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By Smutdaddy51

For their whole life, Charlotte always thought she knew her children; they are good, but not perfect, and they are intelligent, but not arrogant. However, as she found out, quite shockingly, not only does she not know them, she doesn’t even know herself.

Charlotte walks through the halls of her house, with a laundry basket under her arm. As she’s passing her husband’s old office, she hears hushed voices. Nobody has gone in there since he passed away. Or so she thought. Charlotte places the basket on the floor, then puts her ear up to the door. Hailee and David? What would her children be doing in there?

Charlotte then gently turns the knob, and cracks the door open. To see Hailee and David, the latter sitting on the edge of their father’s desk, while the former runs her hand up and down his chest. After talking for another moment, the two suddenly kiss, causing Charlotte’s eyes to widen.

“I…What did I just see?” she thought to herself as they shared a hot, passionate tongue kiss.

After a moment of this, Hailee whispers to her brother, “Want me to suck your cock?”

“Mmm, you know I do…”

Charlotte, she’s starting to hyperventilate her heart felt like it was ready to burst through my chest. From her point of view, she watched as Hailee lowered herself to her knees, while looking up at her brother.

“No…” Charlotte whispers, shaking her head, but suddenly there was dampness between her legs. Back in the room, Hailee takes David’s half-hard cock out of his pants then flicks her tongue on the underside of the head, before wrapping her lips around it, and sucking her brother making him fully erect.

“Oh, Hailee…” David sighs, tilting his head back.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is biting her lip, the sudden dampness at her crotch draws her attention and creates a need for her to be touched. What Charlotte was seeing was definitely wrong, but more wrong was the effect it was having on her. Watching Hailee suck David’s cock was turning her on, so much so, she had to fight the urge to masturbate. Charlotte’s expression changes like she’s on some kind of drug, as she watches her daughter’s head bobbing up and down as Hailee’s mouth engulfs her brother’s cock. Suddenly David’s hand is on the back of his sister’s head as he moans, telling Charlotte that her son was filling his sister’s mouth with his cum.

Once David’s orgasm was taking care of Hailee stood and stripped off her dress. Since she didn’t go over to the trash can spit, Charlotte now knew her daughter was a swallower, not spitter. Now she sat on the desk, in her underwear, while her brother kneels in front of her. David pulls his sister’s panties aside, and starts to lick her pussy. “Oh, fuck, yesss!” Hailee moans, loud enough to be heard in the hallway.

Charlotte fought the need to masturbate, but truthfully she badly wanted raising her shirt and lowering her jeans. Pulling down her bra, to get at her pointy, pencil eraser-like nipples to rub and pinch, and while fingering her hairy pussy.

Back in the room, David now stands up in front of his sister. From his movements Charlotte knew he was inserting his cock in his sister’s pussy, and then she saw her son begin to hump his sister.

Out in the hallway, Charlotte watched her children fuck, she felt like herinsides were on fire. There was a part of her that wanted so badly we to go in and join them. Hailee cries out in ecstasy, as her brother fucks her, while at the same time, Charlotte bites down hard on her lip to keep from cumming herself. David grunts as pulled his cock out of his sister’s cunt and cum on his sister’s pubes and stomach but because he is stay in front of his sister, Charlotte believing her son had filled his sister’s pussy with his cum was too much for her. She retreated to her bedroom and stripped, plunging her fingers into her wet twat, she quickly got herself off, not once but three

As she laid enjoying the afterglow of her climaxes, Charlotte knew that she wanted more than anything to seduce her own children.

A few days later Charlotte was making dinner, as Hailee entered the room.

“Hey, mom, need help?”

“Uh, yeah. Could you knead that dough?”

“Oh, making pizza?”

“Close. Calzone.” Charlotte watched, as her daughter worked the dough with her hands. She then looks up, and stares at her mouth, as Hailee licks her lips.

“Can I ask you something, Hailee?”

“Um, I guess so.”

“Have you…ever experimented?”

“Experimented?” Hailee gives her mother a confused look.

“With other girls?”

“What? Mom, why would you ask me that?”

“I’m just curious. You’re old enough now, that…you’re probably wanting to try different things.”

“No, Mom, I haven’t done any of that.”

“Oh. That’s…surprising.”

“What?” Hailee gives her mother another look.

“Uh, I just mean, you’re so beautiful, Hailee…There must be some girl you know who wants to…be with you, like that.”

“Mom, why are you acting so weird?”

“Especially your lips…it must be hard for them to resist the urge to…” Suddenly, Charlotte leans forward and she kisses her daughter, her tongue going out in advance.

After going with it for a moment, Hailee pulls away. “Mom…” she whispers, breathily, “We can’t do this…This is wrong…”

“Why, because I’m a woman?”

“Wh…No, because you’re my mother!”

“I see…so fucking your brother is okay, but doing your mother is wrong?”

“I…How did you know about that?”

Charlotte smirks, then again kisses her daughter, who this time doesn’t resist. As they make out, Charlotte slides her hand inside Hailee’s pants, and Hailee responds by gasping.

“Take your shirt off…” Hailee does so, and Charlotte immediately grabs her tits, and kisses them. Charlotte pulls down on Hailee’s bra, then flicks her tongue on her daughter’s nipple, causing her to moan.

Quickly Hailee was out of her clothes except for her panties, leaning against the island, as she looked down at her mother, who has her panties pulled aside, and her tongue buried in Hailee’s juicy twat.

“Oh, fuck, Mom…” Hailee moans, brow furrowing, feeling her own tits up. Charlotte starts to slowly finger-bang her daughter, while she licks around her clit.

“Sh…it” Hailee breathes in sharply, baring her teeth, and planting her hand on her mother’s head as she climaxed.

Now it was for Charlotte to get naked and for Hailee to suck on one of her long nipples. Like before, Hailee then lowers to her knees to lick and finger her mother’s hairy pussy.

“Oh, yes…” Charlotte moans, looking down at her daughter, as Hailee has her pussy spread open, and licking her clit, while finger-banging her.

“Oh, Hailee…you’re so beautiful…” Suddenly, clawing her tits, Charlotte throws her head back, and lets out a loud, throaty moan as she is brought to an orgasm.

The two once again stand up, tongues wrestling between their mouths, fingering each other’s pussies as they are doing this, Charlotte thought the sex she had with her daughter was as exciting as she knew it would be, and then some. Would it be the same with her son?”

A few days later, David was lying in bed, asleep, in only his boxers. Suddenly, his door opens, and Charlotte enters her son’s room, in her pajamas.

“David? David…” Charlotte reaches out and pinches her son’s nose, waking him. “Sorry, son…” Charlotte chuckles.

“Ah, Mom, what is it?”

“Do you mind if I sleep in here tonight?”


“Just…since your father’s been gone, my room can be so lonely.”

“Hm, alright, just let me sleep, okay?”

David rolles on his stomach, and buries his face in the pillow. He did see his mother smiling, not did he see Charlotte take off her pajamas, then get in, covering up her nakedness, before cozying up to him. She then starts running her fingers up and down his back and shoulders.

“So sexy…” she whispers.

David then turns his head to her. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Oh, I was just thinking, I can see why your sister is so hot over you.”

“Mom, what are you talking about?”

“When I saw you and her together… fuck, the heat coming off you both, I could feel it from the hallway… Made me so hot…”

David suddenly turns on his side. “Wait, you saw…”

“Watching you two fuck…Mmm! I wanted so badly to be her.” Charlotte then lowers the sheet, revealing her nudity. “What do you think, David? Can you fuck me like that?”

David gawks at his mom, until she leans in and kisses him. As Charlotte and her son make out, her hand moves down, and rub the front of his boxers.

“Ooh, son! Am I exciting you?”

Pushing the blanket and sheet away, Charlotte freed her son’s cock so her lips could slide up and down her son’s rigid shaft, which she grasped tightly with her hand.

“Oh, Mom…” David moans, his hand in her hair as he watches his mother’s head bob as she works to get him off. Charlotte momentarily takes the cock out, and flicks her tongue on the tip, before then takes it back in her mouth to continue to suck it.

Once she felt her son was hard enough for her liking, Charlotte straddled her son, her hands resting on his bare chest, she lowered her snatch down, letting her son back into the very hole he had popped out of. After a moment to enjoy the feeling of his hard shaft up in her, she began to ride him, causing her titties to bounce and jiggle as she rode him.

“Oh, fuck, son…Your cock feels so good inside me…” Charlotte groaned as her pussy moved up and down on her son’s cock.

Suddenly it was all too much for David, feeling the need to cum boil over in his balls, “Oh, yes!” David yelled as he grabbed his mother’s sides, and began rapidly thrusting up into her.

Throwing her head back, Charlotte cried out, “FUCK!” As she felt her son’s seed shooting up into her.

Not caring one bit that he had just cum in his mother’s pussy, David had his mother on her back and was face down between her thighs, lapping his mother out.

“Oh, David…” Charlotte moans, clutching at herself, “you love that creampie, don’t you?

Hmm…yesss…” David moaned up from between his mother’s thighs.

David inserts his first two fingers in Charlotte’s cunt, and fucks her with them, which caused Charlotte to cry out, “Yes! Oh, David!”

David’s cock had recovered from his first fuck with his mother, so once again he was thrust in and out of Charlotte’s hairy, dripping cunt.

“Oh, Yes, David!” Charlotte cries out, “Yes, Fuck me!”

Hearing his mother, David kicked it up a gear.
As David fucks her harder, Charlotte’s tits whip up and down, and she grimaces, baring her teeth. Suddenly, David starts groaning, pulls out, and cums all over his mother, who sighs and moans, biting her lip and smiling.

Since incest had been commented, mother-son, mother-daughter, and brother-sister, a threesome made since to them all.

So three of them, naked, got in bed together with Charlotte in the middle, kissing and groping each other’s bodies.

The events of that night included but not limited to, Charlotte and Hailee taking turns sucking David’s cock. Hailee riding her brother’s dick, while Charlotte sits on his face. Hailee feeling up and tongue-kissing her mother as David fucks her hairy twat. It ends with Charlotte and Hailee kneeling in front of David, as he jerks his cock. Groaning loudly, he cums in his mother’s mouth, and then she kisses Hailee, sharing it with her.

In the end Charlotte realized she always loved children, but not like she does now. She love them more than she had ever loved anything. And she knows they love her as much as she did them

By Smutdaddy51
#Incest #Voyeur

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