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Me and my best mate got my little sister drunk and fucked her small pussy all night while she was unconscious.

When I was 14 I had my mate Luke, also 14, over to spend the night because I was babysitting my 8 year sister Katie while our parents went out for the night.

Luke and I took a bottle of beer from downstairs and were drinking it in my bedroom while playing video games, Katie came in and caught us drinking, then she blackmailed me in to letting her have some because otherwise she would have told on us.

One beer led to two, then three, until we went through about 7 bottles together, Luke and I were a little bit woozy, but Katie being so young couldn’t handle much, she got very drunk very fast and ended up passing out on my bedroom floor.

I picked her and took her to her bedroom and put her down on her bed then went back to my own room, Luke and I continued to play video games for about an hour, then we started talking about girls and sex, and neither of us had ever seen a pussy before in real life, so Luke suggested “Lets have a look at Katie’s”, and at first I didn’t want too, but then he convinced me.

So we went in to her bedroom, she was still on her bed where I’d left her, we went over the bed and slowly took her white pyjamas with strawberry fruit pattern on them off of her, until she was totally naked.

We looked at her body, staring at her bald smooth looking pussy, and took turns to touch and rub it, Luke got an erection while touching her and he was rubbing himself over his bottoms, then he pulled his bottoms down and took his cock out, “What are you doing?” I Asked him.

He laid over her and started rubbing the tip of his cock against her spongy pussy, “I just want to feel it.” He replied, I watched feeling a little jealous.

“What’s it feel like?” I asked.

“Its warm and soft. Try it, man.” He said.

So I took my bottoms down and took his position over her and started rubbing my cock against her pussy, it felt nice, my cock had become really hard, the hardest I’d ever felt it, and I couldn’t resist pushing it in to her slit, it was like something was urging me to do it, so I did.

I pushed quite a few times against her pussy and it suddenly went in, I felt her hymen tear open, and her unconsciously body flinched, sort of bounced a little on the bed when my cock went inside her, “What – Are you in?” Luke asked, shocked when he saw my cock sink in to her.

“It’s in.” I replied, I pushed it in further, it was a lot hotter on the inside, and bumpy, and the bumps felt good rubbing around my cock as it moved inside of her, so I kept moving it in and out until I just fell on top of her and started thrusting repeatedly, I fucked my baby sister, she was whimpering and moaning unconsciously, while her little body rocked on the bed from my thrusting.

I was quite deep inside her when I ejaculated, about 20 seconds later, and I could feel my sperm flowing out of me like never before, it was intense, and my legs were numb and shaking violently as I came.

When I got off of her, Luke had a turn, and I watched him fuck her, he only lasted about 15 seconds though, the first time.

Having experienced what sex was like and losing our virginity’s, we couldn’t stop, so we took turns fucking Katie on her bed repeatedly for most of the night, only stopping when it got late and I knew mom and dad would be home shortly.

We had fucked her and ejaculated all over her body and in her mouth, we used her teddy’s to wipe up our mess, then we dressed her and tidied up her bed.

Dad did notice his beers were gone and Luke and I got in to a lot of trouble for drinking them, and for letting Katie drink, mom wasn’t impressed, but thankfully they never found out what we actually did to Katie that night.

Katie’s little pussy was good, my sisters got a tight hole that’s really nice for fucking.

#Incest #PreTeen #Rape #Virgin

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