Fucked elder sister in sleeper bus and then assfucked in hotel

Friends, greetings to all of you from Raman’s side, many times something happens that relationships do not matter, but it is necessary to have that situation with you, such a person cannot fuck a member of his family, but something about many Such opportunities are created and then everything happens automatically. Today I am writing you a similar story of mine, which is of my sister Rupali, Rupali didi is two years older than me, and she is preparing for the competition and I am studying in the first year of college.

I don’t have any girl friend, my friend Vikram who shares everything with me, he once asked me that man Raman last night a very wrong thing happened, sex relationship between me and my sister was established. Yes, both mother and father went to maternal uncle’s place, and something happened that there was a relationship between both of them, I am feeling very guilty, that’s why I explained to him man, this thing is wrong, I am also agreeing, but what Will do now what has happened is done. At that time, I used to think day and night that Vikram is such a bastard, he had to fuck his own sister, hey, he would have got a girlfriend or he would have worked with a call girl, then gradually he could not understand what happened, now I too Started watching Rupali Didi, when she used to bend down in the house, I would try to see her nipples from above, and then when she used to walk in the house, I used to keep looking at her butt, sometimes looking at her lips, I used to feel like cursing me. Gives a kiss on the lips……… After that, whenever I used to see too much, sometimes while changing clothes or while sleeping in the middle of the night, I would immediately go to the bathroom or in the room on the roof and masturbate.

Many times I used to fist bump in his name in the night, but one day everything changed, I am telling you the story of that night only. It is three days back from today. Didi had to give bank exam, then the center was lying in Vasant Vihar, Delhi, we are residents of Jodhpur, did not get ticket in train, so mother and father said to go a day before, by bus, ticket in such bus Let’s get it done, both leave comfortably, you will reach at night itself, take rest on the second day and come back on the third day. It happened the same way, father called an agent and brought the ticket at home, the bus for both of us was at four o’clock in the evening. We both went to the bus stand, the bus was engaged, both of us had a sleeper on top, you must have seen a sleeper bus, each compartment has a place for two people to sleep and there is complete privacy, you close your small door, So we both got the upper compartment, a mattress was spread below, sister took out another bedsheet and spread it, she just started walking, I was listening to the song and she was reading, then after some time we both started talking. Started doing it, when it was nine o’clock, mother made poori and vegetables, they ate it and then went to sleep.

You know, after going out of the house the situation becomes somewhat different, in such a house he never sleeps with his sister, but in the bus both of us did not feel anything like that and both fell asleep. After some time didi fell asleep, then she took a turn and went to my side. As she turned around, her nipples came on my hand, now my land started to stand, slowly I also started pretending to sleep and started touching her boobs, slowly whenever the breaker came, I would press her boobs, So that they don’t feel that I have done it intentionally, where are my friends, seeing those mast mast boobs, anyone’s condition will get worse. Then what was it, I became a little closer and then I raised my one leg up, and kept pretending to sleep, Rupali didi did not say anything, she even more snuggled into me and started sleeping again. His hot breath was felt on my face, slowly I took my mouth near his mouth and I put my lips on his lips. And at first I didn’t do anything for five minutes and then I started kissing slowly. Then I put my hand on her boobs and started caressing her.

After that I went down a little and started caressing her pussy from the top of the legging. She used to shake a little sometimes but then fell asleep quietly. I courageously put my hand under the leggings, but the pussy was not touched because she was wearing tight skinny panty, caressed a little from the top of the panty, but my cock was repeatedly telling me that man, don’t be late, don’t be late, Then didi woke up. At that time my hand was inside her panty, she got up and sat down. And said, what are you doing. Are you not ashamed, do you know who I am, sister, I look like a sister, I said sister, I do not know anything, what I was doing, I was sleeping, I am not remembering anything, that’s why sister She said, scoundrel, I was waiting for a long time that you will remove your hand now, I opened my eyes and saw that you were awake.

Didi said that I will tell all this to my mother and father. To tell the truth friends, I got scared, I dared to say it is okay, but you should understand that you will lose a brother. My talk worked, she remained silent for some time, then hugged me, she said it’s okay but don’t tell all this to anyone. I said why would I tell anyone, sister said well, I was also liking whatever he was doing, but all this will not work at home, do what you have to do and do the rest in Delhi, I became happy, and Then what was it, he also spread his arm and I also spread my arm. And both hugged each other.

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Didi started kissing my lips and I also started kissing didi’s lips, slowly I started touching her nipples. The bus was in full speed, after that Didi lay down, and I climbed on top of her. I removed her shirt from above, inside she was wearing a black designer bra ohhhhh for the first time in my life I was getting a chance. I was pressing from above, then didi opened her hook with her hand towards the back, only then both her boob became free, and along with the bus, both her nipples also started shaking. I broke down on her body, then I opened her lower legging and then her panty was matching the bra itself. Ohhh opened both of them, and then I started licking their pussy by sitting between both their legs. She used to undress again and again and started rubbing my pussy by holding my hair. And the sound of uff uff uff ah ah ah ouch would come out.

My cock was erect and now it was out of my tolerance, so I put my cock on top of my sister’s pussy and first rubbed it from top to bottom, ohhh her whole body was being undressed. Then what was it, I tried to insert but the pussy was very tight, maybe she had not fucked before. I tried again but failed again, Didi said what are you doing. Then she caught my cock and set it on her pussy hole, and I gave a push, she got spooked. She started saying get out, get out, it is hurting a lot. But I calmed down and started caressing her boob and started touching her lips. After a while she calmed down and I slowly gave two jerks and my whole cock got into her pussy, what was it guys, I put both her legs on my shoulders, and then started fucking hard, just full Was running at speed. Everyone was asleep, and I was fucking my sister, and she was enjoying her fucking.

After some time, Didi came over me and then holding the cock, set herself on her pussy and sat down. She took my entire cock in her pussy and she started getting fucked from above. She raised her ass and was taking my cock in her pussy. And then lay on me and started pushing. And then after a while I was about to ejaculate, I said mine was coming out. Didi immediately went down and took my cock in her mouth and started moving up and down. Then I hit a pipe and put all my semen in her pussy, sister kissed me and said I love you, I also said I love you, and then both dressed, and fell asleep holding each other, the other Reached Delhi during the day, took the same hotel in Karol Bagh and then continued to fuck and get fucked throughout the day. Papa ji’s call was coming asking what are you doing, at that time sister said I was reading while she was getting me fucked. But in the evening, her pussy started getting a lot of pain. Was also very swollen. In the evening, he also brought a tablet for pain and childlessness.

In the night, as soon as he started putting cocks in her pussy, but due to pain I had to pull out, then I started caressing her ass, her butt was very prominent and puffy. Now I went crazy seeing his ass hole, I put spit in my finger and put it inside ass, ass was also very tight, then I put spit in your cock and put it in his ass, now about 3 at night Once I hit his ass, he can never forget to fuck and beat his sister, today we have come to Jodhpur. Right now I am fisting remembering those two days, now let’s see what happens next.

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