Gand Me Lund – Muhurta of my ass in an empty house

My friend inserted his cock in my ass while playing a game! We were playing hide and seek. He took me to the new house being built nearby. There he warmed me by showing his cock.

Friends, my name is Anas. I am a resident of Jodhpur Rajasthan.

Today I am going to tell you the story of my first time gay sex, how cock entered my ass.

Although I have had gay sex many times and with different people, but my first sex was a different and wonderful experience.

Hey… just remembering that day, my body and mind feel happy.

This thing happened when I was 19 years old. But I didn’t know much about sex.
Yes, I had definitely heard of fun and jokes among friends.
Among friends, we used to talk about girls’ boobs and sex with fun.

I had a friend whose name was Bilal.
He was 20. Dusky complexion, tall stature, muscular body, chest was protruding.
He was a handsome boy.

I was a fair skinned and handsome looking boy.
Bilal always used to talk to me nicely and lovingly like a true brother.
I also considered him my best friend.

School holidays were going on.
We all friends were playing hide and seek game.
All the friends were hiding somewhere.

Bilal said- Look, a new house is being built across the street, no one will be able to find himself there.
At first I refused.

It was evening time, it was about 7 o’clock and it was very dark in the new house. There was no electricity so I was scared to go.
I told him all this.

So Bilal said – no one will be able to come, come let’s go. Will win both our games.

I went there after coming to Bilal’s words.
We both came inside the new house.

Its roof was just a new shingle. came to that side. It was very dark. There was only moonlight outside.

We both hid there.

After some 5 minutes, Bilal took out his cock to urinate and started urinating.
I was secretly watching his cock.

Really, I had never seen such a thick cock and such a long dark cock till date.

Bilal also knew that I was looking at his cock.
That bastard was deliberately showing his cock to me.

After two minutes Bilal said – see what is happening with Bhosdi… if you want to take it then speak!
I turned my face away in fear.

Bilal came behind me and said- Listen, do one thing, if you catch me, I will give you some sex tips.

After hearing about sex, something started happening inside me.
Now I myself wanted to hold it once and see how big it is.

I shook my head yes.

He too was probably just waiting for my yes.
He immediately took my hand and put it on his cock.

When his hot cock came in my hand, it felt as if the cock was not getting swollen.
His cock was very hard.

At first I removed his cock from my hand.
Bilal also got scared.
He must have thought that the brother-in-law should not speak to anyone.

We both remained silent for a few moments.

Then Bilal came to me.
He said softly to me – we talk about sex everyday. Let’s have real sex today.
I also said in enthusiasm – how?
He said – both of us together.

I could not understand how two boys would have sex together.
But his cock was still waving to me and I felt again and again that somehow I should catch Bilal’s cock again.

That’s why he caught my cock by putting his hand in my shorts and started caressing it.

Ah… till today no one had taken my cock in hand.
I started having a lot of fun.

My cock suddenly became hard and erect.
Bilal started kissing me; First on the face, then started kissing on the lips through the head.

I also started supporting him.

Just what then. Think of the red cloth seen by the open bull.

We both started kissing and licking each other wildly.
Our cocks were exposed, the bottom clothes were separated from the body.

He said- Look Anas, today we both are going to have a lot of fun. Just this thing should remain between both of you.
I shook my head yes.

He kissed my lips hard and started sucking my boobs by unbuttoning my shirt.
I was also having a lot of fun.

I also unbuttoned his shirt and started moving my tongue on the nipples of his swollen chest.

While I was trying to suck Bilal’s milk, he was enjoying sucking my milk by pressing my head against his chest.

Just like that, after kissing for 15 minutes, Bilal said – today you try sucking my cock!
When I refused, Bilal forced me to sit down and brought his big cock near my mouth.

He brought his cock to my mouth and pressing my cheeks started trying to open my lips.
The tip of his cock was trying to enter my mouth.
I was moving my face here and there again and again.

His cock was almost equal to my mouth. Think for yourself how big his cock will be!

I was liking the strange fragrance coming from his fringes and it was mesmerizing.
But even then I was hesitating to take his cock in my mouth.
Maybe it was because it was the first time.

He started moving his cock on my eyes and lips and started trying to put it in my mouth. He started massaging my head lovingly.

Now I started getting intoxicated and I opened my mouth after being persuaded by him.
He slipped his cock in my mouth and I also took his cock inside comfortably.

Slowly I started sucking Bilal’s entire cock inside.

I found the taste of that cock salty, it also felt a bit astringent.
But later I started liking that taste.

A salty thread like a light wire started coming out of his cock, due to which a lot of saliva started forming in my mouth.
I was drinking his cock with pleasure as if I was drinking nectar.

The sounds of ‘gong moh moh yaam yam’ were coming from my mouth.
He was also having fun.

After sucking like this for ten minutes, he got a sense of bullying.
He forcefully pushed the whole cock down my throat.

My breath got stuck; Tears welled up in my eyes.

Then he took out the cock and said – My dear, right now life is dying in pain, so what will happen if I put it in the ass?
I said – that’s it, now I am going home.

Bilal said – Hey, the fun has just started. If he goes with half the fun, he will be able to enjoy it only by fisting.
I also wanted to go today having full enjoyment.

He kissed me again and put his hand on my waist.
This time he himself sat down and started sucking my cock.

As soon as she took my cock in her mouth, it was as if my cock had come straight to heaven.
Oh, I was having fun too.

He started sucking my cock like a whore, like a small child sucks a lollipop with full force. He was caressing my eggs too.

I started enjoying it very much, so I canceled going back and stayed there.
Bilal knew very well that if he wanted my tight soft ass, he would have to suck my cock.

After sucking my cock like this for some time, she took out a box of cream from her pocket.
The brother-in-law was already in the mood to kick my ass and that is why he had brought me to this empty house.

At that time I was not able to understand anything, so I did not say anything.
He applied the cream on my ass hole and started caressing it.

Then she slipped her little finger filled with cream lightly in my ass. I felt a little pain, but with the help of the cream, my ass hole felt a slight tingling sensation.
In the beginning I protested a little but soon this protest turned into consent.

I bent down holding the gumma sheet kept there and Bilal started playing with my ass.
Slowly, with the help of her finger, she filled a lot of cream in my ass.

Along with that, he also got his cock wet with cream.
Now he made me a mare and holding me tightly by the waist gave me a blow.

The cock entered half in my ass.
A loud voice came out of my mouth – Ammi.
He said – Hey take it from Bhosdi.
I said to him – Ah, I am feeling… Leave me, you bastard.

I was getting short of breath.
The brother-in-law had torn my ass.

He held me tight for 3 minutes.
I told him many times swearing – leave it.
But he did not agree to Bhosdi.

After a few minutes, when my pain subsided, he said – dear, it will not happen now.
I said while crying – let me go brother, my chinmina is dying.
But he did not agree.

He rubbed my boobs and again started moving the cock back and forth lightly.
My pain also reduced and after two minutes I started enjoying it too.
Now the sounds of ‘Oui maa aah…’ started coming from my mouth and he started hitting my ass loudly.

Due to excessive cream applied, the sound of khach khach started coming.
I started having fun too.
He kept pushing his cock in my ass with full force.

Really friends, that day there was pain but for the first time, the pleasure that she tore my ass, I did not get like that till date.
In the next 5 minutes he fell in my ass. His hot hot semen filled my ass.

After that he would beat my ass everyday. Sometimes in doggy style, sometimes in cow style.
Everyday he used to beat my ass in different poses while watching from the net and I would also enjoy getting my ass killed.

Bilal has made me a true gandu.

So friends, this is the story of my first ass fuck.
Apart from Bilal, I have got my ass killed by many other people.

Please mail me your opinion on this Meri Gand Mein Lund story if you want to hear my other funny gay sex stories.
Thank you.
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