Had some sex with my co-workers wife at their house and he was there Sex Story

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After many years of seeing my co-workers wife at office events, I went over to their house with him one day for our lunch break. She was home …

I have been working with my friend for about 20 years now. Our wives know each other, and they always come to any of our office events. We have drunk alot together, and danced with each other wife, but that had been it until last week, on having our lunch break at his house.

When we pulled up at his house, he mentioned that his wifes car was there, and he thought she was at work. We went inside, she was in the kitchen wearing her bra, a slip and I could see her panty lines. I most likely turned red, and excused myself, turning to head out the front door. She told me to wait, and please stay. She asked us both if she could make us lunch, when my friend told her we had stopped by for our lunch break. She started right in on making us up something, not really caring about me seeing her. She did make a comment, that what she was wearing was much less revealing than her swimsuit she wore in public. My friend agreed.

We all were standing around in the kitchen, my friend grabbed us some ice tea. The three of us were talking. She was going to do grilled cheese sandwiches, and just as she was saying she did not want her good silk slip to get damaged, off it came. She did look very fine in her lace bra and matching panties, which my friend mentioned, and I had to completely agree. Now she turned a bit red, but I am sure not as much as I first did.

We each grabbed a plate with our food and our drinks and went and sat in the living room. I was eating and was able to totally make out her pussy lips and nipples right through the thin material of her matching very nice lace trimmed outfit. I had a bit of a tent forming in my pants. Now it was her that was now seeing a bit of me, but not as much as I was seeing of her. I did see that my friend also had a tent in his pants. She stood up to collect the dishes, asking if drink refills were wanted. As we were handing her our dishes, she mentioned that having a hard on in tight pants really must hurt, and it really would be ok if we got a bit more comfortable and let those hard things loose.

She returned from the kitchen very quickly, and egged us both on to open our pants up. Now we had had some sexual banter before, after a few too many drinks at some of the office parties, but that was all it ever was. But none of us were drinking any booze, and my wife was not there. My friend had his pants open and then off and he sat back down. I was still just undoing my belt and unbuttoning my levis. She stood just in front of me watching. Just as my friend had done, I let the pants fall to the floor. I wear boxers, and out pops my hard-on through the boxers front opening.

She was down on her knees in front of me, and took my cock in hand and also into her mouth. I first looked down at her doing that, got even harder, but then I quickly looked over at my friend, and was surprised to see that he was looking on and had his hard cock in hand stroking himself. She stopped sucking my cock, saying it really would be a waste of good and very hard cock to just have me cum in her mouth, she wanted it in her pussy.

She stood and dropped her panties, and reached behind her back, her bra then sliding down her arms and dropped to the floor. She was really fine looking. She turned, moved onto the floor, getting onto all fours. With my friend looking on and masturbating away, I got down on the floor behind her and my cock slid into her nice wet pussy. At home with the my wife, I can go for a good 15 to 30 minutes before cumming, but right then, I was just started cumming in just a few minutes. I did fill her up with cum, but I was feeling a bit bad as I know for sure she had not cum., and I said that. She said she understood completely about me cumming so quick, not a problem, but she did agree she would just love to cum too. She moved onto her back and opened her legs, I was down on my stomach between her legs in a heart beat. I had eaten a bit of my own cum many times while eating my wifes pussy, so this was nothing new to me. I did what I have done for years to get my wife to cum, and it worked just the same way for my friends wife, she was cumming in about ten minutes.

Now I missed seeing my friend during this time, but when I did look over at him, the front of him was covered in cum. We switched places and he went for what in my younger years we had joked about calling it “sloppy seconds”, he had his cock in her and was pumping away. I sat back on the sofa and watched, and I never really got soft, just stayed super hard. I caught myself doing just as he had done, and was stroking myself.

Now he pumped away on her for alot longer than I did, and I know she came again, then he came again, and she was so filled up with cum that the slapping of wet groins together could be heard very well. When they finished, she crawled over to me, and started back in on giving me head. It took a bit longer this time before I came, but I did learn, she was a swallower, I started cumming in her mouth and I did not see a drop leak out.

They went upstairs to their bedroom to clean up, and I went into the downstairs bath and cleaned myself up. I was standing in the front door hallway waiting when they came down, he was dressed and ready to leave, she was totally naked and came at me going in for a big kiss, my hands could not help but grab her beautiful boobs.

The rest of the day, as we worked our route, we did not talk about what had just happened. But the next day, we did start to chat a bit. One thing, his wife wanted him to tell me that anytime we wanted a lunch break at their house, she better be there, and that she would like it to be at least once a week.

#Cheating #Exhibitionist #Mature #Voyeur

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