I fucked my cousin at a party while drunk Sex Story

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By Azza

I had sex with my cousin at my aunts engagement party and it was the best thing I ever experienced

Me 14 M and my cousin 12 F went to my aunts engagement party last week and it was the best time of my life.

I git a taxi with my parents to a party and once we arrived I sat down had a drink while waiting for ppl to arrive since I we were one of the first ones their. Eventually ppl I knew started arriving so obviously I went over said hello the usual things. About an hour after we arrived my favourite cousin arrived and damn she looked fine. For her age she had a decent body with a nice tight ass and a stunning face. She was wearing a short tight black dress which I got aroused off immediately and got a boner. I sorted my self out and went offer to her and her family and said hello. I hugged my cousin and she hugged my rlly tight and I could feel my boner pressing against her and I think she noticed but said nothing.

We started messing around at the party messing with my other cousin but we eventually got bored. We decides that we wanted to get are hands on some alcohol. She was a calm older brother and we asked him to to get us some alcohol. He came back five minutes later with 2 vodka and cokes. We were ecstatic. We kept getting him to get it us and after about 5 rounds I needed to go to the toilet so I told her and went to find it.

While going to find it I ran into a room with a sign saying authorised personnel only but obviously I had to go in. I looked around and there was some sealed boxes and cleaning supplies. I saw that one of the boxes were open and there was a box full of vodka bottles and I knew I had to tell my cousin. I went to the toilet came back and told her about it and we told her parents that I wanted to show her smthn and we went to the closet where it was. I showed her and we immediately got a bottle opened it and shared it. After about 15 minutes we finished 4 bottles and were rlly drunk.

She said she was smthn to ask me and asked why when I hugged her I had a boner and I told her that when u came in I looked at her and I saw her ass and it git me aroused. She then said that she was flat and ugly and I told her she was beautiful and no one should make her believe she isn’t. She said it was so sweet of me and came to hug me but when we did my hands were on her ass and she said that I was kinda hot and i was shocked when she kissed me. I started to kiss her back and a few minutes later we heard a voice outside and immediately panicked. We had behind some boxes and her as was pressed up right against my dick and god I got rock hard immediately and she noticed it and put her hand behind her and put her hands down my trousers and started holding my cock and rubbing it up and down. Eventually the women left and we go out from behind the boxes and she immediately pulled my trousers down and started to rub my cock faster and lick the tip of my cock and asked if she could suck my dick and of course I wasn’t bout to turn this opportunity down.

She started to suck my cock and was going down quite far and I was enjoying it. After about 5 minutes I was on the edge of cumming and I shoved my dick right down her throat and let out a load filling her mouth while she was choking. She swallowed the whole load which I was surprises with. She asked me if we wanna go all the way. I said yes and then she lifted up the bottom of her dress and revealing her panties. I said wow and she said enjoy. I moved her panties out the way and started to finger her pussy. She let out a moan and she said I was fine to carry on. I fingered her for a couple minutes and then she said how bout I stick it in. I didn’t hesitate and turned her around and leaned her over so her hands were on the wall.

I slowly shoved my cock into her pussy and it was tight and she started to moan while I started to thrust my dick into her pussy. We kept going and going and she kept moaning luckily not catching anyone’s attention. I started going rlly fast and she started to climax and we were both on the edge and when she had an orgasm I started to come and quickly pulled it out and cummed on her ass. She asked if I could get something to clean up the cum of her ass. I said I could get some tissues from the toilet and she licked the rest of the cum of my cock and quickly pulled up my trousers and went to get some tissue.

I got the tissues and she cleaned her self up and threw the tissues in the corner. We exited the closet acting like nthn happened and we enjoyed the rest of the night. Around midnight she said she had to go home so she hugged me and gave me a kiss and said see u soon. I said see u soon back and proceeded to slap her ass while she walked off.

Next week I’m going to see my cousin so I will see if anything happens and I’ll post it on here.

By Azza
#Incest #PreTeen #Teen #Virgin

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