fuck mami by tricking her into talking

Hello guys this is my first story and i hope you all will give lots of love to it this story is between me and my mami. Here’s a true story. This story is about the first sex incident of my life. In this story, I will tell how I tricked and fucked Mami under a plan.
My name is Rahul, at that time I was 20 years old. My penis size is 7 inches. I’m a cut off boy
Talking about my maternal aunt, my maternal aunt was 29 years old at that time. My maternal aunt is a very beautiful and cultured woman. She loves Mama ji very much. My aunt has two sons who are at most 5 years old. My aunt has been very fit since the beginning. My aunt wears 34 bra and 34 panty, her waist would be 28. Her boobs are very full and round. Her ass is also very round. She seems to be the goddess of the whole sex. She always wears blouse of small size, her full bubbs could not come in the blouse. Her cleavage is always visible. His navel is also visible.
From the very beginning, I used to fist bump my aunt’s name. In Kalpana, he used to fuck a lot by insulting and abusing them.

Now coming to the story.
At that time he was in 12th standard. It was summer. I had gone to my maternal uncle’s house. My maternal uncle lives with the leader, so he is often out, even at that time he was out. When I went, I, my maternal aunt, my maternal grandmother and maternal aunt’s two small children were in that house.
Both the small children used to sleep with their grandmother.
And my aunt and I used to sleep in one room. Because there were only two rooms. One day aunt asked me for my mobile, I turned it on and gave it to her, she wanted to talk somewhere. Call recording is always on in my mobile, even at that time it was there. Mami didn’t even know about this. after 2 days i remembered that mami had taken my mobile from me so i was curious to see who mami had talked to because when mami returned the phone to me there was no call dialed means she deleted it from call history Was. When I started listening to the recording, I was stunned that maternal aunt was talking to maternal uncle’s brother’s son and I came to know that they were also having sex. That boy’s name was Ravi. in relation my maternal aunt was that boy’s aunt
Ravi – Hello Aunty, how did you miss me
Mami – Be happy son, I always remember you, you left me alone and left, I miss you every night when my pussy is thirsty
Ravi – You don’t worry Aunty ji I will come soon and this time I will quench all your thirst I like your boobs and ass very much your boobs and ass are very round and it is fun to press them I want to lick your pussy too . And I love it when you suck my cock
Mami – Yes son, I am suffering since 1 month, your uncle does not have time to quench my thirst, now I hope only from a son like you, this time he will do something new, I have seen in the video, there is a lot of fun in getting ass killed. Next time I want to kill my ass. Will you kick my ass, son?
Ravi – Why do you worry Aunty ji, I was also thinking for a long time that your ass should be killed. But I was afraid that you might refuse, but you made me happy.
Aunt – Ok son, now I am keeping, there is a lot of work, Rahul of the house has also come. sleeps next to me
Ravi – Aunty, may he kill your ass before me.
Mami – Do you also joke with aunt, son, this ass is safe only for you, even your uncle has no right on it, only you have the right, son, bye.

I was stunned to hear the words of Mami and Ravi, now I have come to know that my Mami, whom I used to consider as cultured, is a number one prostitute. And maybe if I try too, she will give me her chaat and gaad too. Now I have taken a vow that I will inaugurate aunt’s ass. Then I made a plan. When Mami and I went to sleep at night, I made up a false story.

Me – Aunt can I say something to you, will you tell someone?
Mami – No son, you can tell me everything considering me as a friend.
Me – Mami I have a girlfriend she always calls me for sex but I am scared because I don’t know much about it Sorry Mami ji on my cock
Mami – son, why are you shy?
Me- Aunty, my cock is connected to a flesh-like thread with the cover that is on it, I am afraid that while putting cock in her pussy while fucking my girlfriend, I will feel a lot of pain if that thread breaks and my girlfriend is very upset about this. She said angrily, I am ready to bear the pain of breaking the seal of my pussy, so you can’t do much.
Mami- Son, it breaks only of someone, it doesn’t even break of anyone, your maternal uncle’s is not broken at all, still we have sex, there is no pain in it, there is a little pain for the first time, everyone has to bear that much. It has to be because it is more fun than that.
Me – Mami ji don’t mind so can I take out my cock and show it will you help me I am very scared
Mami- Yes son, show me
I took off my pant, then took out my cock from the hole of my underwear and put it in front of my aunt. Aunt was very happy to see my 7 inch cock and said
Aunt- Son, your cock is very big and fat, your girlfriend is very lucky, you are unnecessarily afraid, she will be happy to have your cock. Your uncle’s cock is little more than 5 inches, yet he makes me happy by putting his entire cock inside and fucking me.
Me- Mami ji, can you tell me how to please my girlfriend by showing my pussy
Aunt- son, I am very ashamed, how can I show
Me- Mummy, I am also showing you my cock, what is the shame in this, both of us are alone, you can trust me, please show me

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Mami was wearing saree at that time first she took off her saree then she came in blouse and petticoat then she took off her petticoat also and she came in blouse and panty then she put panty aside and show me her pussy friends her pussy is swollen and it seemed that she had not slept for several months.
Then Mami ji caught my cock and inserted the top of my cock in her pussy. She didn’t open her panty completely, just sliding the panty, put my cock in her pussy.
Both of us went crazy as soon as the cock was inserted in the pussy.
Sobs came out of both of our mouths.
Then Mami removed my cock.
Me- Auntie, why did you take out how much fun I was having, you were also having fun.
Mami – Son, I am your aunt, you cannot fuck me, I have shown you my pussy, this is a big deal
Me- My dear aunty, when you can kiss Ravi then why not with me I will give you a lot of fun I will quench all your thirst I will love you more than Ravi
Then I narrated the phone recording of Ravi and Mami to Mami. Aunt was stunned to hear that.
Then I removed my everything and became completely naked and then removed Mami Mee’s blouse, then removed her panty and then removed her bra.
Now it was time to just fuck. I started French kissing my lips by touching my aunt’s lips, aunt also started supporting me completely, she had become a complete prostitute. In bed, she will fail even big prostitutes. We both licked each other’s lips to our heart’s content, licked each other’s tongue and also exchanged spit in each other’s mouth. Lick each other’s face too. Then I gave my cock in Mami’s mouth, Mami started sucking it, I fell in Mami’s mouth, Mami drank all my juice, then I started licking Mami’s pussy, Mami fell many times while licking pussy
I also drank all his juice. Then I applied oil on my cock and inserted it in Mami’s pussy. Aunt shouted loudly, you have killed my son, do it slowly, I am not going to run away. Then in one stroke I put my entire cock in Mami’s pussy and started fucking with full enthusiasm.

Me- My dear aunt, since long I was fisting your name, now I have got to fuck too, today I will satisfy my lust by fucking my dear aunt. You know whenever I come here I steal one of your panty and one bra and take it home with me.
Aunt- Son, only then I should say where do my bra and panty get lost. Today I came to know that you are the panty thief.
Now fuck me fiercely, quench the thirst of my thirsty pussy, make me your prostitute, son, tear your aunt’s pussy today
Me-My whore Auntie, had I known that you are such a big whore, I would have made your pussy a meatball long ago. And brutally fuck your ass and make it like a big football.
Aunt – Son, please don’t give ass, I have promised Ravi that I will get my ass killed by him.
Me- My whore bitch, do you think today I will leave your ass without hitting you, today whatever happens, I will continue to beat your ass. You don’t worry when Ravi comes, your ass hole will become small again, so he will not know and you will also tell me that I had put brinjal in it, so it is a bit fat.

Then I put my cock in Mami’s ass and brutally fuck her. That night I kept fucking aunty’s pussy and ass all night long, abusing them and put my cock’s water in her ass only.
Then friends, as long as I stayed at my maternal uncle’s house, I used to fuck my maternal aunt, when the grandmother went to a relative during the day, he would keep her naked. I fucked mami in saree, maxi, nighty in all clothes in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the courtyard, everywhere. Mami had already come in my bus. She used to fuck like a complete prostitute. As long as I stayed at my uncle’s house, I kept my aunt naked day and night and kept fucking her as my prostitute and for a total of 20 days, I increased the size of her boobs, made her ass big, made her pussy pudding. Now whenever I come to maternal uncle’s house, I would fuck aunt after making her a complete whore.
She also left Ravi and started kissing me.
So this was my story.
How did you like it?
You must tell your thoughts.
And you people also use this method of mine and make your own prostitutes by fucking your own aunts.
Thank you.

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