Got Raped By Uncle Sex Story

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By Lioninoffice

He used to shower all his love to me. But many a times I used to feel uncomfortable by his touch or his presence in the room.

I am 20yrs old now residing in Kolkata, India. I have been quite a good looking chap all through my growing up years. I was quite cute looking. Today I am narrating an incident which changed my life forever. By the way my name is Abhishek. I was 10 yrs then. I used to stay with my parents and my uncle and aunt. I was the dearest of all. My uncle used to pamper me a lot. Then he was around 39. He didn’t have any kids of his own.

He used to shower all his love to me. But many a times I used to feel uncomfortable by his touch or his presence in the room. None the less I used to love him a lot. At the age of 5-6 he used to make me sit in his lap and every time I could sense the hot rod touching my ass cheeks. Let me tell he was quite a good looking man. His height was around 5″9inches, with broad and hairy chest and a toned body with a very small belly.

It was Durga puja time(Indian festival), and I was suffering from very mild fever. So my family members decided to go out for Puja in Temple hopping for whole night but my uncle decided to stay back with me in case I need some help. Although I just had a mild temperature. Everyone went out for the pandal hopping except me and my uncle. At night we had our dinner, and to my surprise he fed me with his own hands. After that I went to my room he also escorted me with me.

He said that night he is going to sleep with me as I am ill. So I went to the bathroom and wore my night shorts and vest and my uncle was in pajamas and nothing else. In the mean time it had started raining outside quite heavily and the weather did become lot cooler and romantic. I went under the sheets and even he went under the sheets and he switched off the lights. Somehow I could feel some kind of tension is building up between both of us. As I started thinking I fell asleep. After quite a sometime I could feel something moist on my lips, as I opened my eyes I saw my uncle’s lips were caressing my lips.

I was shocked, I pushed him and I got up from the bed saying..”What are you up to?” He didn’t reply any. He just jumped out of the bed and held me tight in his strong arms and pushed me against the wall and started smooch me deep. I was struggling to push him back. I have never seen my uncle like this. After around 5mins of deep smooch, He said “I love you…” I replied him back by saying what rubbish” he wasn’t listening to me at all he pushed me on the bed and jumped over me and literally tore my vest off my body and started squeezing my chest hard.

I was shouting as it was hurting me but he pressed my mouth with his one hand started biting my nipples with his teeth. As he was doing this he started saying, I have desired you quite a long time. From today you are only mine. He untied hi pajamas and he slide me hands inside it and a long 7″ candy was waiting to squeeze. I started touching it was still very scared. Suddenly don’t know what happened to him, he became completely nude and pulled my shorts off and took my legs up and started licking my asshole deeper and deeper and deeper and now I started moaning loud.

By this time I also had a huge boner of 6″…again he started saying ‘believe me I love u a lot..” Then I replied him back “if u really love me then suck my cock too…” He stared at me for few seconds and gave a naughty smile and to my utter surprise he took my cock in his mouth and started sucking really hard…As he was doing this I was just going crazy…and I just couldn’t stop myself and shot whole lot of cum in his mouth…he took every drop of it.

Thereafter he came over me and smooched me hard all my cum and saliva was getting inside my mouth and again I was pushing him back in his mouth. He then asked me to take his tool in my mouth. This was the first time I was about to do this. But I took it but slowly and steadily I had a hang of it. After sometimes he asked me to sit in his lap, as I sat his 7″incher started entering my hole and I started shouting as it was tight and virgin. But he didn’t listen any and he just shoves it in and like a virgin vagina

I also started bleeding a bit as it did tear few tissues. I thought he will stop with this but to my surprise it aroused him more… and started fucking me vigorously and I was like in tears. But after 15 mins of hardcore fuck he ejaculate in my hole….That whole night after that he just pampered me loved me. Till today he calls me his second wife. He is now a divorced guy and only makes out with me like I am his wife. Because hat night he said now on “Your are my wife and he actually takes care of me as if I am his wedded wife…Nobody knows about this untold story

By Lioninoffice
#Gay #PreTeen #Rape

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