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#Incest #PreTeen

By [email protected]

I showed Carla how to hypnotize someone. Of course, it only worked on me, but worked better than I could ever hope

I was babysitting my niece Carla. She was a cute little redhead girl with freckles and a fun personality. At 11 she was smarter than I expected a kid to be, but being a kid you could still pull one over one her. I decided to play with her and see how gullible she was.

Carla, do you know how to hypnotize someone?

No, that’s not real.

Yes it is. I’ve done it a hundred times. Want me to teach you how?

Sure, show me.

Let me borrow your necklace.

She took off her gold necklace with a small charm on it and handed it to me.

Ok now, you swing this back and forth and have me concentrate on it. There’s nothing special about the necklace or movement, it is all about my focus. If you can get the person to just focus on the object and ignore everything else, then you can get them to a rem sleep level even though they are awake. That’s when you can get them to do anything for you and they won’t remember any of it. But, remember to tell them a word to wake them up or they will be stuck like that. So, once their asleep, you say, “you will do everything I tell you without questions. When I say taco, you will wake up and not remind anything, understand?”
Want to try?

Yeah, let’s try it. Okay watchmy necklace closely. Don’t think of anything except my necklace. Just look at the necklace. You are getting very sleepy, just watch the necklace.

I watched for a couple minutes then closed my eyes like I had fallen asleep.

You are under my power. You will do anything I want you to do. When you wake up you will remember nothing. When I say Taco you will wake up, understand?

I understand, I said sleepily.

Good. Now raise your right hand in the air.

I obeyed her. I was amused because she thought I was hypnotized. I struggled to keep a straight face.

Now pat the top of your head.

I obeyed.

She giggled. Now, slap your face.

I slapped it hard enough so she would think i must be asleep.

Not so hard, she said. I know, get on your hands and knees and walk like a dog.

I obeyed. Now it was really hard not to laugh.

Bark like a dog.

Arf arf.

No a big dog.

Ruff ruff.

Lick my shoes puppy.

I walked over to her on my hands and knees and licked her converse sneakers.

Ooh nasty. She said. Lick you paws.

I started to lick the back of my hands.

Hahaha she laughed. Lick your balls.

I rolled on my side and bent down as far as I could trying to reach, which obviously didn’t happen. I licked the air and whined.

She giggled again. Stand up. Once I did she said. Touch your penis. I hadn’t anticipated her being a little perv. But, I figured it was all her idea so I wasn’t forcing her. I grabbed my cock through my shorts. Take off your pants and touch it.

She must have really thought I was hypnotized. I quickly removed my shorts and briefs. My half hard cock was bare in front of my 11 yo niece. My brother would shit if he walked in right now.

Play with yourself

I stroked my cock which now was hard and standing straight out.
She watched me for a minute and then said, come here.
I stepped in front of her.
Let me touch it.
I took my hands off and put them at my sides and pushed my pelvis forward so it was right in her face.
She started touching it, playing with my balls and stroking me.
I worked at keeping my breathing steady.
She then kissed my cock. She looked at the head closely and took just the head in her mouth like she was tasting it.
It was all I could do to not ram it down her throat, but I wanted to see how far she would go with this.
She sucked on the head a little. Then she stood up and said, come with me.
I followed her to her bedroom. She took off all her clothes and layed on her bed. Come here and kiss me.
Oh fuck, I was thinking. What the fuck? I think she is going to order me to fuck her. She’s only 11 years old and my niece to boot. BUT. she is a girl. A very cute girl who I love dearly. I can’t say I hadn’t ever jacked off imagining this. But, this was really happening. I climbed on the bed and started kissing her. Just lips, then slowly using my tongue a little. She parroted my actions and soon we were making out.
Take off you shirt, she ordered.
I did. Now we were both naked. A 35 yo man and an 11 yo girl.
I didn’t wait for more commands. I kissed her neck and ears, moved down to her flat chest and kissed and sucked her puffy nipples.
She was moaning. Oh yes, make love to me.
I moved down to her bald pussy and started licking her. She tasted sweet and clean. I licked her asshole and her pussy, then concentrated on her clitty. She was bucking and moaning. I moved up and positioned my cock at her hole. I pushed the head in. She was so tight it hurt. But also felt great. I gave her time to adjust, then slid in a little bit further. It took 5 minutes before I was all the way in. Then I started pumping her. Slowly at first, then harder and faster.
Ooh yeah, fuck me uncle. She said. Fuck me good.
I fucked her until I sounded like she was having an orgasm, then I came inside her. I was hoping she was too young to get pregnant. I kissed her.
As we lay there with me on top of her, she said, TACO.
Hey what the fuck? I said.
It really worked she said. You did everything I told you.
Well, that’s no fair. I don’t remember any of it. Next time let’s do it when I’m awake so I enjoy it.
Ok, let’s doit a lot, she said grinning.

By [email protected]
#Incest #PreTeen

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