Getting fucked by older cousin Sex Story

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By Indianboy29

This is the fantasy story of me getting fucked by my older cousin.
At that time I was 17 years old and was chubby and had a little feminine body structure, on the other hand, he was 23 yrs old and was quite athletic and muscular built.
One day our families had to go for a function. The function would happen over a span of 4-5 days so they left me at my cousins place as they won’t have to worry about me as I was with him.
The first day was quite boring as he totally occupied in his college work and was in his room only. The main fun started at night…..
So we both were sleeping in different rooms and I wasn’t feeling sleepy at all so I got up and went out of my room and as I was passing his room, I saw that his door was slightly open . I just peeked inside and I was shocked to see a big tent in the bedsheet which was moving up and down. I understood that he was masturbating and got very horny seeing him masturbate. To get a better view I opened the door little more but the door made a noise and I was caught. He asked who was there and I told him that it was me . He asked me what happened and I just blabbered that I was feeling very hot in my room so whether I could sleep in his room. There was a moment of silence but he agreed and I came and slept next to him.
I was very scared but still couldn’t remove that picture of him masturbating from my mind. Suddenly I could feel him come closer to me and I just acted like I was asleep. He came close to my ears and asked me what I felt when I saw him masturbating. I kept quite and he touched my boner and he told me that he knew I loved it. Saying this he started pulling down my shorts and then I was completely naked. He turned me towards him and I saw that he was completely naked too. He started jerking my dick and I wanted to tell him to stop but the only thing coming out of my mouth were moans of pleasure. Then he started kissing my chest and then started sucking my man boobs and I was going mad. I also started jerking his dick and then we both kissed each other and kissed each other deeply.
He then told me to get on my knees and brought his dick near my face and I started sucking it. He then started to push my head deeper making me choak on his thick 6inch cock.
He then told me to lay down and applied some saliva ans tried to push his thick cock in it. My hole was very tight and I screamed telling him to stop as it was paining, so he got down, grabbed a bottle of cream and squirted a lot on his hand and massaged some around my hole and applied the rest on his dick and once again tried to push his dick but it was still tight . But after some more pressure he got the head in and I gasped l. He then pushed and I was shaking as I could feel his big cock entering me. He started fucking me slowly so that the pain would reduce and it did and it turned to pleasure. He them increased pace and started pounding my ass. I was moaning loudly and I could see him bouncing on my ass and that made me more horny. I tightened my ass muscles so that I could properly milk his cock and he started fucking me harder and he released load and loads of cum in my ass and I could literally feel his cum in my ass. He just collapsed over my body and we both were panting loudly. He got off me and we both lay on the bed staring at the roof.
I was hungry for more cock and I got over him inserted his limp dick in my ass which entered easily this time due to his cum and started riding him. He begged me not to as he was very tired but I still kept riding him. I was just loving his entire dick going deep in my ass and then his dick started becoming erect and I started riding faster.
I then got off his dick and got in doggystyle position and was teasing him with my asshole which had become wide from all that dick. He pulled my both hands back and just rammed his dick in my asshole. I gasped and he started pounding me with all his might. I tightened my ass muscles so that I could properly milk his dick. We both were moaning loudly and suddenly his whole body started shaking as he released loads and loads of cum inside me.
He just fell on the bed and I just hugged him and that night we both slept naked cuddling each other.

By Indianboy29
#Gay #Incest #Teen

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