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Damand se chudi train me ab to mai damand j ki dursri biwi ho gai hu, Friends have said the truth that people’s life and time make a person do what and what not, and time is very strong. There is no one, there are so many slaps in life that you will not even know which side you will be on. It happened with me as well, that the sacred relationship between mother-in-law and son-in-law has also become strained, but circumstances compromise, and time is such a balm that heals good wounds. This is my life too, today I am going to tell you my whole story, I hope you will like it, this is my true story,

My name is Kalpana, I am from Madhya Pradesh, I am 38 years old, I have a daughter Suruchi who is 20 years old, I love her very much, I don’t have husband, he was in army and he was martyred when Suruchi was 10 years old, how I spent 10 years of my life, I can’t tell you how I faced humiliation, I married Suruchi last year, to be honest, she married herself with her boyfriend, you Will say that why did she get married at the age of 19, then let me tell you that she was carrying her boyfriend Rajeev’s child in her womb even before marriage, both of them shifted to Delhi, I was left alone, I had no There is no shortage of things, there is a lot of money given by my husband, but you know what is not there, I did not get much pleasure of sex in my youth. Ever since my husband left my youth, I spent my life with the help of a pillow.

Suruchi settled in Delhi with her husband, but her love could not keep me apart for long, Suruchi sent Rajeev to bring me to her, now I also live in Delhi, the train was so crowded that both of us had tickets Left from waiting to RAC, had tickets for second class, both of us got the lower seat, and we left for Delhi, at night my train started crossing Kanpur, everyone was sleeping, both of us We were sitting, talking, Rajeev’s leg was touching my thigh, I was wearing a saree, and a high cut blouse which was open from the front, due to which my tits were peeping out, friends. I am 38 years old but my body is like that of a 28 years old woman, now she has become more beautiful than before, her face is full, her breasts are very tight, I do yoga, so my body shape is very good.

Rajeev was looking at my boobs, but I was enjoying looking at him, tell the truth friends, I forgot that Rajeev is my son-in-law, and I also moved my aanchal a little bit, both of my big curvy blouses were tight It started appearing, after that I started peeping outside with the lead, so that Rajiv could see my mistake with his eyes, after some time I gave deep breath to Rajiv, he was taking a long breath, I said Rajiv I sit, you lie down Go, but he said no, no, mummy, just lie down, I am not able to sleep now, and I lay down, Rajeev was sitting with his legs spread, his toes started touching my ass, slowly he started touching my feet with his feet. Started caressing the ass, I was pretending to sleep, and he was having fun.

After a while I lay down straight and spread my legs, and pulled the saree up a bit, and moved my leg to Rajeev’s cock, O God the thick land was standing, squirming like a tight snake , but I did not remove the leg while pretending to sleep, now Rajeev put his one leg between my two legs and slowly moving forward, took it till my pussy, the saree was till the knees, inside the blanket, after that Rajeev Slowly she put the saree up and started caressing my pussy with her feet, because my pussy was wet my panty was also wet, Rajiv understood that the mother was awake, but I did not open my eyes. , he slowly started trying to insert his finger inside the pussy from the side, but I had hair in my pussy, due to which I started feeling pain, I opened my eyes and saw Rajeev, Rajeev’s face turned red, I looked at him I unfastened all the hooks on the top of my blouse and with a little jump I unhooked the bra hook,

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Rajeev came near my lips, his breathing was fast, and there was a glow of lust in his eyes, after that he broke down on me, he started sucking my lips and started pressing the nipples, and then what to tell hotsexstory. Friends of xyz, my mind started going crazy, now I want Rajeev’s cock in my pussy, I wrapped Rajeev in my arms and started caressing, he started fingering my pussy and then took off the panty, I said all the clothes Don’t get off, it’s a train, then he sat in the middle, put his cock on my pussy hole and started pounding hard, I was fucking after ten years, as if I was having a honeymoon, he was giving jerks , and I was enjoying heaven, my mouth was saying ah ah ah uh uh uh uh uh and he was also abusing me and fucking me, after that he said mummy ji I love to fuck ass Yes, I beat Suruchi’s ass more than her pussy.

I said today you just hit your pussy, because if there is pain in the ass, then I will scream, and people will come to know, so you can fuck me in Delhi or hit my ass, now I have become yours. , As soon as he said this, he started fucking loudly, I also lifted my ass and started fucking, then along with the speed of the train, the speed of both of us also increased, and then while coming to Mathura, we fell about three to four times. Had finished, reached Delhi, said drink and eat, and then we fell asleep unaware, because the night was going on,

In the evening, a registry came in which there was a training letter and when he got a job, he had to go to Mumbai in the bank, Suruchi went to Mumbai alone the next day, then what can I tell friends, Rajeev and my relationship has become more than husband and wife, We are enjoying our life a lot, now I have become the mother of Rajeev’s child, but what to do, Suruchi is not able to understand, what will she say when she comes to know, should I give birth to my child? No, I am very upset right now, you give me rays, what should I do, but whatever happens my dear friends on, I like this life very much, I want my pussy heat to be like this always Rajeev calm keep doing

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