Having some fun with my Step-Son Sex Story

#Abuse #Teen

By Ashley

I love my step-son, and love to tease him and play with his tinny ding dong.

Hi I’m Ashley, 26 and I live in one of the posh areas in my city. No, not because I was a hard working boss bitch and earned it, because I married a horny simp old man, Oscar (68) who was near his death bed.
Well, I was his third wife. And was married for just 2 yrs. But I got his house and a million dollar in my account. And guess what I didn’t had to have sex with him much as he was sick most of the time.
The only pain in the ass is son from second wife, Adam. He is 12 and lives with me. His mother had left my husband way back and left the country with another man. So Oscar was taking care of Adam, and since he passed away so I have Adam with me.

Adam is a nerdy kid, smart but ditsy. He wears thick glass and studies all the time. Weirdo.

I on the other hand a sexy goddess. Young vivacious glass who is certainly not a mother material. So he is kid of a sore to the eye for me. Maybe that’s the reason I bully him a lot.

Since he is prude, I walk sometime walk naked in the house. So when I bring some guy in the house, i have sex in the living room, and do not stop even he comes in the room.
While passing him by I play this game where I grab his crotch and tug it. I laugh to see him go shy. He hates it.
Lately I have become obsesses with him. I even started to pull his shorts down when he passes by me, just to terrorize him more.
One day I was sun bathing by the pool, naked ofcourse and he came with his books and sat on the other side. I was bored so I jumped in the pool and swam up to him on the other side.

“Whatchya doing?” I asked play fully playing my arms on the curb, still in the water.

“Nothing just reading a book” He replied
“Why don’t you join me here?”
“No I just had a shower”
“Don’t worry, get me mommy will clean you really well”

I lifted my self up and grabbed his legs and started to pull him down.
He got dis-balanced and fell, I pulled him in the pool.
He was trying to catch his breathe when I pulled his shorts and underwear down in side the water.

“Hey what are you doing?” he asked
I came up and replied “Relax” and went back inside
He had a small dick cover with foreskin. long foreskin. No hair anywhere. Nice
I started to suck him cock inside the water.
It went is inside my mouth like a shrimp.
He was trying to paddle away with his legs but I held tight.
I came up for some air.
“Stay still” I shouted
And went back inside and filled my mouth with his cock and balls at the same time.
I kept on it till his small thin dick came inside my mouth. I came out spit the cum out and twisted his nipples and came out of the water with a smile.

He stood there baffled what happened.

Such teasing and dick sucking continued. He was getting used to and comfortable with these sessions. So When I day I spread my legs and made his lick my pussy he was more than happy to do so. I mean who wouldn’t like to lick the pussy of a 26 year old girl with tight pink pussy.

Now he is my sex toy and I suck him when I want and make him eat my pussy and ass when I want.
Life is good.

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By Ashley
#Abuse #Teen

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