How I lost my virginity and turned into a slave Sex Story

#Abuse #BDSM #Rape #Virgin

By Trained Housewife

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I met Bobby in high school when I was young and impressionable and needed someone to love me because my parents never did. Bobby was a senior and a real jock, also I thought he was incredibly handsome. When he started to pay attention to me I thought I was in heaven and the first time he kissed me I knew I was.
Bobby invited me over to his place on a Friday after after school for a swim, he said his parents were away and we could have the pool all to ourselves, of course I said yes. So the next day I was over at Bobbies brit=ght and early with my swim suit and a towel. I changed in his parents room and came out to the pool to find Bobby already in it swimming laps. I was shocked and just stood there and stared, Bobby was naked and I could see his bare ass as he swam away from me. He saw me and swam over to the edge of the pool an climbed out and my jaw dropped open, my face turning red. He just stood there smiling at me totally naked his very big thick cock hanging down between his legs. I had only ever seen my dads cock before and he was fat and drunk and disgusting and I tried never to look at him but Bobby’s cock I had to stare at.
Haven’t you ever seen a guys cock before he asked laughing which my me tear my eyes away and look somewhere else. I told him no I was a virgin and had never seen a boys cock before. H e laughed again and said well we will fix that, then he asked if I wanted to swim naked but if I didn’t that was okay too, then he turned and dove back into the pool. I didn’t know what to do, keep my swimsuit on, take it off, run away. Bobby looked at me sternly and said in a strong voice to take the fucking thing off and get in the pool right now. I guess because I was used to my Dad bossing me around and obeying with out question or I would be severely punished that I did just what Bobby told me. I peeled off my swimsuit and let it fall on the grass and then walked to the pool and slipped in.
Bobby slid his arms around me and said gently that I was a good girl and kissed me on the lips, I could feel his cock pressing against me and it made me shiver in a good way. We swam and fooled around in the pool for a while then Bobby said we should get out and lay on the grass to dry off. He took my hand and pulled me to him as we got on the grass and kissed me hard putting his hand on my breast.
I pulled away a little and he got angry saying he didn’t invite me over there to play games and I was to do as I was told, if he wanted to feel my tits then I had better let him. I wanted to run but he pulled me to him again and started feeling my tits as he kissed me. I didn’t want to do it but on the other hand it felt really good and I could feel my self getting wet between my legs.
His hands were all over me, my breasts, my legs, my stomach and finally my pussy. He look into my eyes and told me I was his little slut and he was gonna pop my cherry right there on the grass. I begged him not to and he slapped my face telling me he was my Master now and I was to do what ever he wanted without question. He pulled grabbed my hair and pulled my head back asking me if I understood? I told him I did. Good girl and his mouth went to my left nipple and began to suck as he shoved a finger inside my pussy breaking my hymen. Tears fell from my eyes but I said nothing and soon the feelings from my nipples and my pussy had me thrashing around on the grass and I cried out as I came on his finger.
Your my whore he said as he slid over top of me and I felt the tip of his cock rubbing up and down my wet slit between my pussy lips. Suddenly there was a searing pain as he rammed his full cock of 8 inches into my virgin little cunt. I screamed more then once as he pounded into me and he just laughed telling me I liked it and I was his fucking whore. Then he drove in as hard as he could and stiffened, his cock pumping the first ever load of cum inside my sore little pussy. I was so glad when he pulled his cock out of me and curled up on my side in the grass and cried. Bobby went in the house and grabbed himself a beer, then walked back to me and grabbed my hair. He told me to get up and wash my dirty slut cunt off in the pool, then he half dragged me to the edge and I fell in the water.

By Trained Housewife
#Abuse #BDSM #Rape #Virgin

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