fuck sister in law in bus

Bhabhi ko bus me choda

Hello friends, I have brought a story for you, this was my true and hot experience. I hope you guys will like this story of mine too. Now my story begins. My name is Shifan, I am not smart enough to impress a girl like this, but any girl I flirt with becomes mad after me, because my words are like this only. My penis size is 7 inches.

My maternal uncle has a property business, so in that connection he was going from Mumbai to Rajasthan for some important work. My maternal uncle got my ticket done in a luxury bus, as I was in no mood to go by train. I caught the bus from Andheri at 2 pm, there were not many people sitting in the bus, because it was a very expensive bus, there were some couples sitting in the front and their parents and me in the middle and a small family in the last seat. Then came to Surat at night, some people started climbing and a couple consisting of a man, his wife and 2 children, a boy who was 4 years old and very beautiful and had a 3 year old girl. The seat of those people was next to mine.

Then the bus started and that woman was bending down and keeping her bag under the seat. Her man was sitting comfortably and both her children were sitting on the back seat. Then suddenly my eyes fell on her, her pallu had fallen down and her boobs were absorbed in my eyes. I didn’t take my eyes off her even for a moment, she noticed me and sat down adjusting.

She was wearing a black color saree and was creating havoc, her figure would be 36-28-36, slim body and was very fair and she had tied the saree below the navel. Then we all were sitting and I was listening to songs by taking out my mobile. Then slowly the night started and then at 10 o’clock in the night the bus stopped at a cool dhaba, I got down and went to the washroom and then I took some snacks and cold drinks for the time pass and that woman also went to the washroom with her children and She didn’t take some snacks because her husband was fast asleep so he didn’t land at the dhaba.

Then the bus was ready to leave and then everyone came and sat down, her husband was on the glass seat and she was beside him and her children were on the back seat. Then suddenly her child started crying that she has to sit on the window seat, but the child was not agreeing and her husband had fallen asleep on the window seat, so I told them that you make your child sit on my window seat, so he first Refused why are you leaving.

Then I explained to her that children’s hearts are not broken and I sat on the side seat and made her daughter sit on the window seat. Then I made her daughter very happy, I mean fed her snacks, gave her mobile and her mother also became happy with me. Then he asked me where are you going, so I said Jaipur and he also said that those people are also going there. Then I thought of flirting with her and then I asked her her name, then she told her name Hema, then we started talking.

Hema: Where are you going in Jaipur?

Me: The work of some property of maternal uncle has stopped, I am going in that connection.

Hema: Ohhhh, so what do you do?

Me: (said jokingly) I make you happy.

Hema: Looking at me, he said how do you make me happy.

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Me: Hey, I just told you that, my shop is in Mumbai, I run it.

Hema: It is good that I got your company, otherwise I was getting bored sitting alone, my husband has also fallen asleep.

Me: Yes, you poor people must be doing so much work and hard work.

Then she gave a sexy smile, maybe she understood my point. In that time his daughter had also fallen asleep. Then I told him that your daughter is also asleep, so he looked and said that I will bring her to sleep on the back seat. When I was giving her daughter, then my hand stuck to her boobs and I felt very hot, as if she has become very hot. Then he also noticed my hand and took the baby girl and put her to sleep on the back seat. Now it was late night and the bus lights were off and everyone was asleep, so when I started listening to songs on my mobile, she requested that she also wanted to listen to the songs, because she was not able to sleep.

Then I gave her the earphone of the left side, we were sitting a little far apart, so the earphone was coming out of her ear again and again, so I asked her to sit on the seat next to me, she said yes and went to see her husband. Checked whether he is sleeping or not? Phir Mere Baazu Mein Aakar Baith Gayi, I was playing very romantic songs, due to which she was getting more engrossed.

Then I slowly touched her hand, she didn’t react anything, so I started becoming more free, I put my hand on her thigh with a jerk, which she objected and sat down with a smile. Then after some time she was getting up, so I caught her and started pressing her boobs with love. He refused that please don’t do it here, someone will see, there will be a problem. So I said that no one will see here, it is dark and everyone is sleeping, so she agreed.

Then I removed the pallu of her saree and started pressing the boobs from the top of the blouse, then she started silent. Then I kissed her on the lips. Then she also started supporting me. So she said whatever you want to do, do it quickly, otherwise her husband will get up. Then I made her sit on the seat and put her saree up and panty down, then I saw that her pussy was completely wet and there was some hair on the pussy, so I started sucking. So she started pulling my hair and started pressing my mouth, as if she wanted me to eat her pussy completely, she released water again and I licked it completely.

Then I asked her to suck cock, she refused and said that she will vomit, so I did not force her much, because force does not make sex enjoyable and the couple cannot enjoy it and sex is natural. Enjoy and feel. Then I made her lie down and my cock started rubbing on her pussy, which made her mad and she told me please don’t torture Shifan anymore.

Then I put my cock on the door of the pussy and gave a blow, because of the pussy being wet, half the cock easily went inside and I started pushing. He was having a lot of fun and I was also having a lot of fun. Then after 15 minutes of non-stop sex, I left water in her pussy and by then she had ejaculated 2 times. Then she smooched me and after fixing her clothes went to her seat and then we exchanged our mobile numbers. She was very happy, she has promised me that we will meet again, by the way I still do phone sex with her.

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