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#Lesbian #Rape #Teen

By iloveit

VERY rapey. About cute little Lena getting raped as I watched and had an intense orgasm. She’s so cute and sexy. Idk if I should protect her or fUCK

I was high at a party where I watched this go down. Our friend group is pretty big and mostly consists of lesbians and some bisexual girls too.

Our friend (Ann) is a tall slightly muscular woman who’s 28 and a lesbian. Recently a new girl joined our group and she identifies as bisexual. She thought she was straight for the majority of her life until a few months ago when she broke up with her boyfriend and hookup with a girl right after. Her name is Lena.

Lena is short and petite and has the most gorgeous brunette hair ever. Shes 19 and proudly shows off her jaw dropping figure at our nights out and parties. We’ve all been telling her that Ann has a crush on her but she never believed it for a second, because when Ann talks to her she doesn’t flirt. Ann is pretty anxious and doesn’t like getting it on with people who she considers to be friends in case she gets rejected or ruins the friendship and our big friend group. Lena is a hot little thing and is unintentionally very touchy and flirtatious it’s just her personality and she’s not even aware that all through out the night she’s turning everyone on with her cute innocence.

This night we all told Ann to make a move on Lena and tell her that she likes her but she kept refusing out of fear of rejection. Then, Ann got pretty drunk and took and bother shot and decided to do it. Lena was sitting back on the couch high as fuck and staring at the ceiling smiling. Ann grabbed her by the arm, Lena said she was dizzy and can’t walk and Ann held her and dragged her outside. They were by the pool and from where I was sitting I could see everything through the glass door. Lena was very dizzy and could barely stand and Ann pushed lenas back on the door so it supports her and she doesn’t fall. Lena was wear a backless emerald short dress and her back pushed against the glass looking so sexy and perfect. Ann leaned in to kiss Lena and lena turned her head away from Ann avoiding the kiss. Ann kept trying to kiss her and lena avoided it everytime.

At this point Ann got angry and lost her temper (normal for her when she’s drunk). Ann stopped trying to kiss Lenas lips and started kissing her neck. Deeply sucking on little lenas lips. Lena fidgeted and tried to avoid it and everytime she moved ann kissed the other side of her neck. Lena raised her hand pushed ann away. Ann was a BIG girl compared to lenas child like small figure. Lena didn’t stand a chance to fight. Ann grabbed Lenas hand and pinned it to the door and started making out with her aggressively not giving a shot about Lena being repulsed and trying to free her hand and her lips from her rough touch.

Then ann let go of one of lenas pinned hands and slid her hand to the back of lenas dress and grabbed her ass.

At first I wanted to get up and help Lena but I was too high to function. Then as I watched I felt my body heating up and panties getting wetting by the second. Something about a lenas helplessness was so incredibly hot to watch.

As ann squeezed lenas cute little ass and fondled her Lena used her free hand to push ann away pretty hard. Lena was so weak and high and could barely handle standing up. She tried to run but she was too slow and could barely walking. Ann grabbed little Lena by the hair with one hand and slapped the hardest slap I ever seen in my life. Lena feel on the floor by the pool and started crying and crawled away very slowly. In no time ann got on top of Lena on the floor and without saying a word she wiggled her hand inside lenas dress. At this point I was so turned on that my eyes were practically rolling with orgasm. And what made my orgasm harder is the fact that it felt so wrong but I wouldn’t control my bodies reaction to it.

Second right after Ann got on top Lena, lenas body started thrusting back and forth aggressively. And she was screaming and crying. Ann was pounding her so hard that she had no time to fight. Her body was was going up and down so quickly. She was being pounded like a dog. Like a little tiny whore. Ann must I’ve added a more than 2 fingers inside lenas tiny pussy hole at one point because Lena screamed bloody murder at that point. Ann didn’t care and raped Lena regardless. Lena being raped was so hot that I moaned out loud with my friends passed out beside me. See cute little Lena like that was oh my god. A weird hot mix of feelings. It was somehow adorable because she so little and cute and helpless and tiny, and it was so repulsive because I got the urge to protect her and I couldn’t watch a little cute girl being pounded aggressively and forcefully. And it was hot because Lena is so sexy, it’s like she meant to be fucked, all day everyday in all holes by men and women. She’s so annoyingly hot and attractive. And she’s so flirty that it pissed me off. Sometimes when she’s flirting with men in bars (and doesn’t fuck them) even tho they want to fuck her, I wish I could whisper in those men’s ear “take her little pussy home and rape her”

Btw Lenas rape lasted a few minutes and was pretty quick it wasn’t that long. But oh I remember every detail. She passed out outside and Ann went home. Non of our friends know about except me. Lena completely disappeared from our lives for about 6 months. I checked on her every know and then and she made me promise not to tell anyone. I had a fight with Ann that lasted 2 months and we eventually resolved. She agreed that what she did was wrong and she wasn’t in her right mind and apologized to Lena a hundred times. Honestly i don’t admire Ann for what she did but I completely understand. Lena is just…. Irresistible. Naive. Very very naive and innocent. Thinks the best of people and isn’t aware that she’s one sexy girl. I’ve felt the urge to corner her and kiss her but my mothering protective instincts towards her are stronger.

Ann and Lena our both in our friend group now and Lena forgave Ann. She’s still pretty scared of her from what I see of her body language but she’s fine around hanging in a group Ann is in. And she confineds in me, which is… lord help not have sex with her lol. She’s trusts me and I mostly feel protective of her. Whenever I start getting thoughts about her I leave and try not to be close to her.

By iloveit
#Lesbian #Rape #Teen

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