Hi. I finger my sister for the first time, and she wants more Sex Story

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By Eric

I was just a normal weekend, our parents were away. So we had some fun together.

I am 16m I got home Friday after school, my parents were out of town. So it was just me and my little sister, Anna she is 12f. She was in her room, when I got got home I went straight for the couch and started watching TV. After a bit I heard my sister go to the bathroom to take a shower, but I didn’t hear the door lock. I started fantasizing about her smooth body, and the water running down over her, how the water makes its way all over her beautiful body. All I wanted now was to see her body, her tight ass and that almost flat chest. I made up my mind, I needed to see her, I went upstairs to the bathroom. A small bit of steam was crawling out from beneath the door. The door was slightly cracked open, I opened it some more, looking trough at mirror where the reflection of the shower would be, but it was all fogged up so I couldn’t see anything. I stepped into the bathroom.
Shocked to see my she turned of the water and slid open the shower door.
“what are you doing here” she said
I didn’t really know what to say, all I was able to say was “the door was open, you didn’t lock the door”
She smiled and said “I must have forgotten, since we are the only ones home”
After I got what I came here for, getting to see her amazing body. I tried to leave so she could continue.
But as I walked away she stopped me, and asked if I could help her wash her hair, and the part of her back she couldn’t reach. Of course I said yes to helping, I am her big brother and a brother should always be there to help. she told me to put my clothes next to hers and to get in with her, as I stripped down she turned on the water again, then looked at me and said come on the water is just perfect.
I put my clothes next to her clothes ontop of the Counter. The closests she is planning on wearing after the shower were neatly folded with her pink pantis on top they had a cute little bow in the front at the top. I could also see her skirt and long sleeve, and her kneehigh socks. I left my clothes in a messy Ball, and get in behind her.
I trying my best to control my boner, but with me being a horny teen and her ass being so close to me it is so difficult. She hands me her shampoo, I start washing her hair and the give her a skalp massage, something she really seems to be into. It was almost as if her knees where about to buckle in beanth her, but she kept her cool, I end the hair wash with a final round of conditioner.
Now I made my way down to her back. I began with rubbing in some soap, then when one to giving her a good massage, my hands moved from to middle of her back to the sides. I then had to ask if it was okay if I accidently touch the sides of her boobs. She really enjoyed my massage and didn’t want me to stop so she said “what, oh yeah. I don’t mind if you touch them” I got really excited when she said this, but I had to stay calm. I then asked her to move her arms, so that I could easily get to the sides, she the moved her arms all the way up, and rested them on her head, I could see that she was almost starting to get armpit hair, but there was almost nothing there. I grabbed around her waist, loosened my grip and slowly slid my hands up along her sides, when I got to the high of her boobs I reached her, and quickly grabbed them, she moaned and said “Hey! What are you…” She paused for a bit as I gave her some good squeezes, then she continued “don’t stop, I feel really nice” I let her enjoy it for a bit listening to her moane was really fun.
I then looked down at her ass and asked if she had cleaned it properly, she answered “I think so” “well let me make sure then” I responded. I let go of her boobs and moved my hands to her ass, I told her to lean forward and to put her hands on the Wall. When she bent over her ass backed up closer to me, leaving me with almost no room. I spread her ass and took a look, it looked fine. But I told her that I had to use my hand to make sure. With one hand I grabbed hold of her shoulder, and with the other I pressed it between her ass cheeks. I moved my fingertip in circles around her butt hole. Then gripped her shoulder tighter and pressed my finger inside of her ass,she moaned as she gasped for air. I pulled my finger out and pressed it back in again over and over, each time she moaned and begged me to not stop.
I had to stop a one point, I told her to spread her legs for one last thing, with my hand between her legs, I reached to her front. I dragged my hand back and forth over her pussy, I tried to get my fingers to enter, but it was to tight. Anna collapsed on down to shower floor. I turned off the water and got out, as I got dressed I told her that she was welcome. She was out of breath and said “Eric.. th… hank.. you for.. m.m. making. me cl. clean” I gave her a smile and walked out. A bit later she came to me as was sitting in the couch. She said “hey look” and then she lifted up her skirt, wow I thought as I look at her hairless pussy. “Where is my underwear” she said. I told her that I didn’t know, but then asked her why she needed it, after a bit I convinced her that she didn’t need one, when it is just us two home. She dropped her skirt back down, well the view was nice for a bit I thought, my eyes then started to glid down, I stopped when I got to her knees, I could see red dots on her Pale skin, left from her sitting on the floor of the shower. She looked at the TV and asked
“What are you watching”
I don’t remember what it was but it wasn’t anything fun cuz I remember being bored. She then sat down next to me, we watched TV for a bit. I then asked her what she thought of the shower. “I was really nice, and thank you again for helping me, and btw the massage was amazing” I grabbed her thigh and said if you want I could a message now, she seemed to like that suggestion for she almost jupped trough the roof when she responded with “yes!!! .. um I mean yeah I would be down for that if you want”. I then told her that we should go to her room so that we have more space. She sprinted up the stairs. And I follow in a normal walking speed. I was about to tell her to get on the bed, but when I walked in she was already on the bed. She was on her back with her knees pointing towards the roof, leaving me with a clear upskirt View of her amazing pussy. I sat down on side of her bed, then pulled up her skirt and placed my hand on her now wet pussy. I aks her if she wanted me to make her private place to feel good, she looks looks and looked at me with the cutest expression and said a quiet “yes please” to warm it up I moved my hands back and forth over it, then I tried again to enter with my finger, and this time I wasn’t met with a tight wall, but instead a slippery slide, I was expecting more resistance so I had put more power behind my finger, so this time when it started moving, it just went the whole way in. You moaned louder then earlier today. When my finger had gone all the way, there was nothing else to do but to pull it back out. This was not an easy task, for the explosive feeling of goodness, the her pussy had given her was now making her tighten up, it was like her body didn’t want me to leave, so even with the finger all the way down to the top knuckle. I still had to go a bit Deeper, so this time pressing my whole hand against her pussy, it made my finger move a little bit, just enough to make her moane again, as she moaned I quickly removed my finger. I began rubbing her pussy lips, she really liked this for she couldn’t lay still. She was squirming and rolling around. I pressed my finger in again, this time only half way so that I could back it out. In and out over and over I moved my finger, until she couldn’t take it anymore, her breathing was out of her control, she was trying her best to gasp for air. At this point her pussy was over flowing and it was now dripping onto her bed, I pulled down her skirt. I grabbed her blanket and tucked her in , she Looked at me again looking so cute, now with Rosey checks. I kissed her forehead and went to my room,
I got in my bed and and pulled out her pantis from my pocket, the pink with the cute bow, I sniffed them not expecting much, but then wait was she going to wear used underwear after taking a shower, I know that these have been used cuz they smelled just like her pussy.
Sniffing her pantis made my dick excited, and after being hard for this long without a relief. I just have to jerk off, I was jerking off with my eyes closed and her pantis resting on my nose, mmm the smell of her pussy is so sweet I thought when all of a sudden, my sister snatches the pantis off my face “so that’s where they are” she said while putting them on, I tried to hide my erection, but she then asked “I am good with my hands, do you want me to help?”

To be continued in part 2
“My sister helps around the house”

By Eric
#Incest #PreTeen #Teen #Virgin

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