Foolishly, I fucked my friend by making him my boyfriend

Hawas me hui nadani maine chudwaya apne dost ko boyfriend banakar, Hello friends, my name is Radhika Singh Chauhan. I am 21 years old and I am a resident of Jaunpur. Now what should I tell about myself friends, my size was 32-28-32. My fair complexion, brown hair, big black eyes, pink lips, tight boobs and bulging buttocks. Seeing me, any boy’s cock should stand erect. Like you guys, I also calm the fire of my youth by reading some sex filled things on
I feel a good and relaxed life after reading people’s sex stories. I thought that someone should read my love story too and what happens when someone really loves someone.
Now was it my ignorance or my lust?? Thinking a lot, I have told a story of myself which is probably such a moment in my life which is probably not easy to forget.
Friends, now without saying much, I would like to take you to the river of my story, from where you would not want to come back.

So the story begins from my city Jaunpur, at that time after passing 12th, I got admission in Forensic Chemistry in Amity University in Lucknow city of Nawabs to pursue my graduation.
Before the class started, our teacher introduced us to himself and also to each other.
Among the boys, I had a boy Durgesh Kumar Chauhan who was from Varanasi city close to me and belonged to my caste.
Now almost everyone would like to be friends with their own close friend because maybe in bad times they will support both him and me, almost everyone likes to keep friendship and relationship at their own cost.
So I also wanted to befriend him, and let me tell you that this was my first and last mistake, which I will probably never do again.
That boy was also a bit strange, the quietest and the most different, perhaps this was the thing that was pulling me towards him again and again.

How can I befriend him?? Because I never talked or befriended any boy and he only used to come to class and study, he didn’t care about anyone else. But maybe it was God’s will, we suddenly bumped into each other in the college canteen, we said sorry to each other, then a word came out of my mouth, no sorry no thanks in friendship, then he asked when we became friends It was said that we are classmates, and classmates are just like friends.
After a long time, we had become very good friends of each other. Now we had shared contact numbers with each other, sometimes we used to chat for hours.

Time passed and we didn’t know when our friendship turned into love.
Now we started going on outings with each other and also gave each other nicknames. The time also came when our college tour was going to Uttarakhand and we also got our names written in it.
During the tour, we had to choose one partner who could help us. We sat on the same seat and left for Uttarakhand from college.

We all got different rooms, my room was just next to his. It was morning, I had to take bath but my bag was left near the one in which I had some belongings, I went to take it and I knocked on the gate, but the gate was open at that time, I went quickly and Durgi said to him – that bag of mine. As soon as he said this, I became completely silent because at that time he had just come out of the bathroom after taking a bath. Seeing him naked, every hair of my body stood erect and his thick cock and broad chest were proof of his being a man. Was.

I quickly closed my eyes and ran away from there and came back to my room, after some time Durgi knocked on my door and said take your bag and get ready quickly, we have to go out for a walk. I got ready and came out of the room, I was wearing a red color suit, in which I was probably looking very sexy because everyone’s eyes were on me. I asked Durgi in the bus – what happened, why everyone was looking at me like this. So he said – “Today you are looking no less than a doom”. We came back from roaming around, it was night now everyone had to go down for dinner, we also went and during dinner Durgi also sat near Murray and started asking, how was the day today. I said – first you tell yours. His answer was that this morning will be memorable for me, hardly I will ever be able to forget it.

I blushed and said – “You have become very funny, during dinner we were jokingly touching each other’s feet. Due to which I was slowly starting to get excited. Somehow after finishing dinner I went to my room and started thinking that maybe whatever happened or was happening today is wrong but I enjoyed a lot and felt new happiness in life. It was too late now, I was going to sleep.
I changed my dress before sleeping, and on this day I went to bed wearing my new panty and bra, then I started screaming loudly, hearing my voice, Durgi came out of the room and said – what happened.
I said – lizard lizard, there is a lizard on my bed. Durgi said – “Open the door, I will drive away the lizard now”. I opened the door in fear and Durgi who was hiding behind the door came into the room and threw the lizard out of the window covering the sheet.
After she turned, I realized that I was not wearing anything except panty and bra, now I became more embarrassed to see me in this condition, her eyes also opened wide. He kept looking at me, I said – “You close your eyes and give me that maxi quickly”. But maybe seeing me naked, the devil inside him woke up. His cock, which was imprisoned in his pajama, was trying hard from inside to come out. Due to which his pajama was rising due to the pressure of the cock. He controlled himself, pressed his cock with his hand and inserted it into the knot of his slobber and proceeded to give me maxi. I was drenched in sweat, extended my hand to take the maxi, as soon as his hand touched it, his cock stood straight in front of me like a cannon, now both of us started sweating more and more. Done and we started looking at each other with sex filled eyes. Now maybe both of us had lost control of ourselves.
Due to which both of us started making sounds like Ummah… Ahh….

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I clung to her and started kissing her. He also put his hand in my boobs without delay. And my boobs were very tight, he was enjoying a lot while pressing, due to which both him and me also started getting the ghost of sex.
He lifted me in his lap and started kissing my boobs as if electricity ran in my body, there was so much enthusiasm in both that we started scratching and licking each other. He put me on the bed. And started sucking my lips. Durgi was repeatedly biting the lower lip of my lips, which would make me more excited and would hug him tightly. I also started sucking her lips with great pleasure. We both kept kissing each other’s lips for about 20 minutes.
I was only in bra and panty, then he removed that too and started kissing my bare body slowly. After kissing me all over my body, he pressed my mom and started drinking it. He started caressing his hands on my pussy while drinking my mom with great pleasure. Due to which I became uncontrollable and started holding the fingers of his hands and putting them in my pussy.

After drinking while mashing my nipples for a long time, he started kissing my body and moving towards my pussy. As soon as he reached near my pussy, I pressed his head in my pussy, then I said – it doesn’t last anymore… ummh… ahh… hey… yah
He had already removed my panty, he looked at my pussy and said ah ah so beautiful… I have seen your pussy for the first time, just like your lips there is a lip below which has strange heat and strange smell Yes. He started sucking on the lower lip.
Opened his mouth completely and filled the entire hole in his mouth and cut his teeth on it.

Now it was my turn to cum, now I was shivering and ummh… ahh… hi… yah… ahh ohhh ohh unhu unhu,,,….. He was still licking his teeth, half licked and half shed.
I told him this is dishonest, I also want to suck your cock, then he opened his neckerchief and took out his long and thick cock and put it in my hands. I started sucking his cock caressing it. He was afraid that I might bite him. And I bit his cock with raw teeth in enthusiasm and his cock started hurting.
But even after that he kept sucking me by giving his cocks in my mouth, he started enjoying.

After sucking cock for a long time he came over me spread my legs and put cock on pussy, and gave a strong jerk but his cock slipped.and went out of my pussy
Then again the same… It happened 3 times… For the fourth time he set the cock, once more he jerked hard and the cock went a little inside…
Both of them screamed together ‘aaaah..’
I asked why did you shout?? It’s my first time, it must be a little painful, isn’t it?
And my skin peeled off… his cock was exposed, cap out… then set the cock, then a push… the pain subsided and then slowly my pussy started getting loose. She was enjoying, her cock was a little inside, she could not control, she gave another blow, then I screamed, my tears started coming out.
He hit another blow cock full inside… I was crying – get out!
I was saying in pain..mmm mmm…unhu unhu unhu…u u u u u u u u u u u u u u h u h u h u h u h u h u u r u u h u u h u u h u u h u u h u u h u u h u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u h
But he did not take out the cock.

Then after 5 minutes I also started enjoying, there was a loud shock ‘Hi loud…’ and the room was full…..”ah ah ah ah ah ah oui ah oui ah oui..” , He was tickling my waist while fucking and sucking nipples, and was also biting with his teeth. I kept saying ah oui ah oui ah oui and was saying- fuck fuck and fuck!
Then he put his finger in my ass while fucking, I jumped in pain.
He fell down in a while.

We had sex three times during the night. When I saw in the morning, the sheet was soaked in blood and I could not even walk properly.
I told Durgesh in the morning that my pussy is hurting a lot. So he brought me medicine and fed me with his own hands. I got fine but after my first fuck my pussy became completely loose because me and Durgi used to persuade me to fuck everyday on some pretext or the other.

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