Devil is Born Part- III Sex Story

#Abuse #Incest #Rape #Teen

By Rajesh

This is continuation of the last story and today I will tell you how I fucked Nagma and her cousin Zareen.

I was waiting for Zareen in the hall. Nagma was lying on sofa with her cum filled holes. I knew the way I have used her she will definitely get pregnant. Zareen was 14 year old with a figure of 33-23-34 with milky white body and cute facial features. I had fantasy for Zareen for more than 3 years. I heard some noise from outside. I realised it was Zareen, I looked through keyhole to confirm. She was wearing black top and black shorts. Her top was short and showed her belly button. She looked like a proper diva. I always thought she should be actress. I waited for her to ring the bell and then opened door and welcomed her. She asked Ajay, Are you here to study? I said yes. She said wait I will go and put things in the kitchen. I closed the door and started to follow her.

When she reached hall, She saw Nagma lying there nude. Her body covered in sweat. I placed my hand around her waist and said you like what I did to her. She turned and raised her hand to slap me. I caught her hand in mid-air and twisted her hand. She begged me to stop but I enjoyed her pain. I grabbed her boob and massaged them. I turned her and kissed her on her soft juicy lips. She was trying to get free fom my grip. I pushed her down and made her lie on sofa on her abdomen exposing her perfect ass. I spanked her ass. She started to cry from pain. I picked Nagma panty and stuffed them in her mouth successfully muffling her shouts.

Then I unbuttoned and pulled her shorts down exposing her milky ass. I started to massage her pussy from over her panty. She realised what is going to happen to her. Tears were rolling down her face. I pulled and ripped her top exposing her bra. Then I unhooked her bra exposing her small, firm boobs. She started to struggle and it was getting hard to control her. I needed to take control of her and fill her with fear. I ripped her panty exposing her virgin pussy.

Intensity of her struggle increased and she tried to get away. I got angry and turned and slapped her hard. She fell on the ground. I grabbed her by hair, pulled her up and threw her over Nagma. With Zareen face just above Salma pussy. Zareen tried to move but I pinned her down and placed my dick over her pussy. She was crying and I could hear her muffled begging. I pushed my 8 inch dick inside her pussy. Her small virgin pussy was resisting me. This made me even more excited and intensity of my thrust increased. It was so much satisfying as I ripped her hymen and entered her pussy.

I was just few inches inside her and she was wailing in pain. It made me even more excited and intensity of pushes increased. As I entered her pussy inch by inch bleeding increased. I saw Nagma hand move and she pulled out the gag. Then she grabbed her head and pulled it to her pussy and told her to lick it. It just excited me further and with few hard pushes I entered her completely. Now Zareen was licking Nagma’s abused pussy. I started to move in her pussy. I could hear her soft cries as she kept on licking Nagma. After few seconds I felt Zareen pussy tighten around my dick and she had her orgasm.

It was so exciting to she her shiver in pain and pleasure. It just made me even more excited to give her multiple orgasm. I kept on roughly pounding her till she got her orgasm. I started to massage Zareen boobs and pinch her nipples. Zareen said You got what you want, now leave me alone. I didn’t reply to her.

I grabbed her by hips and placed my dick on her ass. She begged me so much to stop. I didn’t listen to any of her plea and gave her some hard pushes. She begged me to stop and her cries filled the room. She was struggling and trying to scratch me with her fingers. I kept her pinned down and with some hard pushes entered her ass. She screamed hard as I closed her mouth with my hand. I kept on going hard and while doing that I asked Nagma to lick her pussy. She initially told no but after a hard slap she started to lick her pussy nicely.

As I kept on going rough on Zareen ass. After sometime she collapsed and fell unconscious. I kept on fucking her until I filled her ass with my juices. Nagma got up from sofa and was very happy to see Zareen broken and abused lying unconsciouss on sofa. She thanked me and asked me to leave. I grabbed her hair and told her to clean my dick. She said it is her filth, I don’t want to clean it. I pushed her down on her knees and made her suck. Nagma was disgusted but I pushed her head around my dick. I deepthroated her to the point I could feel her tonsil.

She was so disgusted by this after few minutes she started to feel disgusted. After few minutes she puked around my dick. I was so furious with her that I turned her and placed my dick on her ass. She started to beg me to stop but I pushed hard and fucked her ass. Her pleas for mercy filled the room. Zareen also regained the conscioussness till now. After few pushes I filled her ass. Then I pulled my dick out and placed it in front of Zareen. She was shocked and tried to turn her face but I grabbed her by head and forced her to suck it.

She was it shock, and tried to fight for few seconds. But it all faced away once she was struggling for breath. Without and mercy I fucked her mouth and filled her mouth. I was feeling dirty from all the ass fucking. I dragged them both to bathroom and asked zareen to suck Nagma’s ass. She complied, I started to fuck her pussy while I opened the shower. I kept on fucking them her under the shower. I kept on crushing and pinching her boobs. She was crying as I enjoyed her and then filled her pussy. Then with weakness she fell on floor. Then I grabbed Zareen and fucked her pussy as she kept on begging me. But there was no one to help them. I enjoyed her pussy and then her ass. As I fucked her ass she fell unconscious.

After filling her ass with my cum. I threw her on ground next to Nagma. Both were lying there broken. I jumped into shower cleaned myself. I took a towel and dried myself. I left them both on the floor and went out. I quietly got out of their house. I went to my home and took a good nap and enjoyed the dreams of the day I had. Now I will leave and next time I will tell you about how I fucked Salma. I hope you like the story. Please tell me review in comments.

By Rajesh
#Abuse #Incest #Rape #Teen

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