First time getting eaten out by a dog Sex Story

#Teen #Zoophilia

I had the best birthday present I could have asked for this year!!With my dog and me😊(Real story from earlier today!)

It was a late afternoon while I wokeup around 1:30,I went downstairs to see my mom and brother weren’t home so i was making brunch while my german shepard mix dog kept whinning at the door.I had thoughts about animals before and even viewed some websites about girls/boyshaving experience with dogs since I’ve been really curious.I tried to make him do stuff with me before but I was never lucky since I didn’t have him trained. I was looking around my cabinets till I seen almond peanut butter just sitting there till I got wet again,I opened the jar and slid down my pants while i rubbed some on my bean and down where my vagina was. I made sure it was noticable for my dog to smell and head directly to,I quickly went outside and avoided the cameras and went behind my old tree house slide and called him over. He was really curious on why I had my legs spreaded out for him and I was tapping where he should have licked.He began to lap on the chunks of peanut butter I had on me and it felt so good but he wasnt interested on doing it there.I grabbed the jar and pulled up my pants while I went to a spot I tried making him do the first time,And layee down on the concrete and spread my legs while rubbing peanut butter more in one me,He began licking so fast of course he was hesitant since he never seen that part before it felt sooo good.He kept licking and licking and till he got to my flaps as he licked in-between them and i almost came but I was worried my mom would come back to see me there.As soon I was on the edge of cumming i pulled up my pants and washed off my hands in the pool as my dog licked around the fallen butter on the ground.I said my goodbyes as I rubbed his sheath hoping to get him aroused for a handjob or blowjob i could have offered him while I was out there but he wasn’t hard.. Hopefully when my brother and mom isn’t home I can try again or later tonight or in the morning! crossing my fingers. If anyone wants to share experiences, im very opened minded and into way older guys or women haha My Snapchat is ruby.v09!

#Teen #Zoophilia

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