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#Abuse #Mature #Pregnancy #Rape

By Rajesh

In this story I would tell you how I used and abused girlfriend’s mom after her husbands death.

Hello friends, I am Ajay. This incidence happened when I was 22 year old. I was 6’2″ tall with well built body. I was working as an intern as doctor. My girlfriend was Nusrat and she was 16 year old and 5’4″ tall with figure of 34-25-34. She lived with her Mom and dad. Her big brother was studying in mumbai. I will tell you about Nusrat and how I started to fuck her next time. Today I will talk about her mother Amina. She was 38 year old 5’2″ tall with figure of 40-30-45. She was fair with beautiful face and lovely smile.

It was september and it frequently rained. Nusrat was out on trip with her friends for week. Nusrat called me and she was crying. I asked her what happened. She told me her mom called and told her her father was admitted due to heart issue. Can you please go and help her. I asked her to not worry about anything, I will handle it. I went to the hospital and met with Asifa. I told her I was senior of Nusrat and her friend. She slowly started to open with me and asked me to check on her husband. I went in and his condition was bad. I informed Asifa and Nusrat about that. I told Nusrat to get back as soon as possible. She told me it would take her sometime but she will try to come back as soon as possible.

As I waited with Amina, I talked to her for a while. Soon, we got a call from ICU that her husband was having cardiac arrest and they were giving CPR. As soon as Amina heard that she broke down crying. I tried to calm her down but it was hard for her. After around 30 min we were informed about the death. Amina went to her husband’s body and cried. Later she signed the consent and decided to keep body at mortuary. I drove her home and all the while she was crying. Even when she reached home she was crying. I took her to room and brought some water. She kept on crying. I was getting turned on by her sexiness. She was beautiful and had huge boobs and ass.

I decided to claim her for myself and use her in every way possible. I removed my clothes while was crying. I was standing nude in front of her. She was shocked and her expression showed her confusion. She asked me what are you doing? I said, I love your figure and will make you pregnant today. She said stop you should not do this to me. I went next to her grabbed her head and asked her to suck my dick. She opened her mouth in shock. Before she could understand anything I was deepthroating her. She was trying to move away from me. I kept her in position until I filled her mouth with my cum.

She was exhausted and fell back on the bed. I started to pull her salwar down then I removed her kameez and later her panty and bra. Leaving her nude and devastated on the bed. I decided to lick her pussy. As I licked her pussy it quickly became wet. She was squirming in pain and pleasure. While I also massaged her boobs. I moved up slowly while kissing her and as I reached her boobs. I started to bite her hard on boobs while crushing them. She got resistant due to pain as she started to fight. I didn’t allow her to move a bit and kept her pinned down. I reached upto her lips and started to bite. Her lips started to bleed as I kissed and bit them.

Then I decided to fuck her pussy as my dick was poking her. She was afraid of my 8″ dick. I placed my dick over her pussy and started to push. She was surprisingly tight for married women. As I started to enter her she started to moan in pain and pleasure. Later I started to go rough with her. Now she was moaning loudly in pain. I kept on going until she was filled with my cum. She was saying why are you doing this to me. My husband had just died and you are friend with my daughter. I told her, I am not her friend. I am her boyfriend and I have pounded her so many time but first time was real fun. I will tell you how it started with nusrat in next story.

Amina was shocked at my confession. I flipped her on bed exposing her huge ass. I looked at her ass and spanked her hard. She wailed in pain. I said I was hoping to get this ass for whole night. Then I placed my dick over her asshole. She tried to push me away with her arm. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back. Now she was in doggy position and I pushed hard on her ass. She started to moan in pain and I kept on giving hard pushed. She started to cry as I ripped her ass and entered her pussy. I kept on fucking her ass as she struggled to get away. Later she collapsed on bed with all the pain as I filled her ass with my cum.

She felt her misery was over but it was far from truth. I destroyed her pussy again and again for whole night taking her huge ass in different position as she begged for mercy. I continued fucking her till 4 A.M. I only stopped when her doorbell rang. I tied her hand and leg and gagged her mouth. Later I went to see who was at door. Next time I will tell you how I fucked Amina’s sister Rabia. She was a beautiful police women. I hope you like this incidence.

By Rajesh
#Abuse #Mature #Pregnancy #Rape

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