girlfriend ne friend ki chut chudwayi

(Girlfriend’s kiss)

Hello friends, I was very happy with my girlfriend and she is very hot sexy type of girl. Then whenever we were together.. then at least 4 times the fuck would have been sure and what else does a boy want from his girlfriend. My girlfriend is a natural girl.. She lives alone and I always have sex with her even during her holidays. The problem comes only when.. when she is in period. By the way we have had sex many times during that time also..but she refuses because of pain and having sex at that time becomes very serious and she sleeps with pain pill..but still she sucks my cock and me At least once it gives the pleasure of sex.

Friends, now come to today’s story. This is about those days.. when Meena was on her period and I was in the mood to fuck.. but due to the beginning of the day, there was a lot of pressure along with the pain and she was not in the mood. Then I told her that sweetheart please give me pleasure by sucking cock at least once.. She never refused to suck cock and she used to consider my cock as her lollipop and when I used to make her suck my cock.. She enjoys it a lot and likes to drink all the juice of cocks.

Meena had taken her pain medicine.. which meant she was not going to enjoy for long and she wanted to sleep.. but I was in a hot mood. Then I started pressing and rubbing her big tits and I knew that if I make it hot.. it will not accept my water without drinking it. Then I lovingly bit her nipple and started kissing her neck.

Then I made her hot by sucking her big boobs. Now she straight pounced on me and took off my underwear and started caressing my cock slowly with her hand. There is a strange delicacy in her hands and those boys who have girlfriends.. they know very well that no matter how much you fist with your hand.. when a girl takes cock in her hand.. then there is something different in it. Is.

Then I also started enjoying and after caressing for a while she took my cock in her mouth.. Wow what a pleasure it was that I can’t tell and she was sucking my cock like a lollipop. Then I put my hand in her hair and held her hair tightly and started fucking her mouth by pushing hard. Friends, everyone must have fucked their pussy.. but those who are lucky enough to have fucked their mouth, they only know what is the fun in it. All Meena’s hair was disheveled and I was trying to fuck her mouth with my cock by pushing in full enthusiasm and in the midst of all this the doorbell of her house rang.

Then I told her that let it be, keep sucking my life.. I will leave the water in a while.. But the bell rang again and she got up and started walking towards the door. Then she opened the door and saw.. then her friend Reena was standing there sad.. but luckily no one else was there.. because in the condition Meena had opened the door.. if there was any man.. his hair would have been scattered. By looking at the hair and clothes, he would have understood what was happening inside. Then asking Reena to come inside, Meena pointed towards me to put your cock inside.

The friends were not in the mood to insert the cocks.. but what would they do and this bastard also had to come now.. Then Reena said that she had a fight with her boyfriend and he had dumped her at night itself. Thrown out of her house and if she went home at this time.. then the family members would ask many questions and she had come home saying that she will spend tonight at Meena’s place only.. what is the reason for coming back home all of a sudden Give.. then she didn’t understand anything and she came here.

Then when I asked him why there was a fight between you.. he refused to tell saying it was personal. Then Meena said that Reena and she would sleep in the bedroom and I would have to sleep outside in another room. Then when I indicated to suck cock from Meena.. she flatly refused and said go to sleep.

Then what should I do if I do and I came to the outside room and Meena prepared to sleep by taking another pain pill and it must have been 30 minutes since both of them went inside.. but I was not able to sleep. Then I switched on my laptop and started watching porn movie by putting on headset and started caressing my cock while watching the movie. Friends, the work of cocks is never left half way.. this is known to all and then I was enjoying fisting that’s why someone put his hand on my standing cock and I looked back.. then Reena was standing. And I immediately put my cock inside my underwear.

I was sure she had seen a lot and she said sorry to me. Then I said no man, sorry from my side, you have seen me like this. So she said no, I am not saying sorry for this.. I am saying sorry for the fact that I stopped both of you a while ago..

Then when I said no..we were not doing anything..he said that he could feel Meena’s disheveled hair and labored breath. Then I just said ok and then he said do you know why me and my boyfriend had a fight.. So I asked why? So he said that that bastard makes me suck his cock.. But he doesn’t lick my pussy and he says that he doesn’t like it. Then I sucked his cock and drank all his water and when I wanted to lick my pussy from him.. he quarreled with me and threw me out of the house and my mouth fell open after hearing this.. because I expected such words from him. was not doing

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Then she took off her dress completely in one stroke. Then I said what are you doing? So Reena said that Meena has told me that you like to suck pussy very much and she has also said that when you get excited while licking her pussy.. then you fuck her hard. Then I told her that Reena you are very beautiful.. But Meena and I have girlfriends, boyfriends and she is currently in another room.. So please wear clothes.

Then Reena said quietly quench my thirst and I will quench your thirst..otherwise I will make noise that you forcefully undressed me and you are trying to fuck me and as soon as she said this she immediately pulled my cock out of my underwear Took it out and started rubbing it. Then I refused him clearly.. So he called Meena in a voice and I got scared. Then I put my hand on his mouth and said please don’t do this and go to sleep.

But that sister-in-law was not going to accept whore and then she said that you fuck that I should make noise and when I told her that I do not have condom.. because Meena is in period and I was not going to fuck her. Then he said ok.. but lick my pussy only once. Then I tried to explain to her again..but she again made a sound and again I stopped her and proceeded to lick her soon as I bent down and put my tongue on her pussy and she immediately took off her mobile took a photo from Then I told her that Reena why did you do this? Reena replied that now you will fuck me.. otherwise I will show this photo to Meena and say that you were forcing yourself on me.

Then I understood that now there is no use.. This sister-in-law is a number one prostitute and why not enjoy being fucked. Then I took off my clothes and told her that today I will fuck you like a prostitute.. Because you are a prostitute.. She liked to talk in such language even more. Then he said yes fuck this prostitute, this prostitute is your slave from today. Then I said come on Randi first prepare it by sucking my cock. Then I will fuck you

Then I told Reena that let me show you heaven today and I took her in 69 position and her pussy was clean shaven and completely pink. Then I put my tongue on Reena’s pussy and she started laughing like a serpent. Maybe for the first time someone had licked her pussy and I love licking pussy. Then she had reached the seventh heaven and I licked her pussy so hard for about ten minutes that all her water came out and she became completely cold.. as if life had gone out of her body.

Then I said why Reena randi enjoyed. He only shook his head.. because there was no life left in him. Water came out of her pussy and now I climbed on her and started rubbing her big boobs.. because I wanted to heat and fuck this whore. I took one of her big soft boobs in my mouth and bit it a bit and before she could make any sound.. even before that I closed her mouth with my hand and started sucking her boobs hard.. then that bitch Rand started suffering from pain. Then I removed my hand from his mouth and said come on randi, now you will fuck.. but first suck your master’s cock and then she took my cock in her mouth and made it very wet by sucking and now I could not resist.

Then I put my cock in her yearning pussy.. but friends, her pussy was very tight and it seems that her boyfriend was a eunuch.. because despite being together for so long, her pussy was so tight. It means that he had a very small penis.

Then I pushed Reena very hard and gave a lot of kisses and when I was about to ejaculate.. then I said Reena my semen is about to come out and what should I do now.. then that whore told me that Don’t be afraid and put all the semen inside my thirsty pussy.

Then I said no, I don’t want any child right now and that whore tied both her legs like a snake to my waist and did not let me take out the cock and took all my semen inside her pussy and when The lust of both of us decreased.. Then she said that she will take birth control pill tomorrow morning. Friends then we had sex three more times in that night and luckily for Meena that pill did not let her wake up from her sleep and we continued with our sex without any worries.

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