Hot Aunty Chudai Kahani – The fun of first chudai with an aunty

Read in the story Aunty Chudai that while coming in the bus, I became friends with an aunty. I started sitting with him everyday. How did sex start with him? How did he invite me to his house and get me fucked?

My name is Vikram Singh. People lovingly call me Vinny. I am a resident of a small village in Rohtak district of Haryana.
Right now I am doing my guest house work in Gurgaon.

I have been reading Sex Story regularly for the past four years.
These stories gave me courage to write my truth and I decided to share my sex story with you all.

This Aunty Chudai story is a true incident of my life.
Nothing has been written exaggeratedly from my side in this.

This story is from the time when I used to go from my village to Rohtak school to study.
Now I am thirty years old. This story is about 10-11 years back from today.

I was studying in a very prestigious school in Rohtak.
To go there, I used to take a bus from my village and leave for Rohtak everyday at around 6.30 am.

Due to departure early in the morning, there was no crowd in the bus and all the passengers used to go in it, I got to know my best friend.

A thirty year old aunty from the village before mine always used to come in the same bus.
I got to know him very well.

At that time there were not many mobile phones, but when I came to class XII, my family members arranged my tuition three months before the final examination, due to which now I started going home late in the evening.

I got the benefit of the same thing in the form of sex.
On the very first day, I was returning home after studying.

I saw that the aunties who meet in the bus in the morning, go back home by the six o’clock bus in the evening.
Since I knew her well, I sat with her in the bus and she was also happy to see me.

Then he asked the reason for my late arrival, so I told that my family members have got me tuition to get a good result.
That day, for the first time, Auntie spoke to me a little openly.

That day most of the talks were happening only about my studies and future. Now since Aunty came to know that the time of my return is in the evening, Aunty used to book my seat.
Now both of us used to come together in the morning and evening.
Now she had also started joking with me.

Sometimes aunty used to ask me that you don’t have any girlfriend, that’s why you don’t study with attention, you just keep on doing mischief.
I also used to say jokingly that I have not found anyone like you Aunty, who I like.

My aunt used to always smile at this and used to scold me lovingly.

While talking, I forgot to tell you about Aunty’s figure.
Aunty always used to wear fitting salwar suits, due to which she always looked like a thorn.

She used to wear very light make-up, which enhanced her beauty even more.

There was always a sweet smell coming from his body, due to which I always used to get excited.
The most special thing about her body was her 34 size boobs and 38 size ass. He also had a slight belly, which instead of reducing his beauty, increased it.
Her complexion was very clear and she had a small mole above her lovely pink lips, which I found very cute.

As I told that the month of December had arrived and the cold had become severe.
This thing is on December 20, when my winter vacation was over.

I did not go by bus in the morning but when I came back from tuition class in the evening, my aunt was very happy to see me and started asking me the reason for not coming in the morning.
I told them.

Then I asked her about her family, she told me that she has been married for eight years and her mother-in-law, her husband and herself live in the house.

I asked him that and your children?
When I asked this, she got upset and told me that she cannot have children.

Hearing this, I was very upset and I said sorry to him.
Since aunty was starting to look sad, I started trying to make her laugh back.

The next day I told all this to one of my crazy friend Hitesh.
He said to me- Son the iron is hot, there cannot be a better chance than this.

He gave me complete knowledge just like bastard friends get knowledge.

That day when I boarded the bus, I went and sat beside him.

All of you must know that it starts getting dark after six o’clock in winter.

That day the aunt had taken the shawl.
Due to cold, I was sitting next to him and started pretending to be a little cold.

Aunty asked me why are you not talking today?
I told that today I am a little unwell, feeling cold.

Hearing this, the aunt took off her shawl and gave it to me.
I told him that you also put it from the front.

As soon as we put on the shawl from the front, my hand in haste touched the aunt’s breasts, which I quickly removed.

At the same time I noticed that a slight smile spread on the face of aunty.
I remembered all the things and all the knowledge of Hitesh.
Now I started acting while sleeping and put my head on aunt’s shoulder.

Auntie did not make any effort to wake me up, but after a while her hand started moving.
She put her hand on my thigh and started rubbing lightly, which made my cock erect.

Somehow I was excited by the smell of his hair, some because of his actions. Now my whole body started heating up. I felt as if I had fever.
On the other side, aunt was smiling seeing my condition.

Slowly his hand was coming closer to my cock.
I was feeling bad because of excitement.

As soon as the aunt put her hand over my zip, I also put my hand on her mom from inside the shawl and started caressing one.

Auntie started laughing out loud and she said in my ear – even Vishwamitra had not spent as many days as you have spent.
Hearing this, my happiness knew no bounds and I started caressing their mothers with love.

Aunt also took out my cock by opening the zip and started caressing it with great love.
His soft soft hands were giving me a lot of comfort on the cock.

Now nothing more than this could happen in the bus.

Within a short while my cock spewed his lava, which he cleaned with his handkerchief.
We started having fun like this in the bus.

Aunt always started bringing shawls.
Now we didn’t even have any worries and our actions were also increasing gradually.

Once the bus was less crowded, so aunty was in a high mood that day.
Auntie had surrounded the back seat.

As soon as I reached, Aunty put her mouth directly inside the shawl and said that if anyone comes here, then tell me and she got down and started sucking my cock.

His sucking style was very good.
Within five minutes my work was done and he cleaned my cock by licking it.

Like this our days were passing in fun, but we were not getting a chance to fuck completely.
I also used to sweep aunty with my hand and sometimes aunty used to do my work with her mouth and sometimes with her hand.

Then one day the aunt told that her mother-in-law is sick, because of which her husband will stay in the hospital at night and she will stay in the hospital during the day.
I was very happy to hear this and I asked him can I come to your house?

He said – you can come, but it will be a risky job. If caught, there will be a good beating. And what excuse will you make at home?
I said leave it to me.

I took the bike to the aunt’s house after talking about group study at Hitesh’s house.

I parked the bike a little far away and as soon as I reached his house.

Aunty quickly took me inside and closed the gate.
Mine was bursting now.

It was about ten o’clock in the night. It took some time for me and aunt to become normal.

He offered me tea.
I laughed and said that I want to drink milk.
He said who has forbidden.

Today we got this opportunity after a long time and we wanted to enjoy it to the fullest.
Aunty took off all my clothes one by one and I also took off all the clothes of aunty while kissing.

Only one panty was left on her body and Aunty was ready to fuck, looking very sexy.
I was looking at them with devouring eyes and aunt was also happy seeing my weapon.

I kept kissing Aunty for a long time and kept drinking juice from her nipples.

My cock was also knocking on her pussy from above her panty.
Aunty was also repeatedly asking me to insert cock in her pussy, but I had to torture her more now.

I had heard that the work gets done quickly the first time.
So I told aunty to do it from the mouth first, then I will put it down.

Auntie had gone completely mad. She started sucking my cock very fervently.

Within two minutes, my cock removed the water and the aunt cleaned the cock by sucking it.

Even after the cock fell off, the aunt did not stop sucking the cock and started licking my cock again and again.
His hard work paid off and in no time my cock was erect again.

I removed aunt’s panty and spread both the legs with my hands.

As soon as I put my hand on her pussy, I felt her pussy hot.
Then as soon as I kissed the pussy, the aunt’s sigh came out and she said while requesting me – Vinnie please, don’t bother anymore… put it inside quickly.

I came over the aunt and started kissing her and putting it in her pussy.
I told aunty that this is my first time.
Aunt became happy to hear that she got a bachelor cock.

He held my cock with his hand and set it on his pussy and lightly lifted his ass and gave me the green signal.
I also slowly put my cock inside, due to which there was a little pain and slight pleasure on the face of the aunt.

As soon as the aunt started lifting her ass, I started feeling that everything is fine now.
Aunty started telling me to fuck hard, I also fell asleep.

After five minutes, her body became stiff and she fell down sighing.

After a while she started supporting again and after ten minutes we both had a fight together.
That night we both had sex several times.

At four in the morning I left my aunt’s house and came to the playground.
From there he came home at five in the morning and slept.

Aunty’s mother-in-law remained ill for eight days and I and Aunty did Aunty Chudai for those eight days.
After that the aunt gave me the good news that this time her period did not come.

After that I went to his maternal home and had sex with him and his sister.
I will tell that sex story later, first you comment on this sex story and tell how you liked it.
I hope you enjoy Aunty Chudai Kahani.

If I get your good thoughts, I will keep writing more stories of my life in the future.
Your Vinnie Rajput

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