Follow these tips while having sex to avoid pregnancy.

The way a person needs to eat and drink so that he can keep his body healthy and keep himself fit. Similarly, sex is also a necessity to improve married life, so that he can enjoy his married life in a better way. But sometimes due to the fear of unwanted pregnancy, the couple is not able to enjoy physical relations to the fullest. And after having a child, it is often seen in couples like this. That their sex life is not as good as it was before. But nowadays there are so many facilities in the market that can be used to avoid this fear.

Like condoms, if the man does not want to use a condom while having sex, then the woman can use a condom. Medicines are available for women, if women want, they can also take the help of copper tea. If you use any of these tips, then you can keep your sex relations better. Along with this, due to this, it also helps you to avoid the fear of unwanted pregnancy. If you are unable to enjoy your sex life due to the fear of pregnancy, then let us tell you some such tips which help you to avoid pregnancy.

Avoid pregnancy and enjoy your sex life like this:-

Having a fun sex life always helps to keep the love and romance alive in your married life. But if you do not enjoy your sex life due to the fear of unwanted pregnancy, then it also affects the relationship of both the partners. So now you don’t have to worry because we are going to give you some fun tips that will help you enjoy your sex life without the fear of pregnancy.

Use condom during sex:-

Most of the men believe that they are not able to enjoy sex well with condoms. So it doesn’t matter if it is not a man, then it is a woman. If you want to avoid the fear of pregnancy while having sex, then either a woman or a man can use a condom. Due to this, there is no mixing of male and female sperm, which helps you to avoid the fear of pregnancy. Also, keep in mind that you use good quality condoms, and use condoms only once.

Women should get copper tee: –

Copper tea is such a facility given by today’s medical that by using it, the risk of pregnancy of a woman can be eliminated for at least three years, and if you want to apply it for a longer period, then do that too. Can It is inserted by the doctor in the woman’s vagina, so that women and men can enjoy their sex relations freely. And they are not afraid of pregnancy, but if you feel discomfort like prickling due to copper tea while having sex, then you must see a doctor. And later when you want to get pregnant, you can also get it removed.

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Use birth control pills:-
Contraceptive pills are easily available at any medical store, which if consumed by a woman, can also reduce her risk of becoming pregnant. But excessive consumption of these contraceptive pills can later affect your pregnancy, so you should reduce their intake. If you want to do the rest, then sex life can be improved even by this. Also, it should be consumed according to the time, if you consume this medicine irregularly, then it can reduce the effect of this pill.

Keep this thing in mind while masturbating:-
Many couples resort to masturbation to avoid the fear of pregnancy and to enjoy sex life. But many times the semen gets on the finger and after that you put it in the private part of the woman, then the chances of pregnancy also increase. Because of this, the sperm remains in the woman’s vagina, that is why masturbation should not be used to have sex.

Do not be lazy after Sperm Ejaculation: –

Many times people start feeling tired after sex, due to which men keep their private parts inside the woman’s vagina. This also increases your chances of pregnancy. In such a situation, if you are having an unsafe relationship, then immediately after sex, you should take the penis out of the vagina immediately after Sperm Ejaculation. Also, if possible, you should pass urine immediately after having sex, by doing this your chances of pregnancy can also be reduced.

So if there is no fun left in your sex life due to the fear of unwanted pregnancy. And life has started getting boring, then you can also use the above tips. By doing this, you will also get protection from unwanted pregnancy. And also you will be able to enjoy your sex life freely.

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