Desi college sex story

In this Desi college sex story, a virgin girl stubbornly gets fucked by a man twice her age in the college library. How did all this game happen, read yourself in this story!

first part of the story
the heat of the young body of a virgin girl
You read that a young unmarried girl rejected her lover’s request for sex, but after that her intuition started going out of her control. She started fingering her pussy. Even after reading a little pornography in the college library, she used to masturbate there to cool down her body heat.
Under this lust, he also put the noose on the librarian.

Now further the story of desi college sex:

The next day, Payal returned to the library on time.
While entering inside, Payal smiled at Prakash and said- Good afternoon sir!

It was three in the afternoon.
Prakash looked at the time on the watch in his hand.

Now Payal and Prakash started waiting for the library to be empty.

After everyone left, Prakash pasted a sign on the library door saying ‘opening time 9 am to 3.30 pm’ and locked the door from inside and bolted it.

Now there was only a few steps distance between Payal and Prakash.

Prakash was moving towards Payal, closing the windows on his left.
And Payal’s heartbeat was turning into deeper breaths at each step of Prakash.

Now Payal was not going to stay.
Payal also helped to close the windows in a hurry and both of them meet between the windows.

There was one last left.

Prakash closed that too quickly and pulled Payal towards him.
“You are causing havoc today!” Looking into Payal’s eyes, he said while tucking the hair falling on her face behind her ear.

So Payal lowered Sharma’s eyes.

Raising Payal’s chin with his hand, Prakash kissed Payal.
Both were in no hurry.

Touching each other’s body in kissing, both were eager to unite today.
Payal slowly came near Prakash’s ear and said – do it comfortably!

Prakash- Think, there is still time. And of course, I am not going to take it easy…Kachchi Phad Ke Chodunga.
Payal should be happy – true?

Prakash- Are you scared or are you happy?
Payal- You tell? What do you think?
Prakash – both!

If anklets get torn, what will I go back wearing?
Prakash – Torn shorts… what else? You must remember something about me!

Saying this, Prakash lifted Payal in his arms and made her lie on the table in front of him, took off her kurti.

Payal shyly started covering her boobs hidden in her bra with her hands.

“She used to strip off her kurti in front of me and used to be half-naked without any hesitation. And you had tasted pussy too, now what a shame? Prakash said teasingly.

Prakash held both his hands and separated them – Hey let me see properly! Ever since I saw you pointing fingers for the first time, I was waiting for this day. You don’t know how you controlled yourself all these days. My madam was also troubled by my rubbing and fucking, now maybe she will also be happy.

He kept saying – because you are the culprit of the cock, you will also get the punishment. Cocks were not taking the name of sitting for many days… Today you will know what is called Lauda and Chudan.
Payal got hot after listening to Prakash and said – will sit today, after suffering me!

Prakash – I will not let him sit today, until he shakes you off.
By saying this, Prakash untied Payal’s salwar and made her naked.

Hair coming out from the edge of Payal’s shorts, Payal’s jungle was proof that Payal was a young and untidy girl.

Prakash opened his shirt and took out the penis from the zip of the pant.

The cock was completely erect on its tip, in front of Prakash’s strong body, the anklet was like a delicate bud, which Prakash was about to mash into a flower today.

Prakash took off the vest in one stroke and came over Payal, he wanted to rub Payal’s body with his chest.
He had to enjoy the young Payal lying under him in every way.

He lowered the straps of Payal’s bra and took out her hard nipples.
Mixing his lips with her lips, Prakash started rubbing Payal’s nipples mercilessly.

Payal was living every moment to the fullest, taking pleasure in her wild youth for the first time from a man, her chest heaving again and again, as if she was saying to press harder.
But his lips were buried between the lips of Prakash.

Down below Prakash’s erect cock was releasing his water on Payal’s anklets.
Payal’s pussy was getting wet inside and the cock was getting wet from outside.

Then Prakash stood up and tore the anklet right from the place of the pussy and lay back on it.

Payal’s fire flared up because of his act.

Prakash set his cock on Payal’s pussy and said in Payal’s ear – there will be some pain, bear it!
“Take it easy please!” Payal pleaded.

Prakash’s cock was thrice as thick as Payal’s pussy hole.
Was slipping again and again while living with pussy juice.

Both Prakash and Payal were suffering in the raging fire of youth and Lund was not going inside.

Prakash was taking out his annoyance on Payal’s nipples.
Payal’s nipples had turned red like an apple after rubbing her muscles.

Beneath the light… Payal, who was buried under her weight, was waiting for these moments for a long time when some man would give her the pleasure of her youth by crushing her slim body like a new bud.

With both his hands, Prakash opened Payal’s legs further wide and tried to make space by putting two fingers in her pussy.

Payal shivered with two fingers – Aaah uh… take it easy!
“Shut up, otherwise just the raw part is torn, I will tear the pussy too!” Prakash’s lust was in full swing.

Aroused Payal turned back and replied – then tear it, who is stopping you?

Prakash didn’t see the urge, and hit the cock with a loud push.
The supara of the cock got stuck in Payal’s pussy by entering the mouth.

Payal’s pussy was a bit too tight and tight.

After getting the taste of the cock, Payal was moaning in pain- Aahhh… Aaaa Uhhhh wait… don’t move please… wait for a while. It hurts so bad! Ahh today… I feel like I will die. Aa ahh … Payal was pleading with Prakash to stop.

Even Prakash was feeling pain as if someone had tied a rope tightly around the boy’s neck.
Neither was it possible to insert it inside, nor was it possible to take it out.

Prakash remained bent over the anklet for some time, sometimes sucking the nipples, sometimes drinking the juicy lips of the anklet.

After some time, the condition of both of them improved, then Prakash started moving the ass slowly inside the little space made in the pussy.

For so many days, every morning and evening, after fisting the name of Payal, now the cock was not going to fall so easily.

are you fine now? Prakash asked for consent to proceed.
“Hmm… yes! Feeling better now, little one!”

It was too late to hear that Prakash hit another blow… the cock went halfway inside.
Payal screamed out in pain – Aaah oh aaah… are you fucking or are you ready to kill yourself? ahh aaah aahh hh wait… aaaa oaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Payal’s eyes got moist.

Prakash stopped by keeping half his cock inside and kissed Payal’s lips lovingly and said- How can I take life’s life… First time you will have to tolerate a little, I promise that after today I will only enjoy. The pleasure that your hand could never give you, I will fill your youth with physical pleasure.

“And wash my pussy with your water too…” Payal smiled and said with moist eyes.

Hearing this, Prakash got excited and closed Payal’s mouth with one hand and hit a blow.
His entire cock reached the root of the pussy.

Tears welled up in Payal’s eyes, her choked screams and cries were buried in Prakash’s palm.

Prakash stopped, started hugging Payal lovingly again.

He hugged and started kissing on the neck and ears.

forgive me! But I am doing all this only on your orders. He came near Payal’s ear and said lovingly.
So Payal also kissed Prakash’s lips in response.

Both the ends of the body were joined together, the tongue was playing with each other and the cock was sitting in the pussy below.

Slowly Payal calmed down, then Prakash slowly started taking out the cock.
Both Payal and Prakash were at the peak of sensuality in the smell of pussy.

Now the painful sobs started turning into screams.

“Ah Prakash, I am yours from today!” Lost in the experience of her first fuck, she was babbling drowned in the waves of lust.

“I will keep you as my concubine, whenever my wife goes to her maternal home, you will stay with me. And I will fuck you every morning and evening in the college.

“What if I don’t come to kiss you?” Payal asked teasingly.
“Then I will come to the class and fuck you in front of everyone.”


Prakash’s blows started intensifying, now he was on the verge of falling!

“Drop your juice inside me… make me the mother of your child… ahh hh aaa ahh hhh!”
Saying “Yeh le…with shaking, Prakash’s juice started flowing from the cock into Payal’s vagina.
Like hot lava flowing out.

Prakash fainted and fell on Payal.
Payal also held Prakash in her arms and surrounded Prakash’s buttocks with her legs.

After desi college sex, both of them were engrossed in each other’s arms with heavy breathing.

“How was it?” Prakash asked, gasping for breath.
Payal- Initially it didn’t feel good at all… It hurt a lot… Still it is happening… Then slowly it started feeling good!
Prakash- There is always pain in love, sweet, sweet, lovely … And then I had said, I do not do it comfortably.

Payal- Now my pussy is used to my fingers, isn’t it?
Prakash- Wait for a week, if you and this wet pussy of yours do not get used to it, then say… I will tear it apart and make it one.

Payal fell in Prakash’s chest and said – Hi, will you bother me so much?
Prakash- And what about the fact that you have been troubling me for 4 months… at least revenge will be taken, you will have to pay for your indifference.

Payal- Well… on the contrary, the thief scolded the police officer… Was it me or you who were indifferent… Somewhere in the heartlessness!
Payal has come on you from you.

Prakash laughed and kissed Payal’s lips.

“Still hurting and you’re laughing… It’s like you’re still inside me! When will this pain end? Payal told the condition of her fluttering pussy.
“My dear, the more you fuck, the sooner it will be over.” Prakash said to be erotic.

It was 5 in the evening.

“Look, I have to go home now, my wife will be waiting for me at tea!” Prakash asked for permission.
Payal- I will come early tomorrow morning, at 7.30, all the students come till 9. Till then we will focus on this study of ours, why… what do you say?

Prakash patted Payal and said- come tomorrow wearing new shorts. I will not get peace until I tear all your clothes.

While wearing the clothes again, setting the torn shorts inside the thighs, Payal asked – then what will I wear under the clothes?
“If you don’t want to get your shorts torn, don’t stop wearing shorts!” Prakash said with a mischievous smile.

Payal, lost in thought, started mending her clothes, thinking of a way to protect her shorts from the light.

Prakash even got his clothes fixed.

Payal was now slowly walking with light steps, the bounce of her walk had ended.
By looking at her movements, anyone could know that she has been fucked hard.

Hanging her bag on her shoulder, Payal said – I leave first, you leave later!

Hugging Prakash lovingly once again, she parted and went outside.

He was in no mood to go out and board the bus.
So she caught the auto and went home.

After some time Prakash also came out, locked the library and pocketed the key, picked up his bike from the parking lot and went home.

There was a different firmness in Prakash’s shoulders today… He was walking with his chest doubled as if he had conquered a fort.

Laddoos were bursting in my mind everyday to rub Payal’s youth.

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