hot aunty ki chudai

The aunt herself invited me to her home to enjoy the hot aunty’s sex. Aunty used to hug me or kiss me on the cheek to impress me.

Friends, my name is Manu Yadav.
Three people live in my house. Mummy Abbu and me. Mummy Abbu calls me by the name Chhotu at home.

This is my first sex story of hot aunty ki chudai.
This is about the time when I was studying in class 12th.

Our house was on the third floor in an apartment and a family lived in front of our house.
Uncle aunt and her son and daughter used to live in that family. His son was in junior class and daughter was in 12th class.

Aunt’s age was 38-40 years. She was a good friend of my mother.
His name was Aarti.

Auntie was slightly dusky in appearance. His height was around 5 feet 4 inches. In terms of figure, she looked exactly like Divyanka Tripathi. Aunt’s figure was 34-30-36.

Sometimes when Aarti aunty used to see me alone, she used to hug me or kiss me on the cheek.

At that time, I started having sexy thoughts about Aunty.
However, later something had happened that whenever Aunty used to touch me, I used to give her a muscle too.
In a way, there was an unspoken agreement between both of us.

Once uncle and his children had to go out for some work.
Auntie’s health was not good, so she did not go with her.

Aunty came to meet my mother in the evening and saying that she was not feeling well, she said – let Chhotu sleep at my house today. I feel like the house is deserted.

Mother also said- Yes, he watches TV till late night. I will also be free from the noise of its TV.

I went to aunt’s house after having food.
When I went, the aunt opened the door and called me inside and closed the door.

Auntie was wearing a salwar suit.
I sat on the sofa and started watching TV.

Aunty went inside and when she came back, she came wearing a maxi.
Aunty sat hugging me as soon as she came.

I started getting warm from inside just by looking at them.
That’s why aunt started caressing me by putting her hand on my thigh.

I didn’t say anything, just kept my eyes fixed on the TV in front of me.
I was also getting nervous.

While caressing my thighs with her hand, Aunty had checked by touching the joint of my legs that my cock has also started puffing.

Aarti Aunty said – What is the name of your girlfriend Chhotu?
Me- Aunty is not my girlfriend.

Aarti Aunty- So you haven’t done anything till now?
I said with a slight smile – what do you mean by nothing done aunty?

At first Aarti aunty did not say anything, just touched my cock again with her hand.

When they understood that my cock has started tinkling. So Bindas asked – I mean whether he had sex with someone or not… and what?

I shuddered hearing the word fuck.
I didn’t realize that Aunty would turn into a whore so soon.

I looked at her and said in a natural way – No aunty, I don’t have any girlfriend.
Aunty said with a murderous smile – then make me… you will get all the fun.

I could not say anything due to shame.
Aunty put her hand on my chadda and started caressing the cock from above.

My cock started getting hard.

Then aunty held my cheeks with both hands and started kissing me pulling me.

I was already warmed up.
I also started kissing aunty.

While kissing me, Auntie made me lie down on the sofa and started doing tremendous massage.
She started moving her tongue in my mouth.

I also held the aunt tightly in enthusiasm.
He threw my shirt off. Then while kissing my chest she started biting me.

After some time, he took off my shorts along with my tights.

Now I was naked.
My cock was growling in the air standing at a ninety degree angle.

She looked at my cock with great love and started caressing it.

When I was lying down, she held my hand and made me sit on the sofa and she herself sat on her knees in front of my cock.
Aunty kissed on the top of my cock and started sucking cocks.

She was sucking my cock by moving her tongue.
I was also enjoying sucking cocks from Aunty.

Aunty started sucking and licking my eggs too, my cock was completely stretched.

Then the aunt picked up the maxi from the bottom and I saw that she was not wearing tights.

Aunty’s pussy was very clean and smooth.
He held my head with one hand and put my mouth on his pussy. Her pussy was also wet.

I started licking aunt’s pussy. She started rubbing my face tightly.
Then she removed me from her pussy and kissed me on my lips and started tasting her pussy juice.

Then the aunt took off her maxi completely and became naked.

I went mad after seeing his mother.
I could not help it and I started rubbing aunt’s breasts by filling them in both my hands.

Auntie looked at me with an intoxicating look and rounded her lips and gestured to suck her boobs.

I filled one of his milk in my mouth and started sucking.
Pulling her nipple with his teeth, biting it, he started pressing her ass with his hand.

Aunty was also fisting my cock.
After some time, the aunt sat on the sofa and spread her legs wide.

I set the cock on the pussy and pushed it, the cock entered inside.
Auntie took hold of my ass with a sigh and I started fucking her.

After fucking her pussy for ten minutes, the aunt became completely stiff and fell down.
I also fell in her pussy.

Aunty cleaned my cock by taking it in her mouth.
Now she brought me to her bedroom and lay down.

I lay down next to him.
Aarti Aunty said – How did you feel?

Fingering my pussy with one hand, I said – it’s fun aunty. But Auntie is not satisfied, still has to do more.
Auntie laughingly said – So now I am your girlfriend, am I not?
I said with a smile – Aunty, now you are my girlfriend, wife and all.

Auntie kissed me and got up and sat down with her pussy on my face.
I put my hand on her ass and started licking her pussy.

Then she made me stand by sucking my dick and started setting the cock on her pussy.

I started rubbing her milk vigorously.

Then the aunty slowly started fucking by raising her ass.
Aunty- now motherfucker, I am your girlfriend, wife, concubine, prostitute.

While fucking the hot aunty, I started saying – Aunty, I will make you the mother of my children by fucking you.
Aunty- How many people must have fucked your mother, brother-in-law, who turned out to be a fucker like you.

Me- Randi herself fucks her son. Don’t know which of your children were born by kissing beggars.

Aunty started kissing me by lying on me.
Aunty- Chotu, now I am just your whore.

She came down kissing and started sucking my cock.
I fell in aunt’s mouth, she drank all the juice and started licking my eggs.

Then she lay on top of me.

Me- Aunty let me speak on one thing, won’t you mind?
Aunt – No, don’t speak!

Me- make Rinki fuck me.
Rinke was the name of Aarti aunt’s daughter.

Auntie laughingly said- Wow… today after the first time, second pussy is also needed. didn’t i enjoy it?
Me- No aunty, I was speaking like this.

Aunty- don’t worry, if everything goes well, I will get her pussy too.
Me- then aunty, tomorrow uncle, Sunil (aunty’s son) and Rinke will come, then how will I fuck you?

Aunty smiled and said – Hey fuck in front of her.
I said laughing – Uncle will kill my ass!

Aunty- brother-in-law said something… then I will kick his ass.
me- how?
Aunty- Don’t worry, everything will be fine.

The next day his family came by noon.

In the evening I came to my aunt’s house on her call, started watching TV with uncle and Sunil.

Rinki was studying in the room.

After some time the aunt called me from the kitchen.
Aunty- Hey Chhotu, help me to remove this box. This Sunil does not listen at all.

I went to the kitchen.
Auntie was wearing a blue maxi.

So aunty said – both of them are watching TV, aren’t they?

Me- yes.
Aunty- and Rinki?
Me- He is in the room.

Aunty started caressing my cock over my shorts.
I was peeping outside the kitchen every now and then to see if everything was fine or not.

Aunt took out my cock by putting her hand inside the shorts and started masturbating.

I was enjoying it, I was feeling scared as well, I was feeling what would happen if I got caught somewhere.
After some time, with some courage, I started supporting the aunt and started rubbing the milk of the aunt.

Now aunt took me inside the kitchen and she stood at my place with her face out.
She put on her maxi and bent down like a bitch.

What an ass of aunty!
With one hand I massaged her ass and with the other hand I put my finger in her pussy and started taking it out.
Aunty said in a low voice – hurry up… someone will come.

I set the cock and pushed her by holding the waist of the aunt.
A slight sigh came out from the aunt and I slowly started fucking the aunt.

After some time the aunt said – When you are about to leave, then tell me.
I shook my head yes.

Then after a while when I was about to leave, I stopped.
Aunt understood and holding my cock in her hand started fisting loudly.
She took a look outside, then started sucking my cock.

I fell in her mouth, Aunt swallowed all the semen.
I smiled and said – Aunty, which boxes have to be removed?

Auntie Katil said with a smile – she has already done all the work.
me- wow

Then I went and started watching TV with Uncle Sunil.

After some time when the aunt came out, she had brought breakfast.
We all started having breakfast.

Then the aunt told uncle some market work and said – you can do it now with Sunil.
That work was not going to be done before two hours.

I understood that aunt’s thirst is still remaining.
So I didn’t say anything, just sat silently watching TV.

After some time uncle went out with his son and aunt closed the door and took off her maxi there.

I said – Aunty can see Rinki here, let’s go to our room.
Aunt pressed her eyes and said – let her see our sex too, only then she will yearn to fuck you.

I understood and I also took off my clothes.
We both got engaged in sex.

In the meantime, I saw that Rinke had started watching the sex of both of us in the hall from the door of her room.
I understood that Rinki’s pussy was also confirmed to meet soon.

Friends, how did you like my hot aunty’s fuck?
Next to this, I will write the sex story later that how aunt’s maid Rinki sucked my cock with her mother and how it was fucked.
You must write to me in the comments.

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