How my brother forced me Sex Story

#Incest #Rape #Teen #Virgin

By TightTeen

Hi, My name is chloe (14f) and this is my story how my brother ace (22m) force-fucked me roughly when my parents weren’t home.

It was a hot summer day and I was cooking food in my kithen wearing only a grey bra and black booty shorts. Im about 5’5 tall with 38b breasts and a large ass. I’m more developed than other girls of my age and I know that. Anyway, I see my brother staring down at my ass with lust. I take a look at him and hes wearing white shorts and nothing else!

Ace starts approaching me until hes behind me with his hand on my shoulder.

-“Ace..? What are you doing?” I ask him with confusion.

-“Nothing special.. Just touching your shoulder thats all.” he says as he slowly moves his hand down my back to my ass.

As hes hand is on my ass I squeal and turn around to face him in panic.


-“Shut up you know you want this..” he says as he grabs my ass.

-“What?! No dont please!” I say as i try to miserably push him away.

Ace backs off making me think he quit it all.. Not at all! Its just started.

He looks at the table and throws everything off it violently.

He turns around to face me and grabs me again, Only to throw me on the table making me moan out in pain.

-“Ace please..” i ask him.

-“Shut up slut.. Ill teach you how to take my cock..” he says staring at my shorts.

He gets closer and rips off my shorts leaving me in my panties. After that he rips them off too. Making me naked from my bottom.

-“It looks so needy..” he says as he gently feels his fingers on my teen-entrance.

My mind is thinking differently than my pussy. My pussy is excited for its first cock while my mind is screaming for him to stop.

My pussy is pulsating from the excitment. Its also wetting too.

He takes off his shorts uncovering his hard 8′ cock. He stares at my naked wet pussy for a while until he puts his tip on my wet entrance.

-“mmh… Stop..” i moan out accidentally from the teasing.

-“You like this dont you..” he answers

After a while he stops the teasing and he starts pushing his big, Adult cock inside my tight, wet, teen pussy.

-“AHH STOPP ACEE~” I moan out in pleasure and pain.

Hes completely inside me already after an eternity. And i’m already exhausted.

Thats until he starts rocking back and fourth, Stretching my Insides.

I close my eyes and wait for the pain to stop. And it eventually does!

I open my eyes and moan out in pleasure of my own brother raping me.

Suddenly it feels really pleasurable.

-“Ahhm.. Yeessss~” i moan out

By TightTeen
#Incest #Rape #Teen #Virgin

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