Flashing at the pool part 4 Sex Story

#Bisexual #PreTeen #Rape #Voyeur

By AdultRP

Little Emily is so brave we end up playing in public this time!

Emily had been pumped full of my cum a few times now, not in her little ass yet but soon. Can’t scare her away after all. She had come over a few times and I had eaten her out and rode my hard cock. She had even wore my cum on her face. Today though? This is something special!
She had just gotten eaten out and was finishing sucking my cock. Pulling out and filming all over her giggling little 11 year old face I stopped her from wiping it off, instead pulling my jeans up and sliding her blue skirt and little Scooby doo shirt on her. Cum dripped down her cheeks as I smiled and grabbed my keys. Getting her into the car was easy.
“Why is your stuff still on my face Aaron?” Smiling I had a answer. “So anyone that sees knows you are a special girl!” Feeling very mature she didn’t try too wipe it off again. Driving to McDonalds I kept having her finger her little pussy and flash her tiny tits. I know a few high schoolers saw but the fact they took pics I didn’t care. “Do you want some food sweetie?” Seeing her eager nod I pulled into the drive thru and made sure she kept flashing her pussy.
“Can I get a kids meal with chicken nuggets, and a coke?” Reaching over I started playing with her little pussy. Pulling forward I dug for my wallet, rock hard now myself. Kid who got the total to me was shocked, seeing her playing with her tiny clit and me with the head of my cock out. “Uh.. Uh… 5.27….” Giving him the card I could tell he was young, maybe just 16. He kept glancing at both of us. Reaching over I pulled her shirt up, flashing her tits to him. “almost off work?” He nodded rumbly as I took the food. “We will park over there.”
Pointing to a corner we parked and waited, me stripping her naked in our private corner and her eating happily. Pulling my cock out she blushed and kept eating as I watched. Ten minutes later Bill, the kid from inside, was kicking on the door. I had talked to Emily about sharing her, she thought it sounded grown up and fun. She jumped in back and I let the kid in. He was very shy and kept looking down.
Deciding to take control I pulled Emily up front and sat her on my lap, cock against her little pussy. “Bill. Get that cock out. Then lean over here.” Swallowing he did just that. Only about 5 inches long but thick he was cut. Grabbing his hair I forced him to lick her pussy, not that he needed much convincing. As she moaned and squirmed on my lap I get my foreskin getting pulled back and forth. Holding Bill by the hair tighter I took it to the next step. Being bi I don’t mind head from a guy. “You kept looking at me. Lets see what you think.” As Bill looked up confused I forced my 8 inches into his mouth, making him gag, jump, and fight to get away. “hey. You don’t get more of her unless I am satiafied.” That made him stop quick.
Bobbing his head he kept gagging and drooling, but I didn’t mind, his mouth felt good. Emily watched him and kept sitting on my fingers, eager to cum as I leaned back, bad sign for Bill. He was watching her have her fun before I suddenly forced my cock down his throat, holding it there he panicked but I was already cumming. He was forced too swallow most of it and after I let him go Emily jumped to clean the rest up, little ass swaying as she slurpped it up. Bill was watching her past but that was mine. “Alright kid you get some now.” Emily looked up before her eyes landed on his cock and she jumped for joy, sucking him into her mouth with gusto. Kid was moaning as I watched my naked angel of a girlfriend suck him off. Less then a minute later he was cumming down her throat. Pulling back ahe kissed him and pushed his own cum into his mouth as I pushed him put of my car, his cock still hanging out. As we drove off we saw him spitting on the road and swearing.
I promised Emily that we would play more as she got dressed and licked up cum from her hands. Dropping her off down the street from her house I smiled. She didn’t wear panties, could deep throat me, ride me, and soon her ass was going to be stuffed as I thought of the metal jeweled beginners but plug I had got her. And now we could play a new game. Teach kids to experiment. And Emily loved that!

I hope you liked this story. If you want to talk, trade fantasies, or anything else my discord is insulinjunkie12#0983

By AdultRP
#Bisexual #PreTeen #Rape #Voyeur

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