fuck girlfriend’s mother in her own house

Girlfriend ki Ma ko Choda Unke he ghar me Hello friends, my name is Sumit Singh. I am a resident of Gorakhpur. I think my story is different and hope you all will like it. I am 21 years old. I am a big prostitute and debauchery type of boy. I have fucked girls and prostitutes more than my age. No girl fucks me again after getting fucked by my cock, because when I start fucking, I don’t even take the name of stopping. And my cock was also very thick like a bottle gourd.

I have a girlfriend, her name is Shweta. She is just 18 years old. When I saw Shweta for the first time, I had thought that I will somehow trap her and fuck her. He was wearing a blue top and black jeans that day. Her top was netted at the back shoulder which showed her blue colored bra. Her jeans were so tight that the entire cutting of her ass was hanging on the back side. And talking about her face, big eyes, red cheeks like a tomato, slightly plump and juicy and red lips. I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him.

Her nipples were small to see but when I touched them, they were very tight and smooth, the pleasure of pressing them was different. It seemed that no one had touched it till date. I chased her day and night one way or the other and I also fucked her with a lot of fun. After my sex, she is the only girl who even after having sex with me once, has sex with me again. She tells me that I enjoy getting fucked by your cock. I have fucked her too many times. It is not even fun to fuck the same hole again and again.

Only she and her widowed mother live in Shweta’s house. His mother’s age would be around 35 years. Seeing his mother, it seems that both of them are sisters. Even after being so old, she was still very tough. His mother knew about both of us, I used to visit her house regularly. If there was any work, his mother used to call me. I was tired of fucking Shweta’s pussy, so I was busy with some other pussy. One day Shweta’s mother called me for some work, when I reached her house, she was sitting waiting for me.

When I reached, he said – “Sit down Sumit, I will come now”. After some time she came in with a heater. She bent down in front of me to keep the heater on, as she bent down, half of her nipples were hanging out of her maxi. My antennae stood up as soon as I saw her nipples. I clenched my cock. His mother said – can you get it fixed, it is damaged?? I said – why not. I was getting mood seeing Shweta’s mother. I asked him – Where is Shweta?? So he said – He is in his room. I said I have come so let me meet him too. My mood was completely set.

When I came to Shweta’s room, she was lying down, I also lay down on her and started kissing her. I quickly started taking off her clothes, then she said – what are you doing if mummy has come?? I said – “Yaar bahut mood ban raha hai karne do na”. But Shweta did not agree. I kissed her and her nipples had to work only with muscles. I was feeling very hot, so I started masturbating in his room. After some time, semen started coming out of my cock. And made Shweta’s floor dirty. Shweta quickly cleaned her room. I left from there.

Next day Shweta had to go to NNC camp, so she said to me – Can you help my mother in bringing goods from outside and many other works till I am not there?? I said – “Why not, after all she is my future mother-in-law”. Shweta went to her camp. His mother called me and asked Sumit to bring vegetables from the market. I said ok. The tit scene of the same day was going on in my mind and I thought how nice it would be if I could somehow get a chance to fuck them. When I went to his house with vegetables, he said – “Son, eat the food then go, I only have to cook vegetables and I will also go to talk about something. Otherwise I get bored alone. Even that day she was looking amazing, I was only thinking how to fuck her while teasing her mom.

I asked aunt – why didn’t you get married again?? So he said – “If she had married second, that man might not have been fine and would not have loved my daughter”. The vegetable was cooked in a while, both Shweta’s mother and I had food together. He told me that you eat food with me every morning and night, I would also like it. I said ok. He said if you want, lie down here as well, I am a little scared alone. I said ok I will lie down here.

I lied at my house that there is no one at my friend’s house so I am going to his house. Saying this, I came to Shweta’s house in the evening. When I came, his mother was sitting watching TV. I sat next to him. Me and Shweta’s mother both were alone in the house, my only thought was how to attract her towards me. I said – what’s the matter, you are looking very beautiful today. Everyone becomes happy by being praised, so how could Shweta’s mother not be happy. He said – really.

After talking for some time, she went to the kitchen to cook. I also went along to help them. He said – make tea?? I said – “yes why not”. Shweta’s mother made tea and asked me to strain the tea. I strained two teas, one for myself and one for Shweta’s mother. I was giving the tea when the tea slipped from my hands and fell on Shweta’s mother. She screamed loudly as soon as the tea spilled and quickly started wiping her clothes. The tea was a bit hot due to which she was burnt, she quickly removed her maxi in front of me.

What was her mother looking like without maxi. She was only in bra and petticoat. Her nipple was tied in a white bra. And her waist was very smooth and fair. Seeing them like this, my mind was making me want to fuck them.

In no time, blisters came out on his hands and shoulders. He said to me – can you apply medicine on my back? I said why not where is the medicine.

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She lay down on the bed and I started applying medicine to her back. I was getting very uncontrollable. Shweta’s mother also started becoming a little uncontrollable after I applied the medicine because a man had touched her after a long time. Knowing my cock was erect, I touched my cock in Shweta’s mother’s waist. From which they came to know that my mind is trying to fuck someone. After some time, she slowly started moving her hand near my feet, due to which her fingers started touching my feet. Slowly she started caressing her hands on my thighs. I came to know that now their complete mood has been set. Taking advantage of the time, I also removed my hands from the back and placed them on their big and cool moms. Due to which she started getting more sexually aroused.

When I felt that now I can fuck them, I lifted Shweta’s mother and made her sit and while rubbing her nipples with my hands, I started moving towards her thin and juicy lips. I slowly kept his lips in my mouth, started sucking with great love. When I started kissing her, she became more infatuated and wrapped me tightly in her arms and along with me she also started drinking my lips. Both of us were getting uncontrollable with excitement, I started drinking Shweta’s mother’s lips by biting her lower lip with my sharp and sharp teeth like a saw, so that she could not stop herself and pressed me tightly and my She starts biting her lips with her teeth. My temperature started rising beyond limits.

After drinking her lips for a long time, I pulled out her white bra with my teeth. And started drinking her big, round and smooth and soft teat like a cake of butter in his mouth and simultaneously rubbing it with his other hand, which made Shweta’s mother even more sensual. She put her hands inside her petticoat and started rubbing her pussy. I started biting Shweta’s Ammi’s nipple with my sharp teeth, which we both were enjoying. I put my hands inside her petticoat while sucking her mammo and started rubbing her membranous, delicate and soft pussy with my hands. Shweta’s mother was shocked by this act of mine and she started pressing her mother with her own hands.

After drinking continuously 30 pressing her Mamma, I reached near her petticoat while drinking her waist. I slowly unzipped her petticoat and removed it. Even after Shweta’s mother being so old, she was still looking fresh like a twenty five year old girl. And why doesn’t it seem that they had a lot of sex.

When I put my hands in her pussy, it felt like a twenty one year old girl’s pussy. I started putting my fingers in her pussy. At first I was inserting only two of my fingers, then I started inserting my three fingers together. Shweta’s mother’s mouth as soon as my fingers go inside the pussy … “….um um um um.. um… um. Hmmmmm ahhhhhh.. ai… ai…. ai….. u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u r u u u u u u n u in u in u u n u u n u u n u u r u u u n u u r u u u u n u u r u u u u r u u u u u r u u u u u u r u u u u u u u n I was enjoying a lot by fingering her pussy. Continuously fingering her pussy, water started coming out of her pussy in some time. I licked the water from her pussy only. When her pussy water got out, I started drinking her pussy and simultaneously started rubbing her smooth thighs. I was pulling her pussy towards myself with all my might.

Due to which she would be in agony and would lift her waist and ass. And from her mouth … ah ah ahh ahhhh ……… oui oui oui … mother mother mother…., uff uff uff,.. c c c c…. I was continuously sucking her pussy. I was enjoying a lot because after a long time I got a chance to drink my new pussy. Along with me, he was also having a lot of fun. I quenched the thirst of my mind by drinking his leave for a long time.

After drinking his booze, I took out my gourd thick cock, Shweta’s mother took my cock in her hands and said to me – your cock is very fat and big. Shweta’s father was not so big and fat. I started moving my cock around Shweta’s mother’s pussy, so that she started burning in the fire of sex. I put my cock slowly in her pussy, it felt like a fresh pussy. I started playing her pussy, as my cock started going inside her pussy, she started yearning. Slowly my speed started changing, I started licking her pussy with all my might and she was only… “Uw uw uw ooooo ….Ow..Ow…Ow ahhhhhhh si cc.c..ha..ha..ohhoho ….

, “…um um um um…um…um. hmmmmm ahhhhhh.. aw…aw….aw ahh ahh it hurts…. Uhhhh unhhhhh unhhhh it never hurt so much….fuck it easy ahhh…. What is the hurry, fuck it, it is hurting a lot…… oops oops ahhhh ah ha ha… oh oh ah ah she was screaming. My speed started increasing even more, I was continuously engaged in killing Shweta’s mother’s pussy. He started enjoying my sex. She lifted her waist in the air and started fucking me with great pleasure.

I kept playing her fuddi for 1 hour continuously, after some time my material was about to come out, I took out my cock and kept it in the middle of Shweta’s Ammi’s nipple and started rubbing it. I was fucking her mom while pressing her nipples. Within no time my goods started coming out of my cock and Shweta’s mother made her mouth and neck sticky. They licked my goods off their fingers.

After Hari finished the first fuck of the day, I had dinner and I fucked Shweta’s mother the whole night. Till the time Shweta was not there, we used to fuck during the day as well and at night the sex would go on for a long time.

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