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By Smutdaddy51

A day of filming for a family that runs a porn site.

Bella was lying asleep in bed then her alarm goes off, and she opened her eyes, and mumbles, “Website day.”

Later, she sits in the kitchen with her family; her father, Steve, who was forty two, her mother, Carla, who was forty, her older brother, Sam, who was a year older than Bella, was seventeen, her younger sister, Rowan, who was two years younger than Bella was for fourteen and her youngest sibling was her brother, Matt, who was twelve.

“Okay,” she says, holding a cup of coffee, “so what’s my first scene again?”

Steve looks at the piece of paper in his hand. “Well, first for you is the HJ scene with Matt, then later you have the shaving scene with mom.”

“Shaving scene?”

“I guess they love my bush so much, they want to watch it get shaved off.” Carla sips her coffee as she says this.

“What about Rowan, do I have a scene with her?”

“Uh, yeah, I’ve got one on here. Also, you have an anal scene with Sam.”

“Man, they just love seeing me get fucked in the ass, don’t they?”

“I think it’s the face you make,” Sam says, smirking.

“Alright,” Bella says, taking a sip, “let me finish my coffee, and we can start.”

Some minutes later, Matt is sitting on his bed, propped up on his elbows, with his pants and underwear off, while a naked Bella kneels in front of him, and their father holds a handi-cam on them.

“Okay,” Steve says, “now get your brother hard.” Bella grabs her brother’s flaccid dick in her hand, and starts pulling it, but then leans down, and starts sucking on it.

“Yeah, that’s sexy!” Steve says as he watches his sixteen year daughter, Bella sucks on his twelve year son’s dick which quickly gets hard.

Once it’s fully erect, Steve says, “Okay, use the lube.”

Bella pours some KY on her hand, then wraps her hand around Matt’s dick. Steve goes in for a close-up, as Bella slowly strokes her brother’s cock, while looking him in the eye, smiling.

“Talk dirty to him.” Steve suggests.

“Yeah, you like the way that feels, little brother? Feels much better than when you do it, doesn’t it?” She keeps up the same speed and rhythm for over ten minutes. About five minutes in, her father tells her again to say something.

“Your balls are aching, aren’t they, little brother? Bet you wish I’d jerk you off quickly, so you can just cum. But I’m not going to let you cum, not until I want you to.”

A few minutes later, Matt starts to groan, and their dad tells her, “Okay, point it at your face.”

She does so, and soon after, Matt’s cock spurts several times, hitting Bella in the face. On the first spurt, Bella reflexively closes her eyes.

Once he stops, Bella smiles and chuckles, “Wow! Gee, thanks…”

Once the camera was turned off, she grabs a tissue from next to her, and wipes her face off.

Later, Bella is in the bathroom with her mother, both of them are naked, Carla sitting on the side of the tub, while Bella kneels in front of her. Once again Steve is the camera man. Bella pours some liquid soap on her mother’s wet bush, then rubs it in, working up a lather. Finally, she picks up a razor, and begins to shave off her mom’s pubic hair.

“Mmm…” Carla moans, with every stroke of the razor. Steve again goes in close, Bella slowly pulls back on the razor, exposing bare skin.

Finally, Carla’s bush is completely shaved off, so Bella cups some water from the bath in her hand, and pours it on her mother’s snatch, and repeats until it’s rinsed clean.

Steve goes nice and tight as Bella leans in, and starts licking her mom’s now smooth pussy.

“Oooh, baby…” Carla moans, squeezing her still wet tits. In a close-up, Bella spreads her mother’s pussy lips with her fingers, and flicks her tongue on her clit, while, with her other hand, she fingers her mom’s twat, starting one and working up to three.

“Carla,” Steve says, “scoot forward a little.” She does so, then Steve continues directing, “Bella, finger your mother’s butt.”

Bella pulls her wet fingers out of Carla’s pussy, knowing how well used her mother’s ass was, forces them in her ass, then roughly pumps her three fingers in and out of her ass, while she continues to tongue her clit.“Oh, fuck! Oh, baby, use my ass…that feels so good!” Finally, Carla couldn’t hold back any longer climaxing while squirting cunt juices directly into her daughter’s face. For the second time Bella’s face was covered in a family member’ cum.

Some more time later, fourteen year old Rowan was showing off her oral skills by blowing her father, while her mother filmed it. In a tight close-up, Carla filmed Rowan’s youthful lips sliding up and down her father’s big dick, which liked even large in Rowan’s little mouth and hands.

“Ask if you’re a good girl,” Carla whispers.

“Am I a good girl, daddy?” Rowan asks faux-innocently.

“Oh, yes,” Steve moans breathily, “you’re a very good girl.” Rowan smiles, and continues sucking him.

“Spit on his dick,” Carla again whispers, “Jerk him off.”

Rowan spits on her father’s dick, then strokes it with her little, fourteen year old hand, until he starts to groan, and shoots several ropes of jism all over his daughter’s face.

“Lick your lips.” Rowan licks her father’s jizz off her lips.

Later, Rowan found herself on her hands and knees being fucked doggystyle by her older brother Matt, while she sucks her younger brother Sam’s cock.

Bella, who’s now directing, whispers, “Talk dirty, Rowan. Tell Matt to slap your ass.”

“C’mon,” Rowan says, taking Sam’s cock out of her mouth for a second, “Slap my ass!”

Matt slaps Rowan’s ass.


He does it again.


He does it a third time, now harder, and is rewarded when Rowan moans throatily, before continuing to blow Sam. After a bit of more of this action, Bella directed Rowan to get on her back, to suck Matt, while Sam fucks her, making her little boobies bouncing. Rowan’s moans from her little brother rapid fucking are muffled by a mouth full of Matt’s cock. Sam grabs her sides, and thrusts harder and starts groaning, suddenly he pulls out, and shoots his load on big sister’s stomach. Seeing that set off Matt who groans, as he cums on his little sister’s small tits.

After a bit of rest, once again it was Bella’s turn, she was bent over a chair in the kitchen. Their mother is once again filming the action, in a tight close up Sam rubs his cock against Bella’s back hole, then pushes it in. Bella immediately grimaces, clenches her teeth, and groans, “Dnnnnh!”

“Beautiful!” Carla, who’s holding the camera on her face, says, “Love the grunting!” if she cared that her daughter was in pain, she certainly didn’t show it.

Back in a close-up of her ass, Sam pushes his cock in and out, to Bella’s repeated, long, loud grunts. As Sam goes faster, Bella’s eyes start to tear up, and her groans turn to whimpers. Finally, Sam starts groaning and pulls out, cumming all over Bella’s gaping asshole, his load running down her crack and onto her pussy.

“Awesome money shot, son!” Carla said, as turned off the camera. She went over to her daughter and as caressed her head, asked, “think your ass can handle your dad’s cock too?”

Bella answered by shaking her head no. For a moment Carla felt like pulling her daughter’s head back roughly by her hair and telling her, “TOUGH SHIT” and calling Steve over anyways. But Carla didn’t, only because of the Anal gangbang surprise she had planned for Bella’s seventeen birthday, which was coming up in a few months. Carla planned to call Bella’s uncle, her brother and his boys in for more cocks to bust Bella’s ass good. In fact, Carla hoped by the time all the guys got done with her daughter that Rowan would be able to fist her big sister’s ass.

It was time for more lesbian action, but Bella needed to recoverfrom pain and pleasure of her ass being fuck.

So Carla is on her hands and knees on the bed, while her fourteen year daughter is kneeling behind her. In yet another close-up, Rowan’s little pink tongue is drilling into her mother’s butthole, eliciting moans from her.

“Finger her,” Steve says, holding the camera on it, and Rowan starts fingering her mother’s ass. With Steve instructing his daughter, Rowan pushed more of her fingers into her mother’s ass, spreading her, until her whole hand was inside. Steve had Rowan keep going until her arm almost to her elbow had disappeared up inside her mother’s ass.

“Oh, yes, baby girl!” Carla moans, elbows buckling slightly. As her little daughter continues fist her, her elbows get weaker and weaker, until she finally collapses, moaning orgasmically. Steve got an incredible shot of how his wife’s ass gaped after Rowan pulled her hand out.

Knowing how the perverts like Rowan on scene, Sam got a chance to direct some lesbian action, as Rowan lies across her bed, with her legs spread wide, while Bella, kneeling in front of her, eats her pussy.

“Oh, yeah, that’s beautiful!” Sam says, as he gets a nice close up of Bella’s tongue buried deep inside their little sister’s twat.

“Yeah, now eat her ass.” Bella moves down, and sticks her tongue in Rowan’s quivering, adolescent butthole. Unlike Bella, Rowan took after her mom and loved her ass being played with.

“Oh, ooh, mmm!” Rowan moans, as Bella tongue-fucks her ass, and rubs her little clitty with her thumb. Replacing her tongue with a finger and putting two fingers of her other hand in her little sister’s tender cunt, Bella DP’ed Rowan until she climaxed with a scream.

“With some lesbian action between sisters ‘in the can’ no pun intended,” Steve said with a chuckle.
“It’s time for some mother son action.”

Carla knelt in front of her son, looking up into his handsome seventeen year old face, as she wrapped her titties around his teenage cock, jerking him off with them.

“Talk dirty,” Steve, holding the camera, says.

“Yeah, you like mommy’s titties, don’t you, baby boy?”

“Fuck, yeah mom! They feel so good around my cock!”

After a minute or so, Steve whispers, “Fuck your mom’s titties.”

Matt wraps his hands around his mother’s tits, and starts to thrust into them. In another close-up, the tip of his cock begins to peek out from between her titties. Finally, Matt starts groaning, and his cock explodes all over his mother’s neck and chin.

“Oh, yes, very good…” Carla sighs, before sucking the head a little, before rubbing the cum into her skin like it was skin cream.

Near the end of the day, Carla and Bella lie side by side, being fucked by Sam and Steve, respectively. In alternating close-ups, we see Sam’s cock moving quickly in and out of his mother’s pussy, and Steve’s cock coming out of his daughter’s cunt.

The fucking Both women were recieving had them both moaning and crying out, their titties whipping up and down, nipples hard from the sweat covering them. Sam is the first to start groaning, pulling out, he quickly comes around the other side of the bed, and blows his load all over his mother’s face. Soon after, Steve groans, and does the same, cumming on his daughter’s face. Once he’s stopped, Carla and Bella, covered in jizz, tongue kiss lustily.

“Holy shit!” Sam says, “Matt, get a shot of that!” Matt holds the camera on them. In one more close-up, Bella sucks some cum off her mother’s lips.

“Yeah,” Steve says, “now that’s the money shot. Okay, I think we’ve got enough for the week. Who’s up for Chinese?”

Should the this story continue?

By Smutdaddy51
#Exhibitionist #Incest #PreTeen #Teen

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