how I (F14) met up with a man online Sex Story


By RubyDoobyDoo

I met a man online and gave him head!!!!!

I haven’t posted in a while but I hope this story makes up for it!


A few weeks ago now, I met up with a man who I met from this site! he was in his mid-twenties and had an average-sized dick. and I want to tell you what happened when we did meet. It was a Saturday at about 12 and we’d agreed to meet in a park from which he would take me to a hotel he was staying at, When I got to the park I only had to wait a few minutes before he showed up and I made sure to give him a hug, pressing myself, especially onto his crotch. He took me to his car and drove us to his hotel, about a 10-minute drive away, his hand on my leg the whole time.

When we got there he sent me in before him so I could tell the staff that worked there that I was going upstairs to my parent’s room, once I’d gone upstairs in the lift he then walked in and went up the stairs to avoid suspicion. He opened the door and we shuffled inside.

We talked for about 10 minutes before the topic of what we met up to do came up, I played all innocent saying things like “what did we meet up for mister” and “I only came to talk”. He grabbed me by the hair aggressively (which I LOVED) and pulled his pants down exposing his cock.

I did my usual routine. Licking the tip with my small tongue before slowly starting to go down bobbing my head each time it goes down it gets lower and lower until I’m deepthroating it every time. after about 20 minutes he came and we cuddled for about an hour before I had to go home but all in all it wasn’t bad for my first ever meetup

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By RubyDoobyDoo

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