How I Discover I Own a Trailer Park, And That Little Trailer Park Tart’s Are So Much Fun Sex Story

#Exhibitionist #Incest #PreTeen #Teen

By DirtyDon

Bang went the gavel, and just that quick I was the “proud” owner of a 45 lot mobile home park in Smyrna, Ga. The gavel was wielded by a fat judge, who’s face looked like a cone of soft serve ice cream in the Georgia heat. The court room was full of some thirty five relative’s, and “acquaintance’s” of the late “Dealing Don Moore, Home of the he best used car’s on route 44”. To me he was just my crazy uncle from Georgia. You know the Uncle that the family never speaks of, or invites to any reunion’s.

Seems “Dealing Don” had died 2 years before and left his estate in quite a mess. He had a lot of assets , he also had 3 ex wife’s , 4 wills, with 2 different lawyer’s, and his County of residence was also called into question. Seems that Don Lived in Cobb County Georgia but got his mail at the “Boom Boom Room” gentleman’s club in Athens, Ga.

Among the interested parties in the court room was one , Lilly Chantilly, Also known as “Luscious Lilly” in the state of Mississippi, my Uncle’s last girlfriend. A bottle blonde with a fantastic figure and leg’s that were born to work a pole. Lilly was one of a parade of girls that it seems my uncle had made promise’s to. All there lurid testimony was properly read into the court record’s. I’m so glad his Sister was not in attendance, my Mother would have had a stroke.

Why my Uncle put me in his will is a mystery. It may because my name is also Don. He may have thought I was named after him, an honor bestowed by his kid Sister to a successful older Brother. But the fact was I was named after Don Knott’s, an actor that my Dad was wild about in the 1960’s. The event’s that lead me to this court room are unclear, but the outcome isn’t. I now own a trailer park, Dealing Don’s kid Sister would be so proud of her youngest Son.

When I got back to my room at the Motel Six, legal papers in hand, all 320 pages of them. I opened the bottle of cheap vodka I’d bought, and in the motel provided wax paper cup, I poured a good strong drink, and settled back. What the hell was I going to do with a trailer park, I had to keep it for 7 year’s or pay the money back to the estate, that was in the will. As I looked thru the paper’s I found the original bill of sale and the deed. The park was bought in 1974 for eleven thousand dollars and a 1969 Dodge Dart, valued at three hundred dollars. Needless to say, my mood was gloomy.

At six I ordered a pizza, and tried to find something on the TV. The show that came on when I turned on the TV was “The Andy Griffith Show” with none other than Don Knott’s, That was fate giving me the finger, I thought. At 6:15 fate delt me another card. There was a knock on door, thinking it was the pizza, I grabbed a twenty from my wallet and opened the door, Standing in front of me was Lilly, my uncle’s girlfriend from court. When she seen me standing there, twenty dollar bill in hand, she said in a dead pan voice “Oh sugar, it cost more than what ole’ Andy Jackson can buy ya.”

I stood back from the door as she pushed her way in. She was wearing black shiny, very tight spandex leggings with bright red heels, her top was a white crop top, all her assets on display, her hair was piled high and makeup put on with the skill only girl’s like her can seem to pull off. She made a “Um” sound. “The carpet used to be green in this room, I like the grey better.” As I stood there in a Vodka fog, there was another knock at the door, this time it was the Pizza man, as I paid him the money he ogled Lilly, giving me a wink.

I set back on the bed as Lilly paced the room. I watched her and wondered how my 74 year uncle kept up with this women, she couldn’t have been more than 25, and was a in great shape. when she noticed me looking, she raised her top, her “D” cup melon’s falling free, smiling she she shook them, “you like them?” she ask, your Uncle Don bought them for me. I had to admit, I did like them, a lot. As she flirted and smiled, she finally got to the point of her visit.

Seems she wants to buy the my home park. She went on to tell me she was born there and her Mom still lived there. She wanted to buy it from me and have her Mom manage it, like an investment. When I told her the will wouldn’t let me sell it for 7 years, she offered to pay the estate the full appraised value and Give me ten thousand dollars for my “troubles”. She went on to tell how “happy” that would make her if I did the deal, she then lifted that her right tit and kissed the now hard nipple. looking at me smiling all the while. She told me when she gets “Happy” she gets horny.

As she peeled her leggings off, exposing her freshly waxed slit, something told me this was wrong, but my cock was telling me that this was very “right”. She pushed me back on the motel bed and quickly had my jeans off, my cock had become rock hard. Her tits in my face as she mounted me, “that’s it baby, suck my mommy melons” she cooed. She reached under herself and guided my hard cock in her well used cunt. The baby oil she had put in her slit before she arrived, let my cock slide right in, she was tight and knew how to use her muscles to milk my seed. She fucked me like a bucking bronco, begging for my cock, I’d never had a women so wild in bed, so vocal, “fuck my dirty slut hole” she begged over and over. My girl friend back home didn’t even let me see her naked with the light on. This girl was grunting, begging, eyes rolled back in her head.

I’m no stud in bed, and this was the hottest girl I’d ever fucked. I tried to last as long as I could, but this chick was a pro’ and I quickly came. Her hard nipples bouncing off my lips was more than I could stand. When I was done, she lowered her head to my cock and took the whole shaft in her mouth, the feeling was amazing. She then went on to tell me she loved the taste of fresh pussy on a cock. I could see what my Uncle seen in this women.

As she dressed she ask me if we had a “deal” for the park. I told her I wanted a few days to think about it. She got kind’a pissy about it, but soon painted on a smile and told me she would stop back tomorrow night with the papers. Then as she left the room, she ask me, “Do you like school girl’s?” as she smiled and closed the door.

As I laid in bed wondering what a women like that would want a trailer park for, I couldn’t help but think I was being played. Tomorrow I’d visit that trailer park and see what made it so valuable.

When I got up the next morning, I had found that Lilly left her thong on the dresser from the night before. I didn’t think that was an accident, again Lilly was toying with me. But not being one to turn a gift down, I was quickly back in bed, thong wrapped around my hard cock, thinking of those perfect “D” cups in my face. The next time I seen Lilly I’d be sure to return the thong, with my seed in the crouch.

Soon I had my shitty little rental car on the road and was headed for Banks County Georgia, population 18,035. Banks County is in a very rural part of the state, about an hour North East of Atlanta on route 85. My destination was “Pinto Park & Mobile Estates” the sign was shaped like an old Ford Pinto. I was wondering if this place would ever blow up and burn like it’s namesake?

The first thing I noticed as I drove into the parking lot was a rather large convenience store/bar room, and the lot was full. The bar was typical rural roadhouse, a long bar for about 20 stools and 10 set down tables surrounding a “dance” floor. To dance you would have to first remove the carpet of peanut shells. As I set at the bar a rather large women came to take my drink order, I ordered a Manhattan, no ice. The rather plump women in a very tight. low cut tank top told me …. No.. in a very firm voice. Seems the place only can sell beer.

The second thing I noticed was that there were 3 girls to every guy, that’s odd in any bar, let alone on a Tuesday. I also noticed that these girls very “friendly,” one even approached me as soon as I got my beer. She told me her name was Tammy, she then told me that in order for her to set with me I’d have to buy her a beer. seems Tammy and the other girls are “working” girls and live in the trailers out back. Tammy went on to tell me for a mere $50.00 we could visit her trailer and get to “know each other better” that her kid was there but that didn’t matter.

After all I wasn’t here for sex, I wanted information. So I paid the bar tender my $50.00 and Tammy and I where off to her 12×65 foot pleasure palace on wheels.
Tammy was about mid twenty’s and had Mom body, not bad a little plump, sagging tits that could clearly be seen as she wore no bra. Her make up rivaled Lilly’s in quantity, but not quality. When I set on the worn couch in the living room she ask me if I wanted a beer, I told her sure. She yelled out in the kitchen for a beer, a girl, about 11 came in in the shortest Daisey Duke’s I’d ever seen, her baby ass was completely hanging out and it was precious. The short’s where noting compared to her bikini top, her little budding tits fighting to escape from there spandex prison. Good God, the child was even wearing a little lip stick .I was in love

Now I’m not “into” kids, well at least I didn’t think I was, but this little sex kitten could change all that. Her Mom seen me ogling the girl, she just smiles and introduced her Daughter as Candy, she sure is I thought. Seems Candy and her Mom live alone and this is there source of income. As mom was explaining this she was also unzipping my jeans. the child just stood there as her Mother pulled my undies down, exposing my cock. I’d like to say that it was soft, and I told her to stop, that this is wrong in front of her daughter… But I didn’t . I stood there and stared at the little girl .

Tammy dropped to her knees and took my very hard cock in her mouth, my eyes never leaving her Daughter’s body, those little tits and her firm kiddy ass. I stood there in that living room fucking this little girl’s Mother’s mouth. I had my hand’s on her head pumping away like a 15 year old boy. Her mother stopped sucking long enough to ask Candy to “help Mommy” the little one stood beside me, holding my throbbing cock, she rubbed it all over her mothers face and lip’s. I was so fucking hot, my hand resting on her baby ass cheeks as her whore mother sucked me off. I soon blew my load , filling her mommies mouth with my cum. The little girl giggled as her Mother kissed my cock head to get all of my seed. My knee’s where weak as I pulled my jeans up. I knew I would be back to visit Tammy.

For right now, she had to get back to the bar, our 15 minutes were up and it was back to “work” for Tammy. As I drove to a local motel, to get a room for the night, I thought back to the little girl. I couldn’t even tell you what color her hair was, or her eyes. But I could describe those little cone shaped tits all on display in that bikini top , and that hot cute ass, in full detail.

In part 2 of our story, I’ll tell you all about the bar and how my Uncle earned so much money from a shitty, run down trailer park in rural Georgia. How Tammy and little Candy’s boyfriend, and I, have a party at the trailer. How I find out that 2 of the trailers are completely gutted and are used to make Meth’. How Lilly and I come to agreement on the park.

There’s so much more to our story. If you want part 2 let me know in the comments, Thanks 😉

By DirtyDon
#Exhibitionist #Incest #PreTeen #Teen

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