Going on vacation with mom part 2 Sex Story

#Group Sex #Interracial #PreTeen #Virgin


My mom was forced by dad to take me with her on her yearly Jamaican vacation. So far it has been a vacation from hell.

After mom’s male friends left her sleeping on the bed with white stuff running out of her from between her legs and on her face and in her hair, I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I then pulled a bath towel down putting it on the floor and tried to sleep. The words and sounds from our room and what I saw when I could got in the room still running through my thoughts keeping me from sleeping. And then there was what I was forced to do with those black teenagers as well.
Mom finally get up just before 10 and came into the bathroom still naked and still with stuff coming out of her which I seen when she stepped over me. She was beet red there as well.
As she sat taking a pee she said ” Ho what a night to remember, Jack and his friends were even better than last year. Sorry we went a little longer than I thought we would sweetheart. But if I was to tell the truth, they made me forget you was even here.” She made me feel like garbage. Not only had 3 assholes pushed their things down my throat but now my mom just told me she forgot all about me.
Mom asked if I was hungry and if I was I should go get something to eat cause she was going back to bed to get more sleep. That fucking bitch I thought, she didn’t even ask what I did last night or what happened to me, NOT 1 Question. It was only what she wanted and nothing about what happened to me. Well I will show her.
I put on my tiniest bikini in which my nipples almost showed and it was so low on the bottom part that a few of my hairs down there did show. As I left the room mom said ” Be careful, the boys will be all over you in that bikini.” Well fuck her I will show her.
I walked down the hallway feeling like I was naked and I didn’t care. I walked onto the beach looking for one of those boys from last night. After maybe ten minutes I spotted two of them down by the water well being as upset as I was I walked right up to them and said ” Don’t you guys ever finish a job you started? I mean you make me do my part last night so now I think you should return the favor, don’t you think?” They just stood there looking at my near nude body for a few seconds before speaking.
The tall one who had told me I had to suck them off last night said “So you want more do you? Well you came to the right guys didn’t ya. Follow us, we know of a spot where no one will bug us.” I walked with their arms around my waist. I felt wanted and, more than just a little scared but this will show mom won’t it.
They took me behind the building under a fence and into a basement room. There was a mattress on the floor and not much else. The bigger boy lifted my top and just started sucking on my nipples as the other was pulling my bottom part of my bikini off. Here I was naked in front of two black strangers with one sucking and now biting on my nipples and the other had his fingers going up and down my pussy slit. As his fingers hit my spot it felt even better then when I rubbed myself there and I was shocked when I heard myself give a moan followed by and longer and louder groan. they placed me on the mattress on my hand and knees as they both undressed showing me they both were already hard as rocks.
One laid down in front of me telling me to show him what I had learned last night as the other got behind me. The one behind me was rubbing his thing up and down my slit and I could hear wet sounds coming from there as I began to suck on the one in front of me.
I then felt like I was being torn apart as the one behind me pushed himself inside of me not softly but as hard as he could and the only reason I didn’t scream so loud that they could hear me all the way to the north pole was I couldn’t, cause he pushed so hard it forced the other cock balls deep in my still sore throat. He just started banging away at me breaking me open for the first time and ripping me apart. After a couple minutes he slowed down and we got going together. The pain was still there but it was being replaced with pleasure slowly. I don’t know what age the boys are but, I would say 16 maybe 18 and here I was in between them with both of their things inside my 12 year old body at the same time. I was slowly starting to understand what mom was feeling last night.
All of a sudden it was like my whole world blow up in fireworks as my whole body started to jerk all over the place by it’s self and fireworks went off in my head as I heard “That’s it bitch cum all over my big black cock. We will make you into a BBC loving cunt. You will never want one of those whitey boys after we are done with you.”
It happen two more times before the one pumping his thing inside of pushed hard as he pulled back on my hips and Groaned like a bear I heard at the zoo. He started saying “Fuck, oh FUCCCKKKK.” As he pushed hard against my ass.
He soon pulled out and I could feel what felt like cream running down my inter thighs as the boy I had been sucking got up to take his place pushing his big thing inside of me. This time there was no pain just pure pleasure. I don’t think he had pumped me more than 6 times when I started doing my own jerking as I started saying ” Oh fuck OH Fuck DON”T STOP, DON’T NEVER STOP.” After what felt like years my vision started to come back and as it did I could see a half hard black thing pointed at my mouth which I opened just like I knew was expected of me. I could taste that same stuff on it as last night but, something different as well, and something that tasted like blood. I didn’t mind the taste of their stuff and in a way I guess I kind of liked the salty taste and the other thing I tasted wasn’t bad either but I don’t like the taste of blood.
I started with the fireworks going off with my body jerking and it just wouldn’t stop even when he pushed in so deep that it hurt and stayed grunting and jerking like me. He held me for what had to be two minutes saying he wanted all of his cum in my womb. I was like a total rag doll lying on that dirty mattress. The second boy got a bunch of the stuff running out of me and told me to open my mouth, so I did as he asked. He put his coated fingers in my mouth saying good bitches need to clean their lovers cocks and their own pussies up before going back on the beach.
I ended up sucking both of them off one more time but this time I held my mouth open to shoot their stuff into. They seemed to really like that and like I said I kind of like the taste.
I finished cleaning up the best that I could but, by the time I got back to the room their stuff had started to run past my tiny bikini bottoms and down my inter legs. Mom took one look at me and screamed “DID YOU GET RAPED!” I just smiled

#Group Sex #Interracial #PreTeen #Virgin

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