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#Bisexual #Interracial #Pregnancy #PreTeen #Rape

By Connor

A black man breaks into my house and rapes my mother in front of me before turning his attention on me.

One day over the summer my mother was in the kitchen making lunch while I was in my room playing video games. We lived with my dad in a middle class neighborhood, nothing too glamorous but not run-down either. It was a hot July afternoon and my mom had all the windows and doors opened when a man comes up to the door and knocks.

“Hello, I’ve got a delivery for Emily” the man said.

My mom went to open the door when suddenly the large 6’5″ black delivery man burst through the front door a grabbed my mom by the neck, forcing her to bend over the nearby table. My mother was a much shorter 5’7″ brunette with larger boobs, she certainly stood no chance against the towering black man. Neither did I as I was only a 5’2″ 11 year old boy. I heard loud banging coming from downstairs and when I got up to investigate my mother screamed,

“HELP… PLEASE DON’T DO THIS… HELP ME…” in a loud frightened tone.

“Shut the fuck up bitch, I’ll do what the fuck I wanna do!” the man said as he slapped my mom across the face.

My poor mother was crying as he held her down by the neck and ripped her tight leggings revealing her soft round ass. He slapped my mom again, this time harder on her ass leaving a red mark. She jumped and started crying harder,

“Please just leave me alone, I won’t tell anyone, just please leave me alone…” she said through tears.

“I told you once bitch, shut the fuck up or I’ll beat your ass harder.” he said aggressively.

He pulled out his cock, gave it a quick stroke then shoved it deep into my moms unprotected pussy. She screamed even louder now, hoping that someone outside might hear but no one else was there. There was nothing I could do but hide and watch, hoping he didn’t hurt my poor mommy anymore than he already did. The man now tore off my moms shirt and bra so that she was now totally naked, her tits pressed into the table looked even larger than normal. He continued to rape my poor mommy’s pussy harder and harder, my mother now gone silent with tears running down her face.

“You like this cock in her hole bitch? I know you white bitches love getting fucked by niggas like me.” he said pumping deeper into her hole.

“Please Mr. *sob* don’t cum in me, my husband and I can’t afford another baby.” my mom whimpered back.

“This was only gonna end one way bitch, with my cum deep inside that tight white cunt of yours. All you have to do is say you like my black cock and that weak fuck you call a husband can raise my black baby. How’s that sound, huh bitch, you wanna say you like black cock?” the man said, still deep inside my mom.

Whimpering, my mom replied, “Yes, I love your black cock”.

“I can’t hear you bitch” he said, slapping her face again, “Say it louder or I’ll bring my nigga friends back here and run a train on your bitch ass.” he said.


“There we go, that’s a good bitch, now lets fill that white pussy of yours up with black cum.” the man replied.

Just then, he erupted a geyser of cum in my mom’s pussy. I couldn’t tell how much went in her, but based on the amount flooding out around his cock, it must be a lot. As he pulled his monster cock out of my mom he turned around and saw me standing there in the doorway crying. Before I could move he ran over and grabbed me, pulling me next to my naked mom.

“You like watching big niggas like me fuck your bitch ass mom is that it?” he said.

All I could do is cry as he forced me to look at the sobbing mess he turned my poor mother into.

“Look at those big round tits on this bitch, these tits are gonna feed the baby coming out your mom’s pussy here soon boy.” he said while slapping her breasts.

Through the sobbing my mom then started to beg the man, “Please don’t hurt my boy! He’s only 11, *sob* he shouldn’t be seeing this Mr. please just let him go!”

“You know bitch, I wasn’t going to but you just gave me an idea” said the man turning towards me, “Listen here boy, I want you to suck this nigga cock in front of your bitch mom and I promise I’ll leave you alone”.


“Relax bitch, this will all be over soon” said the man as he guided his hard cock towards my mouth.

I began to gag on the size of his cock. I didn’t know a penis could grow so large, and I don’t know how something so big could fit inside my mom. He held the back of my head in one hand and started bobbing it on his throbbing shaft. I could barely swallow more than 2 inches before bottoming out. My mom, covered in cum, sweat and, tears was now forced to watch the massive black cock that raped her fuck her little boys mouth. I was crying as I gagged on the mans huge cock when finally he held my head down tight and said,

“Get ready boy, I’m cumming”.

Just as before, he flooded my mouth with cum and half the load spilled out onto my face and neck. In the heat of the moment he went into a blind frenzy and tore my shorts off exposing my young, white ass. He lifted me up effortlessly and began brutally fucking my ass.


“You said you’d leave us alone, what are you doing to my son!?!” cried my naked mother, hitting him to no effect.

“Quiet down bitch, I fuck who I want, when I want, how I want.” said the man kicking my mom away in the pussy.

The pain he was causing my young ass was unbearable, but all I could do was cry as mommy held my hands saying it would be ok. Eventually the man worked himself up for a third orgasm as he shot another load of sperm in my tight asshole. He then dropped me on the ground and as I laid there curled into mommy’s arms he said,

“Don’t tell nobody, else I come back with my friends and run that train on both of you bitches”.

He put his clothes back on and walked out the door leaving my mom and I naked laying on the floor crying, covered in cum and sweat. My mom held my head close to her boobs and rubbed my head saying everything would be alright. A few hours later my dad came back, and my mom greeted him as usual. We were both too afraid to say anything about what happened. We never saw the man again after that but we still lived in fear he would come back again. I noticed my mom’s belly begin to grow and asked if it was from the black man and she said yes. My dad doesn’t know it’s not his and I don’t know what he’ll think when he finds out, but I’ll never forget the day I saw my mom getting fucked.

By Connor
#Bisexual #Interracial #Pregnancy #PreTeen #Rape

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