Girlfriend became sister’s friend to fuck

Girlfriend without sister’s friend

Friends, I love having sex and now reading sexy stories and today I am going to tell you all my true sex experience, I am sure you all will like it very much. Friends, today I am going to tell you a story which you will enjoy reading and the incident which I am going to tell happened just a day ago. Friends, this thing happened yesterday, when I had the fun of the first fuck of my life, thinking about which my body gets goosebumps. Among friends, I live in a two room flat with my sister in Mumbai and my sister has a friend named Ragini. Friends, it is very difficult to praise the beauty of that girl, her height is about five feet six inches and she is so beautiful that after seeing her only once, my penis gets excited and that girl often Used to come to our house. Chudne Ke Liye Girlfriend Bani Sister Ki Friend.

Friends, this story is from a day before today, that day there was no one else in my house except me, I knew very well that that girl was going to come to my house any time now, because this is her daily routine. There was work and because of this she used to laugh openly and joke with me. Then I thought in my mind that today I have a very good chance to fuck my sister and I did not want to miss this chance that day. Then within ten minutes I completed all my preparations and started waiting for him and after some time as soon as he went downstairs. Now I saw that the girl was getting down from the rickshaw in front of me. Now I asked her to walk upstairs and when she asked me about my sister, I told her that I am going to call her from the nearby house. Then I saw that she went upstairs after hearing this and now, as soon as she left, I closed the main door below and followed her upstairs after some time. Then when I reached the room, I found her sitting on a chair in the room and now I gave her water, she turned on the computer and started playing on it.

Then after talking to her for some time, when my patience was broken, I got up from there and went to the kitchen and after coming from there, I went after her, quickly filling her in my arms, I pressed both her boobs. Gave. Friends, because of my completely changed behavior, she was very nervous. Now she started asking me in fear that what are you doing with me? And she immediately got up and stood up. Then I told her that my sister has gone to my maternal uncle today and she will come back only in the evening and at this time there is no one in this house except both of us. Now I put her close to me and I started pressing both her boobs hard. Then I started telling him that look, ever since I saw you having sex with me for the first time in my dreams, since then my mind is getting restless to have sex with you and today I had such a good chance, so I wanted to do it. How can you let go of your hands? Now she started saying to me, have you lost your mind, do you even know what you are saying to me? You leave me quietly now or else I will start shouting loudly. “Chudne Ke Liye Girlfriend”

Then I coolly caressing her boobs with great affection and explained to her that no one would know if you shout, I have already closed all the windows and doors and if you do all this with me quietly, you will also enjoy. . Friends, after a while of his saying no, now he had completely stopped protesting and I aroused his enthusiasm by caressing his whole body from above the clothes. Then I told her to walk on the bed and now she went near the bed. Then I unbuttoned the button of his jeans and untied the chain of his pant and then slid down the pant. Now I asked her to take that pant out from her feet and she obeyed me and separated her pant from both her legs and then I came to know that she was wearing black panty. Now I separated her from my strong hold and asked her to lie down on the bed and she immediately lay down on the bed. Now I also opened her top without delay and then I saw that she was wearing black bra, panty inside. “Chudne Ke Liye Girlfriend”

Now I told her that this black colored bra is very fitting on this white body of yours, you are looking very hot sexy in it. Then she started smiling after hearing so much praise from my mouth and now I put my one hand on her panty, because of which she started to sigh and hug. Now with both my hands, I reached her panty to the knees in one stroke, after that as soon as I looked at her pussy, then my cock became very difficult to tolerate and now my cock is like paint Was anxious to come out. Then I moved my hand over her pussy and caressed it by pressing it lightly and told her that your pussy is very soft and hot too. Now she closed both her eyes because of fun and she kept lying quietly like that. Friends, I did not think it appropriate to delay at all and hastily took my cock out of the paint. Then as soon as my cock took out its front part, she opened her eyes and started looking over my cock and I saw that she was watching very carefully. “Chudne Ke Liye Girlfriend”

Now I got up and took the oil can kept on the nearby table and kept it near my bed and I sat on his thigh. Then I took out the oil from the oil box while spreading both her legs and applied it on both the pink lips of her pussy. Now I saw that my cock’s mouth was watered due to passion, I rubbed on the front part of my cock. Now I put my cock on the mouth of her pussy and asked her to spread her pussy. Then she spread her pussy hole with both her hands and as soon as I saw her pussy spread, I jerked with pleasure and enthusiasm, due to which she screamed out loud ahhhhh uffffff. Then I stopped my waist there, then she told me that please you take it out now ohhh otherwise I will die. Now I asked him why? Then she started saying that yours is very fat and I am feeling a lot of pain because of it. Then I asked him have you never had sex? She started saying that no I am doing all this with you for the first time today, please stop now and take it out, I am feeling severe pain, it is becoming very difficult for me to bear it. Is. Friends, you are reading this story on Hot Sex Story. “Chudne Ke Liye Girlfriend”

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Now I told her that yes you are doing all this for the first time today, that’s why you do not know how good it feels after doing this? Now you see, after some time your pain will end and turn into fun. Then I asked her to raise her back to open her bra and then she raised her back a little, after which I opened the hook of her bra and immediately separated the bra from her body. Then as soon as my first glance fell on her completely naked white chubby boobs, after that my cock was filled with more enthusiasm than before. Now I applied some oil on both her boobs and I started rubbing both those boobs with my both palms. I was having a lot of fun doing this and after rubbing for some time when I saw that now his grip on my waist started loosening. Now once again I started moving my waist, due to which my cock started coming out inside her virgin tight pussy. Friends, now, along with rubbing both of her boobs, whose nipples were erect, with my hands, I was also shaking my waist and looking at her face. “Chudne Ke Liye Girlfriend”

Friends, now she was sobbing saying ahhhh ufffff ieeeee no more, that’s enough for today. Now I asked him are you still having pain? She started saying yes little by little and when my cock went inside some more then after some time I felt some obstruction in the way of my cock. Now I immediately understood that it was her clit, I raised my waist slightly and holding her waist tightly with both my hands, I gave a hard blow. Friends, due to my strong blow, she did not get out loud oooeeee ahhh please get out oooeeee no I will die she shouted. Now I took out my cock a little bit and I started rubbing both her boobs once again. Then after some time I started shaking my waist vigorously. Friends, when I saw that her voice of Aaah Oooohhhh, it is not going to stop, then I tightened her lips with my lips and now I started jerking hard. Then after some time he freed his lips and asked me how much more is out? I told him that it is only a little outside, should I put it completely inside now? “Chudne Ke Liye Girlfriend”

Now she nodded her head in yes and happily I pushed my cock completely inside her pussy with a strong jerk from my waist. Now I was happy and fully excited and started pushing her at a fast pace and then after jerking hard for some time, when I felt that I am about to ejaculate and my semen is going to go into her pussy. Then I started rubbing her boobs hard from one side and started sucking her lips from the other side and now she also started synchronizing with my tone. Now I asked him why are you having fun now? She nodded her head saying yes. Then after some time my semen started wetting her pussy. Now, while enjoying the sharp shocks, she came in full of enthusiasm and started telling me that I love you very much and you are very nice, she came completely in my lap while rubbing my back with both her hands after aaah. Then after lying like that for some time, I got up and took my withered cock out of her pussy. It had the goods of both of us. “Chudne Ke Liye Girlfriend”

Now I looked at her pussy, she was very open after being hit by my thick long cock, she kept lying quietly for some time. Then after that she got up and went to the bathroom wearing her clothes, after urinating there, when she came in front of me smiling, then seeing her face full of happiness, I understood that she is completely satisfied with my fuck. Then he asked me to drop him out of the house to the road and I went with him to the front road, while walking I asked him how did you like doing all this with me? Then she smiled and said that I liked it very much, I had never even thought that there is so much fun in doing this work. Then I made her sit in an auto, she left and even then I came to my home happy thinking about my first experience. “Chudne Ke Liye Girlfriend”

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