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By CcukyBoy

When My wife decided I was not enough for her, I had no option but to be a cuck

I didn’t start out as a cuckold. When me and my wife decided to become swingers it was going to only be single women since my wife is bisexual. We did that a few times. It was hot, but never memorable. Then we decided to try a full on swap with another couple. The first couple of times were OK. The other couples were just all right looking and the spouses never really seemed that into it. Then we met up with a couple that changed our lives.

We met Hillary and Neal at a local bar and they turned out to be very good looking. We had some drinks and started chatting and flirting. Soon, we all decided to get out of there and head back to their place. More drinks were poured and we all sat around the table drinking, flirting, kissing and touching. Next thing I know, Hillary takes my hand and leads me upstairs to their bedroom. I looked at my wife and she waved me on, whispering “go have fun!”

As Hillary and I were making out, all I could think about was my wife alone in some other room with Neal. I was so turned on! I wanted to be there watching! I kept my concentration up just long enough to have fun with Hillary. I know I came a little quick, just because I couldn’t stop thinking of my wife alone with Neal.

After a while of chit chat back and forth, my wife came up the stairs to hang out with us. The two girls started going at it, fingering, licking up our cum and making out. I got so hard watching them go at it. I got behind my wife and as I entered her, I knew immediately this was way better going second! The feeling of her stretched out pussy and the feeling of the other mans cum lubing up my cock was such a turn on. I only lasted a few minutes and blasted another load into my wife’s already used pussy. Hillary quickly got between my wife’s legs and eagerly lapped up my second load of cum.

They started making out, sharing my cum when Neal walked into the bedroom. His cock was half hard, but immediately grew to full hardness. My mouth fell open. His cock was so thick! It wasn’t super long, but massively thick, like a beer can. No wonder my wife’s pussy was so stretched out! He walked up to the girls, his massive cock waving and bouncing in the air and put it up against my wife’s mouth. She greedily took it into her mouth and I could see her tiny tongue swirl around his massive head. He let out a groan as Hillary stood up and started kissing him.

I was so spent so I decided to watch the action from a nearby chair. As I sat, I heard my wife say, “Please give me more of that fat cock Neal. Fuck me like a little slut!”

Hillary said, “I want to see you shove that fat cock in another woman and make her cum baby. Fuck her good for me.”

Hillary motioned to my wife that they get into a 69, with my wife on top. I saw Neal line up his massive cock to my wife’s well used pussy. As it entered her, I saw my wife’s eyes roll back and let out a massive moan. “Oh fuck Neal!Your cock is so good! Fuck that pussy and make it yours baby!”

Her pussy easily took his massive cock and Neal immediately started pounding her pussy relentlessly. My little cock sprang back to life and I just sat there in the chair with a rock hard cock. I heard my wife let out sounds I had never heard before! “Fuck this pussy Neal. Make me a slut for your cock. Make me cum. This is the best fucking I’ve had in a long time. Give me that cock baby. Make me hurt!”

Neal grabbed her hips and started fucking her slower and deeper. “You are such a slut for this cock aren’t you?” he said as he spanked her ass. “You are gonna do anything for this cock from now on aren’t you? You will only want my cock won’t you whore?”

All of this dirty talk and Neal’s big cock must have sent my wife over the edge because she shuddered and let out a moan and came hard. My wife dove back down between Hillary’s legs and lapped at her pussy as Hillary started vigorously licking my wife’s super sensitive clit. Neal just kept fucking my wife, showing no signs of cumming anytime soon. He would occasionally pull out of my wife’s pussy and let Hillary lick his cock clean of my wife’s pussy juices.

After about a good 20 minutes of fucking my wife doggy style, Neal barked out, “Get on your back so I can really fuck you good and make you a true slut for my cock.”

My wife quickly got onto her back. She grabbed her legs and spread them wide to grant Neal easy access to her well fucked pussy. As my wife got on her back, I could see her pussy. It was bright red, swollen and gaped wide open. I looked at my wife with a look of concern, but she was to busy to even look at me.

Neal grabbed some lube, squirted it on the head of his fat cock and dove right back into my wife’s pussy. My wife immediately let out a scream and came again. He grabbed her legs, mounted them over his shoulders and started pile driving his cock deep into my wife’s pussy. My wife kept grunting, “Fuck me! Fuck me please. Don’t stop till you shoot your cum deep into me. Oh fuck I love your cock. Please keep fucking me!”

A twinge of jealousy ran through my bones, wondering if I could ever satisfy her again after watching this fat cocked stud fuck her now for almost an hour total in that night. My cock almost started to soften as I was feeling jealous but then her massive scream as another orgasm hit her brought me back to reality. Her whole body shook and apparently that was all it took for Neal’s massive cock to shoot out its second load of the night. She begged for his cum and grabbed his ass and pulled him tighter so it would shoot into her deeper.

Neal got up off of her and started to pull his cock out. As it finally pulled all the way out, I could see my wife’s pussy, and it was so beaten up and gaped wide open. I then looked at Neal’s cock and just stared at it. I knew he had shown my wife a side to swinging she would want repeatedly. My eyes made contact with him and he just smiled at me, winked, then waved me over to get a closer look. I crawled over to my wife and just looked at his still semi hard cock and my wife’s pussy. Neal laughed out loud and said, “I guess I finally gave her something she had been desiring for a long time huh cucky?”

I looked at him inquisitively. “Cucky?”

He laughed again. “Yes, my little cuckold. I knew I could turn you two into a cuckold relationship. Your wife told me after I fucked her the first time downstairs that she has never had anything like my cock before and she can’t give up big cocks anymore. So, it looks like you either let her fuck big bulls like me more often, or you won’t be getting anymore sex, period.”

I looked at her, she nodded and they all laughed at me. I turned bright red, embarrassed, and wanted to yell, but I knew Neal was right. I couldn’t fuck my wife like that, ever! I looked back up at this “bull” and he ordered me to lick his cock clean. I looked shocked!

“I’m not gay!”, I yelled at Neal.

I looked at my wife and she just looked back sternly and said, “Do it now. This is who you are. So, lick his cock clean, and you better do a good job.”

Neal positioned his cock in front of my mouth and I don’t know what came over me, but my mouth opened. I licked it clean as they all laughed at me. Hillary came over and helped guide me how to clean a cock perfectly. Our tongues intertwined around Neal’s fat cock and soon his cock had no juices left except our saliva on it. Hillary then grabbed me, drug me over to my wife’s pussy and said, ” Clean up her pussy now.” I dove into my wife’s stretched out pussy and started tasting Neal’s cum and her juices.

Something must have come over me because my cock got so hard tasting Neal’s cum in my wife’s pussy. She grabbed my head and shoved me deeper. “Get all that cum out of me you sissy,” she said. “You know you like sucking cock and eating other men’s cum don’t you? You are such a cuckold! Look at you! You are sucking another mans cum out your wife’s pussy!”

I moaned in agreement and blushed. I felt like such an idiot, a gay service boy and yet I was so turned on.

After I was done licking my wife clean, we all got dressed. Hillary and Neal walked us downstairs and to the door. At the door Neal grabbed my wife and kissed her deeply. I just looked on knowing I had to watch and to not say anything. Hillary came up to me, kissed me on the cheek and said, “I had a lot of fun tonight. You were such a good little sissy cuckold!”

When we got in the car, I looked at my wife and asked her if she was serious and if it wasn’t all just sexy talk during the heat of the moment. She laughed, looked at me and said, “No my little cucky. I will be fucking other hung men from now on. You opened this door, so you can’t complain. I will now only fuck you after my dates have fucked me first and you have cleaned me up. That is the rule. If you don’t clean me up or do it poorly, no sex for you. Your little cock can never fuck me like that and I can’t stop having big cocks. I still love you as a husband, but sexually I need more. So, we either do this together, or I’ll do it solo. Got it?”

“Yes, honey,” I replied. Little did she know my cock was rock hard knowing I was loving every minute of this new situation!

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By CcukyBoy
#Cuckold #Group Sex

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