law’s tights down.

Now my hands were on the smooth and wet pussy of sister-in-law.
Now I started rubbing sister-in-law’s pussy and after rubbing for a while, sister-in-law started sobbing.

That’s why I put my two fingers in sister-in-law’s pussy and started taking them out with love.
Sister-in-law also started enjoying by pressing her legs and I started moving my finger in and out forcefully.

This game lasted for about half an hour.

Then I now asked my sister-in-law to suck my cock.
So she started refusing a little at first.

But where was I going to leave… I took sister-in-law a little away from myself and kept sister-in-law’s head in my lap.

Now she started pretending to sleep by keeping her soft cheeks on my bare cock.
And then I held her face tightly and put my cock in sister-in-law’s mouth with gaping mouth.

Now sister-in-law started sucking lightly.
Then sister-in-law started enjoying and sister-in-law started gossiping about half cock.

This game also lasted for half an hour and we had come near Lucknow.

Now it was about two o’clock in the night and we were standing at the Lucknow bus stand.

I had made a plan with my sister-in-law in the bus itself that we cannot satisfy our lust here, but we can dance whole night with lust after booking a room at Oyo.

So I booked two rooms in a nearby hotel and in one room I alone and the other sister-in-law and her two children went to sleep.

After waiting for about 30 minutes, sister-in-law knocked on the door of my room.
And as soon as I opened the door, sister-in-law was standing in front of me in blouse and petticoat.

I quickly took them inside and closed the door of the room.

Sister-in-law and I fell on each other’s lips.

First I gave full chance to kiss sister-in-law because I felt like sister-in-law was meeting a young boy for the first time and sister-in-law hurt my lips.

I was about to enjoy the whole night, so I let my sister-in-law take the initiative.

So sister-in-law opened my jeans, then I took off my tights along with jeans and also threw off sister-in-law’s blue petticoat and black tights with bra.

Now sister-in-law and I were completely naked.

I asked sister-in-law to lie down on the bed and started kissing her.
Sister-in-law was also supporting me completely.

I was pressing one nipple of my sister-in-law and started sucking the other one.
This game went on for some time, then I started licking sister-in-law’s pussy.

Sometimes I would lick the top of the pussy and sometimes I would insert my tongue inside the pussy.

Now she also started enjoying by lifting her waist.

In no time, the sister-in-law left the salty water and I swallowed it completely.

Now sister-in-law started speaking- Nishant now stop and put it inside too.

As soon as sister-in-law spoke so much, I put my standing cock on the hole of sister-in-law’s pussy and started rubbing it.
Now sister-in-law’s breath was getting faster.

I inserted my cock inside the pussy and penetrating the walls of the pussy, my cock went into the sister-in-law’s pussy.

Now in the pain of sister-in-law, a small sigh came out and now I started fucking loudly and sister-in-law started enjoying by lifting her waist.

After some time I lay down on the bed and sister-in-law came on top of me and started enjoying the fuck of cocks.

But sister-in-law was not coming down completely, so I also got up and started hurting inside sister-in-law.
And sister-in-law fell on my cock and lay down on me.

Sister-in-law cleaned the cocks and pussy from the bedsheet and started sucking the cocks and drank water from my cocks as if the thirsty of births was sitting to drink the water of my cocks.

The fuck lasted for about 2 hours and I changed the poses and did desi sex with Bihari Bhabhi.

And my material came out in sister-in-law’s pussy 3-4 times and sister-in-law fell twice.

We slept naked all night.

In the morning, sister-in-law woke me up early and fucked me once more and we got ready and left for Azamgarh from Lucknow.
And in the meantime I gave birth control pills on the advice of my sister-in-law.

Sister-in-law got down to her destination in the middle and I came to Azamgarh.

Neither I asked the number from sister-in-law nor did she give it.

So friends, and sisters-in-law, how was the true story of my fuck?

In the next story, I will share the story with my girlfriend, just gather some courage.

I love sisters-in-law very much and if any sister-in-law falls in love with me in the meantime, do not forget to message me on email.

How did you like my Bihari Bhabhi desi chudai story? Tell me in the comments.
Good bye till then.
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