Fooling around with my step dad Sex Story


By HarmonyNZ

My step dad has been touching me for a while now and this is one moment i will share.

Hi i am 12 now but this happened when i was 10. Everyone was getting ready to go to sleep. My mum and baby sister were on the bed. My younger sister was on the lazyboy and i made a makeshift fort in the corner. My step dad slept in my mums room away from us. The rest of us were in the lounge.
Before we went to sleep my step dad was in the lounge with us, he was putting my baby sister to sleep. My baby sister is his blood daughter. When he put her to sleep he came and laid on the couch. From my little fort i put my foot on the couch and he started massaging it. After a while he went to the room to sleep.

I woke up later to him kissing my neck and my lips and him sucking and nibbling on my nipples. I pretended to act asleep wyth my eyes closed but i knew what was happening. This had been going on for a few months, i had a feeling it was wrong but I loved it. I always thought he was quite attractive. He was just wearing his underwear and his dick was hard and out in the middle hole in his undies.

I was wearing rugby shorts that were abit big for my size but he could feel my pussy from the leg hole. He moved my shorts and undies to the side and i could feel his dick sliding up and down my pussy. My legs were on the side of him and he spread them apart to rub my pussy more. A few times i could feel him trying to push in but his dick was too big i dont think it would have fit so all he did was rub me. I was wet, wetter then i had ever been. Him being much larger than me in size, when hed spread my legs, my feet were touching his hips.

I felt him shake and whimper as hot liquid started squirting and hitting my pussy. Whatever it was it made my pussy a lot more slippery. He rubbed up and down abit more and laid there on top of me. He continued to suck my nipples and kiss my lips while his big long hard dick started to get soft and shrivel as it rested against my pussy. He pulled my shorts back to how they were and put me back in my “sleeping” position he found me in. He whispered to me that he loves me.

In the morning I went to see what the liquid was but i guess he cleaned me up. I had his lavalava in my blankets but no one suspected a thing. I’m glad my sister didn’t see anything.

By HarmonyNZ

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