Fun with family and friends Sex Story

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By Nick

I remember growing up in Germany. My dad worked for an American company here. We were from the USA but moved out here for my dad’s job. It didn’t matter I love Germany.

My dad was divorced and remarried. I had a cute stepsister, Jen, about 2 years younger than me. She was 11 and I was 13. She always looked up to me. We always played together with my friends and hers. We all got along. She and her friend were playing a game. Their energy dial was on full and they were about to explode. Her and her friend were running back and forth and plopping their butts down on my lap. Getting up and running around and doing it over and over. Amy and her friend, Johanna, were digging their asses into my crotch as they got back up. I got a hard on. Hoping to slip away I said, “Ok ok you two! You gotta stop.”

Johanna stared shocked,. “ What is in your pants?”

“Yeah what is that?”, Jen asked.

I went to my bedroom all embarrassed. They followed. “Well what is that?”, Jen asked, “is that the hose thing?”

“Will you two just go! Geez!”, I said

Johanna asked, “What his dick gets bigger? How?”

“Jen! For the love of God will you two leave.”, I said authoritatively.

Jen laughed, “Not until we see what that is!”

I turned around. “Wow!”, they said looking at the huge bulge in my pants.

I picked Jen up and threw her on the bed. I grabbed Johanna and did the same. Both girls were laughing hysterically. I blew raspberries on both girls tummies. I held them both down with my hands on their chests. “Stop it both of you! Especially you! You are not family!”, I said to Johanna as I tickled her unmercifully and kissed her forehead. Jen came to her aid and was beating and kicking me playfully. Jen grabbed my bulge and copped a feel. “Ew! You naughty little bugger! I am going to get you.”, I said. I acted like I was going to chase them. They ran out of my room and I closed and locked the door. They were beating and kicking the door calling me an asshole. I just turned on my PlayStation and ignored them.

Now they were determined to see my dick. I was not going to show it to them willingly. Not because it would have gotten us in trouble but because it was more fun this way.

Johanna spent the night that night. They flipped a coin. The loser had to sneak in my room when I was asleep and touch my dick and come back. Johanna lost so she came in. It was about 30 minutes after I went to bed so I was not asleep yet. I saw the door open slowly and heard whispers and giggles and shushes. If the mission was to be quiet, they certainly weren’t. Johanna snuck across the room. Her shadow going across my wall as she snuck up to my bed. I pretended to be asleep. She moved the covers back and saw my pajamas. She tried to get my pajamas down but to no avail. I was being a dick and rolled over to the other side. “Mmmfff”, she said angrily. Determined not to give up she pulled the covers back and crawled gently on top of me and got between me and the wall. I opened my eyes and held her down so she could not escape. I laughed and rolled my eyes. She looked as if she was about to cry. I kissed her forehead.

“Stop it! You are not in trouble. What did she put you up to?”, I asked

She nervously told me the whole plan. “Are we in trouble?” She asked

I reached down and showed her what she wanted to see. I pulled my dick out and showed her. “Oh my God!”, she said, staring at my manhood.

“Well? You going to touch it or what?”, I asked

She felt it from base to tip. Running her hands up my dick and squeezing and playing my penis head. Trying to separate the slit. I hit her in the face with it. “You be good from now on! You hear me? Stop sneaking in here!”, I spanked her little buns. She laughed. I slid my hands down her pants and touched her pussy she cringed. Her whole body tightened. I laughed. “You owe me!”, I said. “I get to see yours! Tomorrow though let me sleep!”. She giggled and nodded. “Say it!”, I said

“Ok. I owe you.”, she said

I kissed her cheek. She went back and reported to my stepsister what had transpired. “Aw! He did not!”, she said. Johanna giggled. She told her tale of how she got to touch it and everything. Jen was now jealous that I let her friend touch my dick first and not her. Lol.

She came into my room. She shoved me. “Not fair! I am family I should see it first!”, she said

“You should? You don’t show your privates to family weirdo!”, I said and laughed

She was mad and hit me. Not hard but enough to show she was not happy. “I wanna see it!”, she demanded

“Aw maybe tomorrow. I will think about it.”, I said. She hit me again. “You keep hitting me I am going to redden your butt cheeks.” She did and I pulled her in bed with me and spanked her butt lightly. I reached down her pants and felt her silky soft ass. I kissed her face and hugged her. “You know I love you!”, I said. I reached down from her ass and touched her pussy between her legs. She made an “mmmmerrrr”, as her legs closed and she cringed. I got her on her back and got her chest between my legs. I pulled my pants down. “There brat. Her eyes about popped out of her head. She touched it and played with it. Tapping it and swinging it. I got off of her and stood next to her head. I put it to her face. She giggled. “Put it in your mouth.”, I said. She eyes opened wide again and she shook her head really fast. She snuck away before I could stop her and hightailed out of my room.

I woke up early the next morning and snuck into the girls room. Johanna was awake and I made a sign to be quiet. I slipped my sisters pajama bottoms and underwear off. I gave her pussy a kiss as Johanna and I snuck back into my room. We were laughing hysterically. “Come on let me see it!”, she said.

I shook my head. “You owe me. Pull your pants down.”, I said. She blushed. “What did you want Jen to do last night?”, she asked

“Oh just put my dick in her mouth. She ran like mad.”, I said and we laughed.

“Can I try?”, she asked

“What are you two trying to one up each other?, I asked

She blushed, “No I just kinda like you.”

“Oh do you now?”, I asked as I walked up to her, looked her in the eye and kissed her lips. I thought she was going to fall over. It was like her wildest dreams just came true. Her legs were like jelly. I laughed “Hmmm I think it is a little more than like.”, I said

She giggled and blushed. She was so cute. I sat her on my bed. I showed her how to kiss. Our tongues danced together. I moved my hand towards her pajamas and started pulling them down. She giggled and laid back and pulled them off. She opened her legs to reveal her prize. Her little baldy was before me with her cute little puffy lips. I watched a porno with my friend on eating pussy. I spread her little lips and started licking her. She was uncomfortable with it at first but got into it after a little bit. Her pussy tasted like the finest dish a man could eat. I swished my tongue along her dot and put my thumb into her virgin hole. Her eyes got wide as my finger entered her. Her hips started moving as she rested her hands on my head. I thumbed her hard as her pussy got wetter and wetter. She let out a deep moan. Her leg moved down and back up. Her upper body was twisting as her orgasm was coming on. Another deep moan as she kept moving her legs. Finally she grabbed my hair and pulled as her legs clenched around my head. They held tight for a few seconds, her pussy squirted out juice and she just laid back in the bed exhausted.

She said after a couple minutes, “I think I still owe you.”, she said jokingly, “Hope I never stop owing you after that!”

“I gotta way you can repay!”, I said pulling my dick out. I laid down on the bed. She grabbed it. Her new favorite toy.

“That is so cool!”, she said

I showed her how I masturbate. She played with it until it got hard. “Suck it. You wanted to try it.”, I said. She nodded anxiously. She grabbed my cock and put the head in her mouth.

I told her what felt good and gave her pointers. Her pretty red lips surrounded my shaft. She was doing pretty good for a first timer.

“I gotta show you something. What it does.”, I said. I grabbed my dick and she watched intensely as I masturbated. After a little bit I felt my nut coming on. “Mmmmm eunmmm!”, I said as my body tensed. She jumped back as my sperm flew out.

“What the fuck was that?”, she said. I spanked her ass for swearing.

“I came.”, I said out of breath, “I just came. That is how boys come.”, I said

“What is that gooey white stuff?”, she asked

“It is sperm. Taste it.”, I said

“You taste it!”, she exclaimed

I pretended to. She pushed my finger towards my mouth and laughed. Luckily I moved my head in time and it missed my mouth.

“Please taste it? For me?”, I gave her puppy dog eyes and she did. She tasted a little bit of it. She came over and grabbed my dick and cleaned the pole off. “Nice job!”, I said

Next thing we hear is my sister waking up and yelling my name. We had forgot I took her pants off and stole them. Lol

“I better go back.”, she kissed my cheek and held the other with her hand. “You are so cute.”

I watched Johanna’s ass walk away. Dreaming of the day I will penetrate it and her cute pussy. She walked away head in the clouds. All her fantasies about me coming true. I heard Johanna giggling to my sister. “He did what?!!!”, Jen said

To be continued

By Nick
#PreTeen #Teen

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