i fucked my teacher Sex Story


By sluttybabe

im a british school girl age 14, i always had a thing for one of my teachers because i love men older then me, he must be in his late 30s im guessing.
whenever i would touch myself id think of him, and a few weeks ago, my dream came true!
i was in trouble because my skirt was way too short, i got called into his office and he told me he could see my panties. i told him “why are u looking then sir” and he replied “its hard not too when i can see all this” he said , grabbing my ass in his big veiny hands. “if your gonna dress like a little slut then you can act like one” , he pushed me down onto my knees and got his big cock out, i knew this is what id always wanted so i grabbed his cock put it in my mouth and started sucking on his tip getting lower and lower down until i was deepthoating his big cock. he pushed my head deeper, praising me as i gagged and sucked.
my pussy was dripping wet at this point so i got up and bent over his desk, pulling my panties to the side to show him my wet cunt. He spread my pussy and slid his wet dick in, it felt so good to have my tight pussy filled my his throbbing cock. he thrusted it in hard nd fast, spanking my ass and pulling my hair. “fuck sir, i wana cum all over your cock” i moaned, he flipped me over into missionary and began going deep and rubbing my clit. my legs startes shaking, “good girl ,cum for me babe” he said ,and i started squirting all over his cock while he slapped it on my pussy. he came all over my pussy too, it was the best orgasm ive ever had.
he told me if i told anyone he would make sure i couldnt walk next time.
i cant wait to be a little slut for him again and make him fill my pussy with cum.

By sluttybabe

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