Downfall of my Mother Sex Story

#Abuse #Incest #Teen #Virgin

By Crowly

How I explored the body of my sleeping mother.

Up to the day when my dad died we had a perfect family. Everything was just great. I was close to both of my parents. We where like the “perfect” family.
Everything`s changes as my dad died because of a heart attack. No one ever expected it and it hit us hard. I was 14 as he died. My mom never really got over it. The next 2 years where pure horror. She started drinking being mean to me going out and just ignoring me. She went to a therapy once but it didn’t change much. At first I tried to help her but it was hopeless.
Sometimes she came home drunk as fuck from a “date” and just crashed into her bed. She is taking sleeping-pills from time to time as well.
I couldn’t bring home anyone because it was just to embarrassing with her around.

The day everything’s changed was 2 days after my 16 birthday. She promised me a week ago that she will quit drinking now and until this day everything looked good.
It was 1 am as she came home – blasted. She made a lot of noise and I got up looking for her. She wore a blouse and some blue jeans with basic shoes. She sat on her bed taking some sleeping pills as I walked inside. I asked her if she is feeling good but she was just telling me to leave her alone. I told her to first change her clothes but she threw me out of her room.
I was o fucked up of her but she was still my mom. I waited for around 20 minutes and went back into her room to look after her again.

She was snoring loud. Sleeping on her back without a blanked. She manged to remove her jeans must have but fell asleep right after. Now she was on her back just in her panties and her blouse. I asked her if she was awake but she didn’t responded. It was cold so I decided to pull her on her bed and put her blanked over her at least.
As I got closer to her I smelt the mixture of sweat and alcohol – and something else, a sweet smell. I didn’t knew the smell. I got closer to her and tried to grab her by her shoulder to lay her the right way on he bed. I was very close to her. The moonlight was bright enough to see pretty good. I was looking at my mother sleeping in front of me. I was a virgin never had a chance to bring home a girl thanks to her and I was to shy as well.
My view wandered around her body, her breasts and between her legs. Her thighs looked good and then I finally dared to look at her vagina.
Only covered by her panties. I got horny all of the sudden. I didn’t masturbate for about 5 days and now I felt it. I knew that it was wrong but I was just too excited. The opportunity was to good.
I got closer to her and dared to touch her thighs. I rubbed her thigs and then I touched her pussy through her panties. Her panties felt weird, wet and slimy – and the scent was strong as well. The extreme lust and the sound of my mothers snoring made me grab her panties with one finger and pull them to a side.
Her bare vagina release an even more intense scent. She was slimy and shiny – bare shaved. My cock was poking against my pants as I went down with my head to give it a taste. My tongue hit her outer labia and I gave her a long slow lick. I tasted something familiar, salty …

I stopped for a second, touched her labia spread them and put a finger in her the first time. It was extremely wet and slimy and a thick stream of cum made its way out of her pussy as I spread her lips.
She must have had a sex date…
I was now close to jizzing into my pants. I was so aroused. This was the chance, finally feel what sex is. I was a bit disgusted of the smell and the fact that she was filled with cum from her previous date. But on the other side this was just a perfect opportunity.
It was to late for straight thinking. I pulled my pants down. My cock was hard an leaking pre cum. I moved close to her cum filled vagina. I aligned my cock with her entrance. The sperm what was inside and outside of her made the perfect lubricant. I gave it a small push and just slipped into my moms vagina as it was nothing.
It was hot and slimy inside. I felt the sperm around my cock dripping down and hitting my crotch. I pushed another time into her. She smacking sound was like music. I got overwhelmed by the situation and prematurely came deep into her. I came so hard that I collapsed on top of her.

I pulled out of her and a big lobe of my sperm dropped out of her. I felt bad for what I did. I sat down on the bed and watched her sleep… I realized that i just lost my virginity. And came into my mom.
I looked between her legs. A see of liquid has formed between it.
I got hard again. I just moved between her legs again and put my cock back into her. I started to fuck her slowly. I caressed her vagina and her crotch while slowly moving in and out. I didn’t felt anything now. She was just to wet and slimy but the fact that I was fucking my mother made me cum pretty quick. I came into her again and pulled her panties back on.
I got another blanked out of the shelf and put it over her.
I wished her a good night and went to bed.

I am doing this now for over a year. Every time she is coming home drunk and taking sleeping pills. She never mentioned anything till today.

By Crowly
#Abuse #Incest #Teen #Virgin

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