How it started Sex Story

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By Lovly

How the incest secretly started and turned into an orgy

The Addams Family has seven children.
Emma, who is twenty
Jacob, who is sixteen
Sabrina, who is fifteen
Caleb, who is fourteen
Elinor, who is twelve
Brendon, who is ten
And Lili, who is eight

It all started one summer when their uncle came for a visit, the school was closed, and the children were running around everywhere.

Jacob and Caleb were outside by the pool, sunbathing. Elinor, Brandon, and Lili were in the pool playing.

Elinor was watching over them in the pool rather than playing. She leaned against the edge, and her arms stretched on each side as she watched over them. Suddenly she heard a splash and water splashed on her face and turned her head to the side. Thinking it was Caleb or Jacob who jumped into the pool, she was ready to yell at them.
She wiped the water from her face and opened her eyes to see it was their uncle, Ronal, “Hey, kids!” he said cheerfully.

Brandon and Lili jumped onto him, “Uncle Ronal! When did you get here?” their voices cheerful. He hugged them, saying, “I just got here. How are you, kids?”

Caleb and Jacob joined the cheerful gathering in the pool, “Uncule Ronal,” Caleb called, “good to see you, Caleb. You’ve gotten taller, boy,” Ronal said with pride. He shook his hand and then looked over at Jordan, “Jordan, you became a man, I see” he shook Jordan’s hand and asked, “how about we play volleyball in the water?”
The kids cheered, and Elinor and Ronal went to the shade to grab the ball and net.
As Elinor walked in front of him he noticed how her bikini was right on her butt, he watched her ass cheeks move in motion, and the ropes that were tied on her hips sink into her skin. He wanted to slap her ass only to leave a mark on her creamy white skin, and then grab it and lick it.

As she opened the door to the shade he snapped out of his privy thoughts, he walked in a few here and she turned to him, “the net is supposed to be over there on the floor somewhere, I’ll get the ball” she said, her golden blond hair was a tied in a messy knot on her head and her cheeks under the green eyes were pink from the heat of the sun, her shoulders had freckles too. Ronal nodded and swallowed. He also noticed her top was too big for her tiny breasts, he wondered what color her nipples were and what they taste like. Ronal moved to the other side of the shad and moved a few items from his way before finding the net, he turned, about to announce he found it but stopped when he saw what is taking place behind his back.

Eleanor’s upper body is hidden in a sudden basket that is attached to the wall, her short legs stretched and her toes nearly touching the ground, her ass hanging off the edge, with his half-hard cock he put the net down and walked to her quietly.
Ronal grabbed her ass and Elinor gasps in surprise, he massaged and squeezing both of her cheeks. “Uncle Ronal, what are you doing?” she asked in surprise, “I’m giving you a massage sweetheart, now keep quiet while I do, okey?” he told her as he watched her ass swallow the bikini he said in a raspy voice, “I’m gonna make you feel good and then I’m gonna get you ice cream, okey darling?”
“Chocolate flavor?” she asked and he smiled, “yes, whatever flavor you want” Ronal chuckled.
After a few minutes, he took her bikini bottom off, and exposed her beautiful round ass, “what are you doing now? Why did you take it off?” she asked in a panic.

“Don’t worry, it will feel good, don’t you trust your uncle?” she calmed down at his words, and once Elinor stopped being tense he sat down on the floor, right in front of her small, right, and pink pussy lips. Ronal cupped her pussy with one hand and felt the smooth skin and let out a groan.
He took each of his thumbs and spread her pussy lips, giving him a full view of her clit and her little hole, “beautiful” he said and massaged her clit, making her squirm and gasp, smiling at her reaction and satisfied with Elinor not asking questions Ronal lowered his head and started eating her pussy. Licking and capturing her clit between his lips all while groaning into her pussy, sending a vibration through her body. She whispered and moaned as he did.
As his tongue let go of her clit she breathed heavenly before letting out a surprised yelp when he started licking her hole and massaging her inner vegaina with his tongue, moving his thumb while tongue fucking her made her moan loudly. He could feel her walls squeezing him and tightly and the juice on his tongue made his cock pulse, the pans were too tight for him right now. Ronal took his pants off, his raging hard cock hungry for a tight pussy, but he decided against it.
He stopped licking Elinor when she was close to orgasm and stood up he put her legs between his and put his cock between her tights, pulling her ass a bit farther from the bucket and sliding his cock between her tights as of he was fucking her, his cock sliding against her pussy hole and clit giving he pleasure as he watched his cock disappear between her tights he imagined it was her pussy she was fucking. Ronal picked up the speed and slapped his hips to hers faster and faster, her ass giggled, and he slapped her cheek watching it turn red he did it again and again, when he was about to cum he let her rights go, spread her pussy lip inserted one finger quickly moved it around as she moaned in surprise and pushed only his cock head at the entrance and realized his cum inside her. They both groaned in pleasure, he felt her opening pulse and throb over the head of his cock, and she felt his hot sperm spread inside of her, reaching deeper than his tongue and his finger, making her wonder how dipper her tunnel actually was.

Between the heavy breathing of the two, suddenly there was a sound coming from the door, Ronal turned and found Brandon standing near the door, “what are you doing?” he asked, with his big eyes watching in curiosity at his sister’s ass and his uncle’s pines out.

To be continued…

By Lovly
#Bisexual #Mature #PreTeen #Teen

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