Father serves his 16 ur old daughter to his friends Sex Story

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By Mallu.girl

A father realised his daughter has grown up. He served her body to his friends. Later she submitted herself as their sex slave

Roopa , a 16 year old girl used to live with her dad. Her mother worked in a hospital in a city far off as nurse and would come once in a month to home. Her father was a small time broker. They lived in a small two bedroom house. Daily night Roopa would sleep by 8 pm and her father would be playing cards, drinking and watching TV with couple of his friends. All three were in early 40s. Viswa, her father, John living next door was a divorcee, whose wife left him for being a womaniser; Abdu who had married third time to a 17 year girl just six months back were the best buddies. Abdu first wife had passed away while giving birth to second child. His second wife has three children. All being girls. Her married third time for wanting a boy child. Note his hide was pregnant and gone to her house for delivery.
The three friends would drink and play cards daily in Viswa house. Till late 1130 1200 am. One night while such a session was going on, Abdu started to tell his experience with his third wife. He told them a young girl like her had such a tight pussy and he loved eating it. He felt very proud when he tore it. He also explained about destroying her ass. In detail he explained how good it was considering an old lady who had already given birth. Even John accepted it and he said that he had one hot a chance to rip open a girl of 16 year who was the daughter of one of his many targets. He also explained how good it is to fuck tight pussies. All this made Viswa think about it

That night when they went and he came to sleep, Roopa was sleeping on the bed. For the first time he saw her as a hit and not as a daughter. She was sleeping in her petticoat as always and her painted were exposed. Her 28 c cup breast were slightly visible through the petticoat. He immediately went next to her and slowly removed her panty. He saw her pussy though not the first time, but first time with lust. He tried removing the petticoat but since Roopa moved he stopped being scared.

Next night onwards Viswa would mix small amount of sedative in her night juice making her sleep completely. She would make her nude and play with her body. He would lick her off. One night he even raped her. He was satisfied completely. Next day when Roopa woke with blood in her pussy she thought she was in periods and did not think much. Some nights he would rape her but he felt something missing. He would sometimes cum on her lips and making her drink them in her deep sleep. Sometimes in morning he would take his dick out and put her hand around it. Couple of times when she woke up he would feel her hand catching his morning boner. She would be surprised and felt shy. Faking sleep he would watch her. She would many time watch his thing very keenly. She would sometime stroke it also. But being afraid she would not go ahead. One morning she realised her father had put one finger inside her pussy. She felt very hot. That day just before “accidentally” waking her up, Viswa had masterbated and fresh cum was still leaking from his cock. Roopa woke up with Viswa fingers in her pussy. And when she cum on his naked dick she felt very excited. Of course she knew what sex was and what is fucking but had never experienced it. She looked at it very keenly. She took a small dab on her fingers and after first smelling it she licked it. So she did for couple of more times and then she liked it more and more. But suddenly Vishwa woke up and asked her what she was doing. Then she got scared and started crying .

He consoled her and explained about sex. She keenly listened to him. He told that it is normal to feel like this. That day he made her take leave from school and full day in parts by parts he explained everything about sex. She also was very curious and hence wanted to know more. That day he even fingered here and told her how girls get partly satisfied. He also told her about sucking pussy and also sucking dick. He sucked her and also made her suck. He taught her everything about sex. He even showed her couple of porn movies making her sit on his lap. Both of them stayed naked the full day. From that day he would sleep with her naked. She would ask him to suck sometimes and she would also suck him off in the mornings. One night they even had sex with both getting satisfied completely. He never forced himself upon her. They never over did sex also. Both were happy.
But for Vishwa something felt missing. He wanted much more but never realised what. His feeling gained more strength when rips one day asked why the ladies in pan movies screamed and enjoyed more than she did.

The talks between the friends always led to sex. Somehow Viswa would lead to teen girls sex. He loved the way they explained how they did rough sex and how they loved destroying the cunts. Then one night after the friends decided to part ways, Abdu came back asking for use of washroom. Viswa asked him to use the washroom in their bedroom. When Abdu came out he saw Roopa sleeping. He saw her naked body. Viswa had earlier removed the panty and petticoat. He also focused the night lamp on the table to her body. She was just partly covered with blanket. He saw her and went near her. He looked outside if Vishwa was there. Vishwa was hiding behind the window watching everything.

Abdu came near and started smelling her pussy. Then he took out his Dick and masterbated leaving his skunk on her pussy. Viswa was stunned seeing his thing. Abdu was about 8.5- 9 inch and at least 3 inch thick. Viswa was hardly 4 inch and not even 1 inch thick. He understood what would happen if he really fucked her small pussy. Not only will it rip her apart it would definitively destroy her. Viswa had taken a clip on his mobile and when he left he showed it to Roopa. Roopa got excited.

Couple of days later when the guys were drinking and playing cards, Roopa came out of her room in just her petticoat. It was just up to her thighs. She came and sat on Viswa lap. She said that she saw a bad dream and is feeling scared. He made her sit and slowly started caressing her and Roopa leaned back on her dads chest. Slowly she started looking at the game. When Viswa tried to get a glass of drinks she got and said she would serve. This standing she bend in order to serve everyone. They could see her boobs very clearly. At times she bend to get water from the bottle on floor her ass got exposed. When she came and sat on Viswas lap again he ensured that her petticoat got lifted and her pussy got exposed. Though it looked like an accident everyone was happy. Visible tents had formed in front of crotchets of all men.

One thing led to another and inbetween talks Viswa asked Abdu if his wife pussy was as beautiful as Roopa and thus exposing her pussy completely. even John started praising her beauty. Then Abdu said that he would love to fuck her pussy and John also said that he would even pay 100000 to rip her. Abdu also said he would pay. Viswa asked if can give money right now, asking as if he was drunk and telling without sense. Both agreed and immediately transferred the money and then Viswa removed her petticoat and told her to go to them.
Abdu was first and he latched on to her. Roopa immmeditaly pulled his cock out and started sucking it. John started fingering her. Things stated in full speed. Abdu was first one to fuck her. Roopa cried in pain as she could not bear the size. Later John also raped her mercilessly.
Roopa though was crying of pain she was having sweet pain. After taking rest for 30 to 45 min she came and started sucking thief dicks. This time she enjoyed a lot when they fucked her one after another. Abdu wanted to fuck her ass but Viswa told that he would have to pay more and would be done some other day.

They slept there till morning fucking her many times. Next day Roopa did not go to school even took leave for 3 days.
What happened after will tell later. Please give your comments too. [email protected] with your comments.

By Mallu.girl
#Cuckold #Group Sex #Incest #Teen

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