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Chudakkad saas ke saath nahi rahna mujhe ek sacchi kahani Do you have pain or do you have fever, fuck me……. Otherwise today I will break your face………. My lust is on the rise and you say you are feeling sleepy, tired, get up…… Fuck me……

Yes friends, this is the word of my mother-in-law, it is a matter of the day before yesterday, you must be understanding how my mother-in-law is, and what she wants. Friends, I am very scared, I do not understand anything, I am very upset, now I do not feel like living. I don’t understand what to do, please show me a way, I will not forget your favor for the rest of my life. Please.

Today I will tell you the whole story of how this storm came in my life, and how it started, I agree that it is my fault. Often people go astray, I am also a misguided person, but what did I know that my life will be like this, I will not even call it my mistake, because everyone wants to have a beautiful home, family and beautiful Be it a wife, who does not feel like loving. I had also loved Rupali.

Rupali was in my coaching class. I am a resident of Bihar, at that time I used to live in Model Town, Delhi, I was sent from the village to study here, my parents used to raise my expenses by selling paddy and rice, but I fell in love because after coming to Delhi I got lost in the dazzling life here, and seeing the life here, I felt that this is heaven. I was a simple boy, I was very good in studies, I gave my heart to Rupali, who studied with me in coaching, Rupali is a very beautiful and decent girl, I fell in love with her at first sight, but in saying this And it took me 6 months to move on. The matter reached my house, my father and mother were very shocked, perhaps I ruined their dreams, they wanted to see me in a good job, but I could not fulfill their dream and Rupali’s weight was heavy on me. I left my parents and vowed to live and die with Rupali.

You must have come to know my bastardness, because I left the one who gave me life, cheated the one in whom I was educated, the reason for this was that I was feeling that I would not get a girl like Rupali, because I needed my own and He knew the status of his family. Then what was to happen, one day I went to Rupali’s house with a lot of determination, Rupali’s mother and Rupali are in Rupali’s house. Because Rupali’s father was in the army and he was martyred in the firing on the border. Rupali’s mother is a very proud woman. At first, seeing her, it was not felt that she is Rupali’s mother. Because she was about 6 feet tall. And wide chest, big round mouth, thick thick thighs, tall and wide, it looked like she used to wrestle in WWF. Around 38 years old woman amazing form. Modern woman of today. To be honest friends, I was seeing such a figure for the first time only.

Rupali started the conversation and introduced me, I also said Maaji Maaji in a very nice tone and then I kept talking further. That I want to marry Rupali, we both love each other a lot. At first she got angry. But she agreed in front of Rupali. Then she started asking about me. What do you do, how much is the ancestral property. And about the whole family. I told everything clearly, but they didn’t like that I am a Bihari. He again spoke to Rupali, you would have married someone from Delhi, you are marrying a Bihari who has no place to live. Yes, I agree that IA is preparing for this, but what is the guarantee that he will become a collector, in this way lakhs of people are preparing in Delhi. That day, when Kahana came back after having a drink, I felt that she would not allow me to get married.

But the next day when Rupali came to class, she said that my mother has called you this evening. To tell the truth friends, my happiness knew no bounds, and I started waiting for early evening. Then both of us reached Rupali’s house around six o’clock, then I bowed down to Rupali’s mother by touching her feet, and then sat on the sofa. Then he said do you want to marry Rupali. I said yes, will you be able to keep Rupali happy, I said I will take care of her more than my life, but she put a condition that Rupali will never go to your house, you will have to live as son-in-law, you know my Mother and father have already told me that you should never come if you have married on your own mind. I said yes. And then his mother agreed for the marriage. The marriage went well, both Rupali and I started living happily.

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Rupali’s mother did not give much importance to me. But Rupali loved me very much. I was very happy with Rupali. My sex life was very good. She used to be quite satisfied with me. We both used to take care of each other a lot. Rupali got a job in Mumbai. That too government job on the post of a senior officer. She was about to go for training for about two months and no one was supposed to go with her. So I came to Rupali after boarding a flight at the airport. That night my mother-in-law drank a lot of alcohol. And cursed me a lot. And she started saying that you go away from Rupali’s life, I will get Rupali married somewhere else. You are not worthy of Rupali. I said mother, don’t say like this, I love Rupali a lot and she also loves me a lot, but why are you trying to ruin both of my lives. So she said, keep quiet, don’t speak too much. You ruined my dreams. I would have married in a good house, but you have spoiled my life. And then drank two packs. She was very drunk.

Then she started crying. Sometimes she cries and sometimes laughs, I said mother don’t worry, I will give you all the happiness that a son gives to his mother. So she started saying, don’t say with your tongue that I will give the love of my son. So I said ok you will do as you say, she said will he really do that? I said yes yes I am telling the truth. I will do the same. Then she removed her nightie from above and said you will have sex with me from today, and will do the same as you do with Rupali. I have made a video of your one night. And then he put the pen drive in the TV and started the sex movie of both of us. I was shocked and sat on the ground on my knees. And then she started laughing and came to me.

Then she picked me up and started sucking my lips with hers. I was standing. So she said why don’t you know what is in your hands. She herself put my hand on her nipples, but what could I do, I stood like a stick, she started kissing me. And then took me to the bed room. He then put the pen drive in another TV and then started the movie. And then she started kissing me. Now she fucks three to four times in the night. I also fuck three to four times for ten to fifteen days, sometimes even twice a day. To tell the truth friends, she started considering me as a machine. And wanted me to keep on fucking her day and night only, but it was not possible. My cock doesn’t stand erect, if there is no semen, then how will it stand.

Then I used to fuck her to save my and Rupali’s respect because she used to say that if she does not make me happy, I will put the video of both of you on the internet, many times I said that you are not a mother but a witch. No one thinks like this about their child, then they also beat me and said that I will give it to the police, because of this I used to keep quiet. I started bringing sex pills from the market so that I could please them, but within a month my condition worsened. Now I could not fuck even after taking the tablet. She would drink alcohol at night and rub her big tits on my face, lick her pussy with me, when she became very sexy she would go down and spread her legs and put my cock on her pussy and say hit hard , I try a little but everything goes in vain. I would soon relax,

Then I would get to see her real form, she would abuse me, slap me. And then fucks. I am worried Now it seems that I should commit suicide. Because my life is ruined. Is. My mother-in-law is suffering from tickle disease. But no man will have the guts to extinguish the fire of my mother-in-law’s lust. Today I am feeling very light by keeping this story in front of you. Now I will see what will happen next. thank you so much. Please comment if you want to give me any opinion. I can’t give my email and phone number,

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