Don’t Take Shortcuts.. Or do Sex Story

#Interracial #Rape #Teen #Virgin

By Rawberry

Fictional story of 15yr old Khilani and her lover/rapist. I’m 15, this is just fantasy, leave some feedback pls

The day had just begun. I’m a sophomore, 15 years old, desperately waiting to turn 16. My alarm, set for 5 AM, had just buzzed my out of my sleep. I woke up, tangled, messy hair in a crazy pattern, eye bags that popped out of my face, and heavy eye lids that begged me to go back to sleep. Unfortunately for my eye lids, I was the “It Girl” of my grade. Every morning, before school, I wake up before the sun, play the latest music while I enjoy a simple breakfast, and my usual, homemade, iced coffee. Next, i’d prepare a scorching hot shower to wake me up completely. I do the usual hygiene routine, and apply a simple, chic makeup look. I always go for something natural. A nice tan foundation to match my light brown skin, a bit of blush, eyeliner, highlighter in the corners of my eyes and tip of the nose, and top it off with a light-red lipstick. If i’m feeling it, I like to add lip gloss sometimes.

I finally go to put in my uniform. It’s a tan and plaid patterned mini skirt, topped with an ordinary, white polo. The mini skirt lays in the middle of my tender, rather thick thighs. And, for the shirt, I leave a button or two from the top unbutton. Depending on the bra, my D cup boobs stick out from the unbuttoned window i’ve created in the polo shirt. I’m about 5’6 and curvy. I’m not crazy thick, but my arse is reasonably round. To spice up my uniform, I usually wear these shiny, Mary-Jane shoes with the cutest leather buckle on them. Above them, I wear a white pair of ankle warmers. I style the polo with a black cardigan or a simple zip-up hoodie. Today, I chose the hoodie. I wear about four different bracelets, one a charm, the others beaded, and a scrunch to compliment them. My hair is a faded honey blonde and i wear them in a half-up, half-down hairstyle with two side pigtails that curl up on the end. I top my head with ear muffs since it’s a bit chilly. Lastly, I clip on my lucky necklace, it’s a heart shaped necklace that drops right between my cleavage. I collect my book bag and crossbody purse, then proceed to head to school. My parents live busy work lives, to make their home lives easier I just walk to school.

I get to my first block class where my teacher, Mr Daniels, a middle-aged chemistry teacher, is waiting with high spirits. I’ve always liked Mr. Daniels. He’s understanding and such a great teacher, he’s also kind of cute. Me and him always crack jokes between lessons, I think it’s safe to say I’m his favorite student. Mr. Daniels is a 6’2, middle aged man. He has quite a bit of hair on his head, a goatee on his strong jawline and chin, and he’s a bit muscular. Every morning when I enter class, he’s waiting at the door, towering over me. I’m always the first one in class, I actually choose to get there early. Students aren’t allowed out of the cafeteria or gym before 8:30, but Mr. Daniels and I always lie and say it’s for tutoring. Some of my friends crack inappropriate jokes about it, but as teenage girls it’s understandable. Mr. Daniels brings starbucks for the both of us, everyday, sometimes, when I do phenomenal on tests, he gives me a pink cake pop to reward me. Most would say I have the typical teacher crush on Me. Daniels, don’t get me wrong, he is totally fine, but i’ll stay in my age range.

The school day ends and I go to say the usual goodbye to my bestie Mr. Daniels, but he wasn’t there. I suppose he had left early. Why? No clue, he’s a great looking guy, yet he isn’t married. I always try to get him to date a teacher or some random lady on the internet, but it never works. Maybe one day someone will bag this gentleman, a real lucky lady.

I leave school and head home. About a couple minutes into my walk, I notice this path way in the woods I pass by every day. It’s funny i’ve never noticed it, but after further examination and checking my google maps, it lead straight to my neighborhood. This was great considering I hated having to wait for so many cars at the stop lights placed after every two steps and every corner I turned. Also, it looked really pretty and quiet, I got to really walk alone. Being naive, I started down the pathway. Into the woods, past the trees, on top of twigs. Walking and scoping out the scenery, my walk comes to a haunt when I hear a crunch of leaves and grass, but I wasn’t the one who stepped. It came from behind me. I flicked my head around, but there was no one there. I figured it might’ve been an animal, like a squirrel. I was hesitant, but I kept on my way home. Walking, stepping, skipping, walking, I stopped. Another crunch. I didn’t turn around this time, i was spun around. A pair of arms grabbed me, a hand over my mouth, one around my waist. I was spun around and met with a tall man.

He wore a black ski mask, a tight black tee shirt, latex gloves, also black, and a pear of blue jeans that wheezed his muscular legs. I was shocked. I couldn’t struggle or move. He said not a word, silence. Until he broke that silence,

“Scream and i’ll snap that fucking neck, got it?” he said, his mask muffled his deep voice.

To shocked to respond, I nodded my head. He grabbed me by my wrists, turned me, and pinned me to the ground like I was being arrested. I started crying, but quietly. I thought I was going to die. Was this the end for me? Really?

“Look at this slutty skirt,” he spoke to me with disgust, “you wanted this. Boobs just hanging out and all,” he taunted me before slamming me on my back and spitting on my chest. He looked at my necklace for a brief second, then he snatched it right off. I was broken in those few moments.

“Please just let me go, I swear I won’t tell anyone, you won’t even remember this happened,” I sobbed. I sobbed so hard, I was begging him, pleading him. I know it was wrong but I wanted him to chose someone else to do this to, not me. Why me??

He slapped me, grabbed my cheeks, and stared right into my eyes, “Just shut the fuck up, I know what a slut you are, you’ll be begging for more when I’m done with you,” he was making fun of me. Ridiculing me, like a slut..

He stopped wasting time and lifted my skirt up, he paused and pulled out some zip ties and proceed to tie my hands up. Going back to my private area, he teased my clit through my underwear. My clit was throbbing, why was my body enjoying this? I recall reading smut and fan-fictions, thinking I’d love to be sexually annihilated, but now that It’s happening I regret it all. Before I knew it, he literally ripped my underwear off.

“I need a taste, fuck.” he said as he went down between my legs, lifting up the bottom of his mask and slurped up my juices. He licked from my vagina (hole) to my clit. He licked up, and up, and up, like a cat to its milk. Then, he dug his thumbs into my thighs, holding them up in a missionary position, he stuck his tongue inside of my virgin vagina that had never even mer with the tips of my own fingers. I squealed and but my tongue. I didn’t want to scream, but I did want to. I didn’t want to moan..but I did want to. His tongue was pulsing in and out of my vagina, stopping to swirl around, pulsing in and out again, stopping to hit my g-spot, and so on. I felt a random wave of shock and heat flash through my body from my pussy to my brain, it was an orgasm, my first one, and he took it for himself. But that wasn’t the only thing he was ready to take in this moment. He put his mask back down, and stuck two of his fingers inside of my pussy, stretching and fingering me, getting me ready for something bigger. He watched the faces of pleasure and fear i made. I just wasn’t sure want to do. After a good 3 minutes he removed his finger out from my vagina and licked my juices off through the mouth hold in his mask.

“Bitch, i’m about to change your life,” he said, unbuckling his golden belt buckle, pulling down his jeans and grabbing, rubbing, and preparing his dick through his briefs. I started kicking my legs and went back to the begging, this was followed with another slap. He spit in my mouth then kissed me. My stupid hormones were going crazy. More tears started to fall and he licked one. He got onto his knees, dropping his boxers. Out flicked a huge penis, about 8 inches long, and healthy in width. There veins in select places, it was circumcised too. The tip was pink, it complimented his white skin. I wasn’t read for that- that thing. He knew-walked close to my pussy, and placed the tip right on the entrance of my vagina. He slapped the tip against my clit, three times for good luck I guess, then pressed his tip to the entrance of my pussy. He pushed, with little forced, failed to enter. He tried again, medium force, and made little progress. Then, with a tad bit more force, his tip had popped right into me. He was slowly sliding in until he had met my hymen. It stood its ground like a royal guard to the English Queen, but with what would’ve been the force of 1000 men, he pulled back, but not out, then thrusted all that force into me, breaking the hymen in a second. I went to scream and he immediately covered my mouth. As deep as we were in the woods, I don’t think anyone would have heard me either way. I was crying like a lost child as his dick punctured my womb with each thrust. In and out with a grunt each time he hit my womb.

“You’re so fucking tight, you dumb virgin” he said as he fucked me right on the raw ground. Speaking of raw, that’s when I realized he had on no condom. He was just thrusting away, in and out, in..and out…in…and out, in..and out, in..and out, in and out and in and out. The speed picked up. He was like a dog in heat. Before i knew it he hit me with one big thrust and i felt warmth and liquid build up inside me. He laid on top of me as he filled me up like I was a car in need of gas. he was grunting and groaning. Moaning and whimpering. He put his hand on my face and pushed down as he lifted himself off of me. I turned to the side, disgusted, tears dripping from one eye to the other, trailing onto the leaves beneath my head. I heard his ripping open a plastic box? He kneeled down, grabbing my cheek. He put a pill on his tongue and tongue kissed me, making me swallow it. After that, he spit on me, again, cut the zip tie, put his pants back up, and the last thing I heard were the leaves crunching beneath him when he walked away. I laid there for a good 15 minutes before i got up. I saw a box of Plan B on the ground, that was the strange pill. I got up, still sobbing, in shock, grabbing my my book bag and the innocent earmuffs I loved..and just walked home.

When I got there, my parents still had not come home from their jobs they swore they loved so much. More than me, even. I was blank in the head. I walked around my home like a zombie, to the bathroom, to clean myself up. I sat in the shower, letting the water hit my head. Even after the shower, I still felt so dirty, so disgusting. Forgetting about homework, forgetting about food, I went straight to bed. But on my way to my dreams, I thought about that man. My body temperature rose and my vagina screamed and ached for HIM. Why? I gave into it, I took my finger and mimicked the motions in which he seduced me with earlier on my clit. Within 10 minutes I had an orgasm, but the one he had given me was so much better. I yearned for him, once more.

The next day, proceeding my alarm. I woke up, did my usual routine and left out. I missed my parents who came home some time after I fell asleep, but left before I could wake up. I walked to school, passing those woods I dreaded. Getting there, arriving to Mr. Daniels class. I was quiet, didn’t drink my usual coffee, and just did my work with the extra time I had. Sometimes I’d glance up and see Mr. Daniels watching me, he seemed worried. About the fourth time we made eye contact he finally spoke,

“Someone’s not all bubbly this morning, what’s the problem, kiddo?” he questioned.

“You know my parents are rarely home so I wanted to make a huge meal and I forgot about homework and stuff,” I lied, “I stayed up a bit too late doing nothing, it’s stupid.” i continued, hoping he’d buy my story.

“Sounds like the usual Khilani I know. Get some sleep tonight, okay?” he suggested. I nodded to him, and went back to doing the work I missed last night.

School ended, I didn’t go to say goodbye to Mr. Daniels. I went straight for home, taking my usual route. I arrived home feeling a dark nostalgia around me. I kicked my shoes off and took off my jacket. As I was headed upstairs, I heard a knock at the door. Were my parents home early? I was excited and ran to open it, but when I opened it, the man who had stolen every ounce of my innocence toward me, wearing a similar outfit to the one he wore when he killed my innocence. He towered me with his heigh, and backed me into my home. He slammed and locked the door behind him, and forced me on the couch. Something in me was different. This time, I kind of wanted it, something in me did hope he would come back..and he did.

“I’ll be gentle this time, don’t worry” he reassured me

“Please?” i asked cutely, even though my innocence was no longer within me

“Now, why would I go gently on a slut, you enjoyed it either way.” He started laughing as he walked towards me and grabbed my arm. He sat me down in front of the couch, took out his heavenly member, and pinned my head to the couch.

“Hope you haven’t eaten yet” he slyly taunted me as his dick stiffened and grew, then he shoved it into my mouth. My mouth started to water as his dick filled up my mouth. Thick saliva built up and my breath shortened as he fucked my throat. He was thrusting at a consistent pace into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I could feel veins passing tongue, his dick still prohibiting me from breathing. Gripping me harder, he shoved his dick as far down my throat as it would go, and came inside of my mouth. I had no choice, the cum went straight down my throat. I was hot, turned on, and filled with ecstasy. I pushed him, got up on the couch, and bent over in doggy.

“I knew you wanted this you little slut. You just couldn’t resist me.”

“Please fuck me, I can’t wait much longer” I said, but I don’t know why. Was this the real me? Wasting no more time he approached me and gripped the back of my ass, pulling me closer as he shoved his dick inside me. He started fucking me passionately, breaking the passion to slap my ass here and there. He bent over my back and sucked and kissed on my neck, still thrusting into my womb. I was gripping the couch, moaning uncontrollably loud. His moans were in my ear, getting me so wet each time. He pulled out, and finished onto my back. I laid there, satisfied, I had came so many times between the 30 minutes he spent fucking me. When I regained a grasp of reality, he was gone. I went to shower, and continued on with my day. I masturbated that night, again. Thinking of him, he had no face to me, so while he fucked me I’d think of none other than Mr. Daniels. I would moan his name when masturbating, too. I came to realize, I wanted to fuck Mr. Daniels, i was just too innocent and naive to realize it sooner.

Two weeks passed, I continued walking through the woods on my way home, and I hadn’t been encountered with my lover/rapist. Where did he go? Arriving to school the next day, I had been deprived of having the feeling of a man inside me. I was feral to say the least. I couldn’t focus throughout class. Where was this man?? At the end of the day, I went to go home, then I remembered it had been so long since I said goodbye to Mr. Daniels. I went to his classroom a bit later than usual. The science hall had been empty, but prior to this, I was informed Mr. Daniels was working later than most teachers, specifically all of the other science teachers. I skipped into his room, my skirt flying up and down, I know he could see my tight underwear, but he said nothing. I was unknowingly bubbly and flirty around Mr. Daniels, he never mentioned it, though. I sat on top of his desk, legs uncrossed.

“I was starting to think you had forgotten me Kiki” Kiki was my nickname given to me by the amazing Mr. Daniels.

“No, I just had some things that needed me at home,” I said, this got me the slightest bit horny, the things that needed me were really what I needed. I attempted to see that evil man every day, yet he stopped showing.

“Like what? I know it isn’t homework. Speaking of, you haven’t done my homework in two weeks.” he said raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, about you think..i could turn them in this week..for full credit?” i smiled shyly

“Are you out of your mind? You’re certainly my favorite, but that wouldn’t be fair to the others. Especially if you slacked off just because you didn’t feel like doing the work. You’re better than this Ki..” was he seriously lecturing me right now? This wasn’t like Mr. Daniels. “You’re different. Now, I never say anything, but recently you’re showing waaay too much cleavage, even the usual amount is too much.” he spoke with sternness, yet i sensed some arousal in him.

“Well, stop looking so hard” i said nervously

He walked up to his classroom door, shut it, locking it, and pulling the curtains together that laid around the small, rectangular windows in the center of the door.

“I know our relationship is very friendly, but I’m going to level with you,” he was still lecturing me, “you’re outfits are adorable..but you have to realize what environment your in. You’re gonna get yourself into trouble dressing like that.” he said. Something about that voice sounded familiar.

“I like trouble” i said, egging him on. Now was my chance. I lifted one leg up, onto the desk, really showing my panties. His entire energy shifted as he walked towards his desk, opened a drawer and pulled out this black fabric. He unfolded it and I watched as it revealed to be a mask a ski mask.

“I know you like trouble. I’ve been waiting for you to admit it.”

My rapist..was my beloved Mr. Daniels.

“ raped me Mr. Daniels..” Shock drew all over my body.

“And you liked it.” he said. He approached me and choked me. My mouth instinctively opened and he took it as the opportunity to spit in it. He put my other leg up on the desk and slipped my panties off. In this moment, he recreated the scene where he first ate me out. His tongue was digging and swirling inside me. I had been deprived of him for so long that I came in 2 little minutes.

“Stop wasting time, fuck me already.” I demanded and he slapped me.

“I run things, bitch.” he said. He got some tape out of his drawer and tapped my mouth shut. He then went to pull his dick out of his boxers and positioned it towards my pussy entrance. It had been a while since we fucked, I was a bit tighter. He rubbed his penis against my wet pussy right before slamming it inside me. Without the tape i would’ve moaned so loud anyone still on campus would’ve heard me. We fucked me over his desk, thrusting and stroking in and out. Kissing on my neck, licking my lips. Any time i broke eye contact with him he’d slap me, and I loved it. he unbuttoned my polo and popped my boobs out of my bra. Still fucking me senselessly, he sucked and kissed on both my boobs and nipples. There were hickies all over my neck and chest. Sometimes he’d thrust so hard the desk would slide a bit. The desk shaking after every thrust, my legs shaking too. Two big thrusts, and he again, finished inside of me. I embraced his cum. He made out with me, sticking his tongue down my throat as me exchanged saliva and his nut filled up my pussy. When it was all over, we got dressed and he drove me home.

Two months pass, and me and Mr. Daniels fuck almost every day. Instead of cake pops, i get to give him a blow job and permission to swallow his cum every time I pass a test, even outside of his class. No one knows, but those jokes about us having sex before class are slightly true. He eats me out or i’ll suck him off, but almost every day he makes sure to fuck my pussy until it’s sore after school, even on days when the hall is barely empty. Sometimes I skip lunch to make out with him and get fingered. There was one time where we were almost caught.

Mr Daniels had me on my back, on his desk, like usual. He was fucking me and fingered my ass, I was squealing and letting out silent moans, some loud. We heard some teacher approaching the classroom, her stilettos clicking against the school floor tiles. I immediately slipped under his desk and he tried to buckled his pants back up. She entered the room, and I’m sure she could just smell the sex in the room. Luckily, the science hall was always know to have some funny smells even before I became Mr. Daniels’ bitch. The whore of a teacher was trying to flirt with Mr. Daniels. Little did she know, little 15 year old me was getting ready ride his dick as soon as she left. I was being my immature self, grabbing on his jeans in the crotch area. I pulled his dick out and started sucking away. He was mine to please, and I was too immature not to.

“So, there’s this game viewing party soon, you should be my date.” she said, followed by an awkward laugh.

“I’ve got a lot of grading to do, and you kn- ugh- you know my students have an exam up.” he came in my mouth right as he said that. I swallowed it all, one less thing to get in trouble for.

“I’m, sorry are you alright-“ she asked

“Yes, yes, i think the friction from the desk zapped my finger, it’s nothing.” he replied

“Well, you let me know if you change your mind.” she smiled at him, winked, and exited the classroom.

“Get the fuck from up under there.” He demanded in a whisper, “You know I could lose my job, got to jail??” I could tell he was really angry, I didn’t care.

“At least one of us got to finish.” I said with disappointment. It was fine, we were just going to fuck again tomorrow, like we always do.

By Rawberry
#Interracial #Rape #Teen #Virgin

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