Female Worker Sex Kahani

Female worker sex story is about the sex of my factory worker’s young sister-in-law. I helped him a lot. In return, she herself fucked her pussy by saying.

My name is Vicky Agarwal. I live in Surat and am a regular reader of Antarvasan.

I am 40 years old today.

This is my true sex story ten years ago.

My work is of stone hand work and many women come to me for work.

One of them was a sister-in-law named Hina who used to take me for work.
she was very beautiful. I liked her at first sight.

In this female worker sex story, I am telling you how I made her fuck her.
Let me first tell you about Hina in detail.

At that time his age would be around 25-26 years, his figure was 34-30-36.
She was very beautiful in appearance.

Whenever she used to come to me for work, I used to see her.
She also probably understood my eyes.

I didn’t talk to him much, I just gave him the work and gave him the money after making calculations.
Days were just passing like this.

Then one day he said to me – Brother, I have some work with you.
I said – say yes.

She said – Brother, can you come to my house?
I saw him once and said – yes ok, I will come. when to come?
He said – this evening.

I said – is there any special thing, for which it is necessary to come this evening only?
She smiled lightly and said – You have promised to come, so just come.
I said – yes, I will come. But Hina, at least tell me what is today. Is it your birthday?
She said – No brother, that is not all. Just calling like this.

I looked at him once again and smiled and nodded.
She went away shaking her ass, I kept looking at her ass and started caressing my cock.

I thought what happened that she is calling me to her home.
After some time I shook my head and started working.

When I went to her house in the evening, she made me sit and started making tea for me.

When I saw her house, it was a small room, in which she had a bed and her child was lying on it. He was sleeping.

While drinking tea, I asked her – Tell me Hina, why have you called me home?
She put her hand on my hand and said – Brother, I was hesitating to say my words to you in the office. I want to buy a sewing machine. For that I need your financial help.

At that time his soft hand was creating an ocean of lust inside me.
I started looking into his eyes.

He asked to get the machine again.
At first I wanted to ask her for her beauty in return, but I could not muster up the courage to say anything.

She read my eyes and said – I understand what you want from me!
I looked at her and asked – what do I want?
He didn’t give any answer on this.

Then she said- I will pay all your money slowly.

She needed my help to get the machine because her husband used to do a job of ₹ 8000. He could only walk home. He also had a child. He had to pay for his studies, household expenses, and if the house was on rent, he had to pay the rent as well. More money could not be extracted from her husband’s earnings.
That’s why he called me to his house for the machine.

I said yes – ok, I will get you the machine, but in return I don’t want money, I want something else. It is not right to say this, Hina. I do not take advantage of anyone’s helplessness. As long as I do not get something from the front, I do not put any kind of pressure.

She understood what I wanted.

She started pretending- no no brother, I understand, but you know I can’t do this, I am a girl from a good family. I will not be able to do all this. I will give you your money. Please you help me.
I didn’t say anything to him and gave him the money and got the machine.

After that I never looked at him in that way nor did I say anything to him about this matter.
He slowly started returning my money.

In the first month he refunded me ₹ 800. Then in the same month her child’s health deteriorated. He needed ₹ 10000 for his treatment.

Seth of her husband said no that he cannot give the money.

Then he called me back – brother, my child’s health is bad. I want ₹10000. I will also give you this money gradually.

I did not want to give, but it was about her child, so I gave the money.
Then when her child came home after recovering, I went to her house to see him.

Hina was sitting in front and she was wearing a red colored nighty.
Seeing her, my cock got completely erect.

Still I controlled and asked him – how is the child? How is his health now?
He thanked me – you gave me money on time, so today his health has become perfect.

I told her – no problem Hina. It was my duty when it was about your child.
She started looking at me with a strange look.

I told him – If you need anything else, then tell me.
He also said yes and at the same time he also said that I had misunderstood you brother.

I said in my mind – you did not understand wrong. I’m just not a bastard.
Then I came to my office.

She had now started looking at me with different eyes and whenever my eyes met her, she would smile.

His smile shook me to the core.
But I could not touch him until there was a yes from his side.

It was a matter of one day, when I was leaving his house, I don’t know why I went to his house.

She was alone at his house.
Her husband had gone somewhere with the child.

When I knocked on her door, her voice came – who… Wait, I will come.
After a few moments, he peeped open his door a little.
When I showed her, she became happy and opened the door and called me inside.

At that time she was wearing a nightie and probably came out after taking a bath.
Her hair was wet and her wet breasts sticking to her nightie were presenting a very beautiful sight.
I came inside and sat on the chair.

She sat in front of me on the bed and started looking at me.
I said – I was just passing by here, so thought I should meet your child. How is he now… and where is he?

She laughed and said – He is absolutely fine and has gone out to the village with his father.
I said – outside the village… means?

She said – He has gone to a marriage, so he took the child along.
I got up and started going outside.

She held my hand and said – I will not let you go today.
When I looked at her, she was looking at me lovingly.

When I looked into her eyes, she came close to me and hugged me.

I also lost my control and pressed both her boobs with my hands from above her nightie.
She didn’t say anything, she started kissing my lips.

His kiss increased my courage.
I also started kissing her lips.
We both clung to each other.

After kissing lips for about ten minutes, she also started getting hot.
She separated from me and put the latch of the door and stood in front of me.

I started sucking one of her boobs in my mouth from the top of her nightie.
He started sighing.

After some time, I slowly opened her nightie and separated it.
Now she was only in red color bra and black color panty.

At that time she was looking like an angel.
Seeing her, my cock became completely tight.

Then I separated her bra from her body and started sucking one of her milk with my mouth.
Simultaneously I was pressing the other milk by hand.

Gradually she became so hot that she started making sensuous sounds.
Forgetting everything, she started enjoying sex.

I made both her boobs red by sucking them.
Water started coming out of her pussy.

She started saying- Ah Vicky, fuck me quickly… Ah put your cock in my pussy.
But I wanted to torture her now.

I started moving my lips on the navel and went down and started moving my lips on her pussy.
She also started pressing my head on her pussy.

I took off his tights.
Now she was completely naked in front of me.

I started rolling my tongue in her pussy; Sometimes the tongue would go inside completely, sometimes it would suck the grain of the pussy outside.

I enjoyed sucking her pussy for about ten minutes.
She had fallen twice in this action.

Both times I had licked her entire water in my mouth and made her pussy shine by sucking it.

Then she opened my clothes and started sucking my cock in her mouth.
Like a child sucks a lollipop, she started sucking my cock with love just like that.

I was having a lot of fun.
After sucking for about 5 minutes, water came out of my cock too.
She swallowed the water in her mouth full.

Then we rested for a few minutes.
She was loving me by sticking to my chest.

After some time I started sucking her moms and we came in 69 position.

She was sucking my cock in her mouth and I was sucking her pussy with my tongue, also I was fingering her ass.

By doing 10 minutes in this way, both of us again came in full enthusiasm.
Now I came near her pussy by lying her on the bed and putting my cock on her pussy as soon as I pushed, half of my cock entered her pussy.

He started feeling pain.
She said- Ah no… take it out.

But I didn’t listen to her and gave another push, due to which my entire cock got absorbed in her pussy.

Tears came out of his eyes.
I slowly started sucking her boobs.

This made her feel relaxed and she started getting fucked by me.

After about ten minutes of sex, both of our water came out.
Then I got up from it and got dressed and came to the office.

After that whenever both of us got a chance, we both would enjoy sex; Sometimes at his house, sometimes in my office, sometimes in hotel.

We were now having sex almost everyday.
The game of female worker sex is still going on.

In the last ten years, she never let me kick her ass, but only yesterday I hit her ass.
I really enjoyed it.

I will write you that sex story next time.

Dear readers, please forgive me if I have made any mistake in writing.
This is my true incident. I have written only that which is true.
How did you like my female worker sex story? mail me
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