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Dick sucking hot girl I met on a webcam. He contacted me after reading my story, sought my help in getting the abortion done. I went to help him too.

Friends, my name is Ravish Kumar, I am 28 years old, I am from Ranchi Jharkhand.
I have 6 inch thick black and powerful cock.

I have fucked a lot, luck and money got me a lot of pussy.

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Friends, this story is of June 2021, I got a mail from a girl named Deepika Kumari, she was from Kolkata.

We both started talking on mail, she is 25 years old, she used to work in a big software company.
She used to live alone with a flat.

After an hour of conversation, Deepika told that she is in trouble and needs my help.
Deepika told that she has become pregnant, she needs my help in getting abortion done.
I thought there was some boy, enjoying me.
I stopped mailing.

When Deepika’s mail came again, I asked her to make a video by writing my name on her stomach and nipples.
She agreed.

Deepika made a video and sent it by writing Playboy Ravish on her body taking my name.

Seeing her 36 size tit, my cock got erect.
Now I started talking by taking interest.

I came to know that Deepika has two boyfriends, boss in the office and an affair with a colleague.
She has a cousin brother, who is also in school, he also dips in Deepika’s pussy sometimes.

She fucks most of all by wearing a condom but she has become pregnant.
Everyone said that they have no hand in this child, everyone left Deepika alone.
There was no one to accompany Deepika to the hospital.
So she wants me to come to Kolkata and help her get the abortion done.

When I asked about pregnancy, she made a video in which she urinated in a mug and put the kit in it, which showed positive.

After a while, Deepika told me her social networking ID, from which I came to know that all the things Deepika has said are true.

I sent friend request to Deepika on social sites and also gave my number on mail.

Deepika called me.
We talked for a while.

Deepika was scared so she asked me to do something quickly.
I asked to come the next day.

After that, Deepika and I kept talking on the phone for the whole day, both started knowing and understanding each other.

The next day I reached Kolkata, Deepika came to pick me up.
I kept looking at Deepika, fair complexion, height 5’4″, big boobs and ass, Deepika was wearing jeans and top, in which shape and size of boobs and ass was clearly visible.
Deepika also used to go to the gym, her whole body was strong.

We both sat in a restaurant and ate food and talked.

After taking rest today, I asked to go to the doctor the next day.
Deepika agreed.

She said – come to my flat, rest there.
Me- I have booked the hotel, you come with me to the hotel!
Deepika- There is no one at my flat, let’s stay there, why would you waste money in hotel?
Me- After your abortion, I will go to your flat, till then go to the hotel.

Deepika agreed, we both headed towards the hotel.
On the way I took condoms and pregnancy kit.

After reaching the hotel, we both came to the room.

As soon as she entered the room, Deepika hugged and said thank you.

Me- everything will be fine. But I did not enjoy such a hug.
Deepika- How do you want to hug?

I unbuttoned my shirt and Deepika’s top and hugged her.
We both started caressing each other’s back.

Me- Remove this bra too, the fun will double.

Deepika untied her bra and stuck her boobs to my chest.
My cock was erect, so I started rubbing the cock on Deepika’s pussy and started kissing on her lips.

We parted after standing and kissing for 15 minutes.

Deepika- It was fun man! Brain was not working but now feeling fine.
I gave the pregnancy kit and asked to check.

Deepika went to the bathroom in jeans and after 5 minutes came out with a kit in tights.
It was coming to know from the kit that Deepika is pregnant.

We both sat down and started talking.
I found out and took a doctor’s appointment.

Deepika was sitting in bindas chaddi as if she knew me for years.

We both told each other the stories of Chudai.

Friends, if a naked girl is sitting in front of you in the room, you cannot control yourself for long.

Even I could not stop, so I asked Deepika about sex.
Deepika- I don’t have any mind right now, after meeting the doctor and after everything is fine, have sex.
I said while making a face – it’s okay.

Deepika looking at my cock said – come do foreplay, then I will suck.

I climbed on Deepika and started kissing her. I was in jeans and Deepika was only in tights.

I was kissing while rubbing my cock on Deepika’s pussy so that Deepika gets hot and ready to fuck herself.

Deepika- Open the jeans and just be in tights.

I opened my jeans and took the cock to her mouth in the tights itself.
She took the cock in her mouth from the top of the tights and bit it once with a light bite.

I was in the mood to fuck so I started kissing from back, I kissed for 15 minutes while rubbing cock on pussy which made Deepika ejaculate once.

That’s why I was also about to fall, so I went down a little and started sucking Deepika’s nipples and I was saved from falling.

I sucked Deepika’s nipples for 10 minutes by pressing, due to which she was very hot, her patience was about to break.
Again I started kissing on neck and lips while rubbing cock on pussy,

Kissing on the lips, I started giving my hot breaths on her face and I was also pushing on the pussy from the top of the tights.

Deepika- Did you buy condoms from the medical store as well?
Me- yes!
Deepika – Fuck once but fall out, drop it in the mouth.

I immediately took out a condom from my bag and till then Deepika untied her tights by herself.
Her pussy was clean.

I took off my tights and put a condom on the erect cock.
Spit on Deepika’s pussy and wet it with finger.

I lay down on top of Deepika and set the cock on the pussy and pushed, the whole cock got into the pussy in one stroke.
There was mild pain from Deepika which was negligible, I started pushing fast.

I- Shall I abuse?
Deepika – Yes.

Me-Sister-in-law, in my youth, I have got my pussy shaved. How many big cocks has she taken?
Deepika- I fuck with different cocks almost everyday, Bhosda has to be made.
Me- Sister Bankchod, I am not enjoying fucking. Keep your feet together, the pussy will become tight.

Deepika pressed her leg so that her thighs got stuck and her pussy got tight.

I fucked for five minutes and took out the cock and gave it in her mouth.
Deepika started sucking cocks in fun.

In five minutes of kissing, I fell in Deepika’s mouth and lay down next to her.

Deepika – did you enjoy it?
Me- yes, you?

Deepika- I was not in the mood to fuck but enjoyed the foreplay and got fucked, also enjoyed fucking. Now everything will be fine, after that fuck like you want to fuck.
Me- ok.

We both talked, ate food together, I kissed on the lips, and fell asleep saying good night.

The next morning at ten o’clock, Deepika and I reached the doctor’s clinic, I had made an appointment with a young lady doctor to make sure there was no problem.
The doctor did some tests of Deepika and told that she is pregnant.

Doctor- There is nothing to fear, I will give you the medicine. Come the day after tomorrow after taking the medicine, I will do the test again.
Deepika – ok.

We both left there, had dinner in a restaurant.
Deepika- Let’s go shopping.
Me- ok.

We both went to a shopping mall, Deepika bought me two shirts, one jeans, one watch.
She took two sets of sexy bra panty set and two sexy nighty for herself.

Deepika- Check out from the hotel, come to my flat. After speaking to my brother, I call two prostitutes, you guys have fun.
Me- ok.

Deepika called her brother Amit and started talking.
He had already told Amit about me. He asked Amit to come in the evening and also asked him to bring Randi.

He gave me the phone to talk.

Amit- Thank you brother-in-law, you have helped Didi. What kind of girl do you want in the evening?
I mean?
Amit- Whatever you say, I will do the jugaad.

Me- You tell me, how will it be fine?
Amit- A Kancha Nepali and a Bengali sister-in-law will be fine. Will take turns to fuck.
Me- ok.

Deepika took the phone and sent some money to Amit.

We went to the hotel, from there I took my bag and reached Deepika’s flat.
There was a two bedroom, hall, kitchen flat.

When Deepika went to the bathroom, I spied the room, everything seemed fine to me.

Amit called and asked to come by ten o’clock.
He told that two prostitutes have been booked, will stay overnight and will take three shots.

Deepika and I started talking here and there.
She started showing her photos in her laptop.
He showed photos of his entire family, all his friends, told stories to everyone.

I didn’t realize how the four hours passed.

It was eight o’clock in the night, I ordered something from outside to eat, we both sat together and ate.
I was liking Deepika’s company, I was lying next to her on the bed, so I started kissing her.

We both lovingly kissed each other’s lips for fifteen minutes.

Deepika- Save your stamina, two goods are coming for you.
Me- ok.

Deepika- There is medicine to increase sex power, what will you eat, the boss eats and fucks.
Me- give it, there are two prostitutes, will recover the full money.

Deepika brought the medicine and milk along with it.
I drank milk after taking medicine.

There were only ten minutes left for ten o’clock, Amit got a call that he has reached the flat, should I open the door.
Deepika opens the door.
Amit and both the prostitutes came inside.

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