Grandpas love 1 Sex Story

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By slav4cg

Grandfather catches grandson with a boy, and reveals a new world to him.

I was young when I knew what I was. My neighbor and I fell into a relationship with each other we kept secret. We played and experimented until we found our positions. He was the top and I his servant. I love sucking his cock, playing with him as he look down upon me. I loved it and deeply enjoyed it. Anytime we managed to get privacy we would play. I would beg for his cock even if just for moment. While sucking him in my room while my parents worked I knew we hard hours. I took my time. I kissed and sucked slowly, and finally while my friend was in my mouth I looked up and locked eyes. He was smiling at me enjoying what I was doing. I felt and wave of ecstasy flow through my body as I learn my place. His cock in my mouth him allowing me the privilege of servicing him. So then my eyes softened and I moaning sheepishly at this feeling and knew that this was all I desired.

My parents took me and my friend to my grandparents for a extended summer stay. It was a woodsy area and grandpa was usually the only one home until Gramma came in later from work. I knew my and my boyfriend would have plenty of chances to play. We were dropped off and my parents left late Gramma went to bed and grandpa got us ready. We shared a bed and waiting for a bit to make sure the grandparents were asleep. Kyle my friends was first to act. Pulling his cock out and looked towards me I bit my lip. ” Go on” he said motioning to it.

Him saying this made me fill with desire. I began to play with his cock slowly. Neither of us could cum at this time and at least I had no knowledge of it or anal. Yet, this night I had a idea swirling around in my head anyways. After a while of pleasing Kyle I asked him if you would lay his cock against my crack. Not inside just tightly pressed against my hole. He surprisingly agreed. I took off my pants and underwear and turned to him and he press his cock against my ass. Without knowing it felt right and I asked for Kyle to keep it there while we sleep. He did and the feeling of being submitted took hold and I enjoy a long comfortable rest.

The next day Gramma went to work and I checked for grandpa to be asleep. I saw he was. Kyle stood up as I returned his cock out and hard already I could see the door behind him slightly opened so I could watch out. I looked at him smiled and dropped to my knees taking him in first thing in the morning. I began to suck my best trying to show him the best time I could. I took my time and enjoyed it greatly and my new found habit of locking eyes with Kyle getting lost in the joy of his cock and the dominance he had over me. I was lost for slightly too long and forgot to check the door. Quickly i looked over and my grandpa was in fact there peeking at me. Kyles erect cock in mouth. I froze in place with fear. Figuring he would begin to yell and rush in, but he didn’t. I wasn’t sure but I seemed he had even been there a while before I noticed and had not stop us. Kyle didn’t know. I look at my grandpa froze kyles cock still in my mouth. And my grandpas eyebrows raise and he walked back into his room.

At that moment I finally pulling Kyle out of my mouth and said we might be in trouble. in panic Kyle dressed and went outside and I dressed and peek into my grandpa’s room down the hall. Laying in bed he saw me and motioned me over.

“I saw you just now, boy” he said, “Do you know what that was you were doing.”

“Yes, and Im sorry… I just …” Grandpa cut me off.

“Do you like doing that?” He asked.

Confused and scared I answered. “Yes,.. but please don’t tell…”

Again grandpa interjected. ” No no, we won’t be telling anyone, but you must be very honest with me right now… Ok?.”

“Ok.” I said trusting. He began to ask how long I’ve been doing this and what I understood about it.

Finally grandpa asked “and which of you likes to suck on it more?”

Getting more at lax. ” I do.. I always do..” I replied.

Grandpa smiled at that and said you know grandpa’s like to have his sucked too.
I froze and remember when I saw grandpa gets out of bed a few times naked his cock was so amazing so large and delicious looking I often think of it while servicing Kyle. Would you like to see grandpa’s penis.

“Yes, of course.” I said even though I have seen it. I moved closer getting anxious and thoughts racing of something I didn’t think would happen. Now, it is. Grandpa pull back the covers that was coving him. He was naked under them the whole time. I lock in on his cock now in full view and inspection immediately filled me with pure desire. Noticing how I could not break my stare. Grandpa asked me if I wanted to play with his like I do Kyle’s.

Finally, I jumped on the opportunity I had only dream of. And admitted that I had wanting it for a while now. Grandpa smiled and grab my hand and brought to his cock. I took hold and climbed in the bed rest my body between his legs softly stroking and massaging his cock. My mouth watered as I wanted to take him into my mouth. He became massivly hard and I marveled and bit my lip.

“Looks like you want to have a taste there boy… Do ya?” Grandpa asked.

“Yes,” I said softly.

“Go ahead, then boy, show me how much you love grandpa.”

I the sound of his words I parted me lips and began kissing his cock passionately. He groaned and moaned as I took my time kissing and licking my way to the tip and then finally taking him in. He moaned loudly at that saying, ” that’s a good boy.” And I whimpered hearing this. I made love to his cock slowly and he was amazed and said ” grandpa is in love right now boy, have you ever been cummed in.” Has he pulled himself out saliva linking him to my mouth still.

“What’s cum?” I asked not knowing

His eyes widened and he firmly grab my chin to look straight at me.

” It’s a man seed that he releases after he feels great pleasure. It sprays out a man cock and impregnates a woman, or is sucked out by a tops boy. It the greatest act a man can give his boy. His seed. You want this seed boy ”

“Yes, I do.” I anxiously said. Grandpa stood up and made me sit on the bed indront of him cock resting on my lips.

“Then work for it, boy, earn it, and when you feel me release in your my take it, it’s your reward.

I took him back into my mouth wanting this reward, this seed, from his heavenly cock. I was do everything I could and he was getting ready. Finally as he said it’s here I instinctively looked up and locked eyes with my grandpa standing over me face of pure pleasure and like a raging bull staring down at me soft eyes of bliss his cock lovingly in my mouth, and he released. Holding my head to keep my reflex of the initial blast from making me pull away I was forced to take this warm liquid. And I loved it. I moaned as each shot filled my mouth. His eyes locked with mine taking my place at his cock, receiving his reward for the first time. Cum spulled out over filling my mouth and he finally finished, and after he pulled out I swallowed as much as I could the rest I let rest on my face biting my lip and thanking him.

Grandpa smiled satisfied ” Your welcome, my son, you did that like a good boy.” I smiled happy. His cock still near my mouth allowed me to give it a kiss as I said. “I love you grandpa, and I love your seed ”

Grandpa had me calm down Kyle and said to keep us a secret. Kyle was ok thinking my grandpa was just letting it go. Not knowing that now. I was using any excuse I could to sneak off and satisfy him returning to Kyle with a mouth full of his seed residue and a smile everytime. Grandpa said that if Kyle want I could have him too, unless grandpa was there. And so began the beautiful begining.

By slav4cg
#Gay #Incest #Mature

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