Husband’s Boss Sex Kahani

Read in Husband Boss Sex Story that once my husband and his boss came to our house. So the boss’s eyes fixed on my body. He praised me so much that I went crazy.

Listen to this story.

Friends, I am Jyoti. I am 27 years old married woman. My figure size is 36-30-38.
I look very sexy. Whoever sees me, his saliva drips.

Our house is in the village. I live with my husband in the city where my husband works.
I came to live with him in the city after 6 months of marriage.

My husband works in a private construction company. He is very close to his boss and he also has a good salary.

This husband boss sex story is from a year back.
One day my husband came home with his boss.
His boss kept looking at me.

I brought tea for him.
After drinking tea, he said – Sister-in-law, you have made very good tea… just like yourself.
I said – mean?

He said- I mean, as beautiful and sweet as you are… tea is also made in the same way.
She praised me and said to her husband – You are very lucky Sahil that you have got such a beautiful wife.

After some time they left.

My husband’s boss’s attention was on me all the time.
I was very happy with the praise I got from him. I also started thinking about him.
He was quite handsome and smart. Maybe even used to go to the gym.

After a few days both of them came again.

I said – what would you like sir, coffee or cold tea?
He said – cold… cold drink will work.

But it was my misfortune that there was no cold drink in the house that day.
When I told my husband, he said – I will bring it.

After my husband left, I sat down with his boss.
He started praising me.

I was shy but felt good too. I was thanking him.

While talking like this, he asked me for my phone number.

Boss said – Jyoti, if you don’t mind, can I talk to you on the phone sometime?
When I heard my name from his mouth, I felt a strange feeling inside.

I quickly said – yes yes why not!
So he asked me to give the phone number.
I quickly gave it.

He called at the same time, so I also got his number.
I have saved the number.

Husband came in a while.
All three of us started drinking cold drinks.

Boss was looking at me only.
I was not saying anything but inside I was having fun.

It was not that my husband didn’t love me, but even then I don’t know why I felt very good with my husband’s boss.
Then after some time the boss left.

An hour later, I got a message on WhatsApp from my boss, ‘Hi Jyoti!’
I read his message and wrote hi.

After that he started messaging me.
I also started answering.

When my husband was at work, I used to talk to his boss on call every day.

Seeing the pic of my status, the boss used to praise him a lot.
He used to write comments that you are looking very sexy, you are really hot.

I used to laugh in response to all such things by saying thank you.
Slowly he started opening up to me and I also did not speak anything.
I started talking sexy with him too.

We also started talking on video calls.
We both started sharing our every thing with each other.

I used to tell him those things which I had not told my husband.
Means I started telling my sexy things about boyfriend before marriage.

One day the boss proposed me on video call.
I also said yes to him.

I said – that’s all, I cannot marry you.
So he said – yes it is okay.

By the way, he also did not want the hassle of marriage etc.
Then we both made a plan to meet.

That day the boss had sent the husband out for some work.
Husband was going out so I asked my husband to go meet my friend.

Husband said yes.
The boss came as soon as the husband left and I came to his flat with the boss.
It was a bungalow where he and some of his servants lived.

There was no one at that bungalow that day when they took me there.

He took me with him to the house in the car.

When both of us reached inside the house, flowers were showered on me as soon as I entered.

I became very happy.
First time someone did this for me.

I hugged him tightly, he also held me tightly.

We both kissed each other.
This was the first time we kissed.

He made me wear a gold ring, it was very beautiful.
Then proposed by giving rose flowers and said I love you.

I also accepted his proposal by saying ‘I love you too’.

Then he started kissing me and pulled my saree away.
After that removed my petticoat blouse also.

I came in my bra panty.
After that the boss gave me a box and asked me to come wearing the clothes kept in it.

It was that red colored bra-panty… Transparent and small… It could barely cover my milk and pussy.
When I saw myself in the mirror, I was shy.

As soon as I went in front of the boss, he went crazy and started praising my mom – really darling, what a big boobs.

Then he lifted me in his lap and took me to a bedroom.
There was a luxurious bed, which was decorated with flowers.
I lay down on it.

I started hiding my pussy with my feet and my mother with my hands.
Standing in front of me, the boss took off his shirt and pants and came on top of me; Keeping his lips on my lips, he started sucking… pressing my boobs.

Now I was sighing- ah uh uh ui maa!
I was also caressing her by holding her back and had become absolutely intoxicated.

Then he took me on himself and unhooked my bra and freed my 36 inch moms.

He started kissing me while rubbing my breasts with his hand.
Putting his one hand inside my panty, he started playing with my pussy.

I felt like a current in my whole body.

In a short while, he also removed my panty.
I got completely naked.

Then he started kissing and licking my whole body.
Started licking my pussy.

My pussy was absolutely clean.
I was going crazy.

Then he took out his cock and gave it in my hand.
I kept watching… how big it was… maybe 7 inches… and fat too.

Then he kissed me and put cock in my mouth.
When I refused, he said – I love you darling… please don’t refuse.

Since I had never sucked my husband’s cock, I felt strange.
Then I agreed because I had seen many times in the blue film.

After a while I started liking sucking his cock.
He started pushing in my mouth.
Ah… His cock was hurting deep inside.

After some time he licked my pussy and rested his cock on it.
I said – know comfortably.

But where was he going to hear anything? Sir gave a strong push.

I felt a lot of pain while only half the cock had gone inside.
I tried to calm down but then he again gave another push.
This time his entire cock had gone inside.

I was in extreme pain.

His cock was much thicker than my husband’s.
My pussy was torn.

After stopping for a while, he started moving the cock back and forth.
Now I also started having fun and started getting her ass picked up and licked.

My intoxicated voice echoed in the room- ah uh ah uh!
The sound of thap thap was coming even when both of our thighs collided with each other.

After some time he took out his cock and said – Come on my dear, now become a bitch.
I quickly got into doggy pose like a prostitute.

Boss pushed his cock in my pussy from behind.
I was in a lot of pain.
I started crying.

My voices enthused them more and more; He started fucking me harder.
After some time he started fucking very fast and fell inside me.

We both lay down hugging each other. I really enjoyed husband boss sex.
That day he fucked me 4 times.
It was evening in all of that.

I said to the boss – Now let me go, don’t you know!
He said – please stay here tonight!

I didn’t smile a bit. Later I agreed and called my husband and told him – I will be able to reach in the morning, I have stopped at my friend’s house.
Husband – ok.

Boss started asking for dinner what should I order?
I said – I will make, don’t order.
He said – it’s okay.

Then I was looking for clothes to go to the kitchen.

So he said – Oh dear, you are so hot, what is the need of clothes. You look so cute naked, just go away.
When I said something, they snatched all my clothes and refused to wear them.

Then I started cooking naked food like that. Boss started making fun of me even while cooking.

The boss himself did not wear anything while eating food, nor did he allow me to wear it either.
He kept feeding me by sitting on his lap.

We both rested after having food.

We both enjoyed sex 3 times at night. I repeatedly sucked his cock and also ate the goods.
The boss also took my nude photos.

In the morning we both took bath together, had a round of sex there too.
I also sucked his cock.
Even while taking a bath, he pulled the naked pic of both of them.

After that he dressed and told me to get ready.
Then I left the city.
I came home.

Now whenever he gets a chance or feels like it, he sends my husband out of work and comes to my room.
Or take me to his bungalow and have fun with me.

Friends, how did you like this my husband boss sex story, please do tell!

If you want, I will also share my sex story before marriage with you.
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